I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 20 and 21)

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So lets get into the flashback.
Arnav was very hurted for hurting kushi.
Raman and khushi come out of the room.
Raman: khushi why r u so sad. What happened . why r u not happy that u got good marks.
Khushi starts crying.

Khushi: raman everyone is hurting me knowing my weakness. They r blaming me that my brother parents left me because of me. What can I do my parents r dead or what can I do if my bro left me for money. Is it my fault.
Raman: khushi, see it is not ur fault. those who blamed u r idiots they don’t know how precious our khushi is. U r a gem khushi. U and shagun are always same to me. Don’t ever think like this. don’t even answer them if they blame u. ok
Khushi: ok
Raman: smile.
Khushi smiles.
Khushi: raman lets pick our devil.
Raman: yes.
They pick shagun.
Raman: shagun, khushi we r going out for dinner. I am going to introduce a friend from ca class.
Shagun: ishita right raman.

Raman: how do u know.
Khushi: we r detectives.
Raman: khushi , shagun…………..
They went to dinner.
Khushi: hi I am khushi.
Shagun: hi I am shagun.
Ishita: so u r khushi and shagun . raman will always talk about u only.
Raman : lets sit yaar.
They order dinner.
Khushi: u r tamilian right.
Ishita: yes.
Khushi: me too. I am half tamilian.
Ishita: what is meant by half tamilian.
Khushi: my mom Is a tamilian my dad Punjabi. Love marriage. So…….
Ishita: ok ok.
Shagun: ishita , how is ur life going?
Ishita: good. Hey shagun how is ur mbbs going on?
Shagun: mbbs is very good.
Raman: ishita can we leave.
Ishita:ok raman.bye khushi and shagun.

Khushi: bye.
Khushi: shagun I think raman loves ishita.
Shagun: yes even I think.
Khushi: now the job is ours.
Shagun: yes.
They did hifi.

The next day.
At khushi college.
Khushi: hello welcome for auditions for dance.
So lets start.
Arnav and khushi was sitting together and seeing performances.
Arnav: sorry khushi.
Khushi: for what?
Arnav: for everything , I hurted u so much.
Khushi: its ok arnav.
Arnav: friends.
Khushi: friends.
Arnav: friends means we should shake our hands.
Khushi: ok arnav.
They shake hands.

Khushi: riya performance is good.
Arnav: yes even rahul performance.
Khushi: so riya rahul pair.done.
Arnav: done.
Khushi: arnav these members are enough right for dance?
arnav:I think it is enough.
Khushi: ok I will go and see music audition, and u go and check for designs for the hall.
Arnav: we will do together.
Khushi: ok then come, we will put an attendance at that audition.
Arnav: ok.
They go to music audition.

In raman’s ca class.
Raman and ishita r working together for a project.
Raman: ishita what r ur plans.
Ishita: we will maintain a balance sheet.
Raman: nice idea, we should decide a topic right.
Ishita: I don’t have any ideas raman. Do u have.
Raman: we can take about the amount of pollution,and the radiation explosure.
Ishita: very good idea raman. We can conduct a survey on It and maintain a sheet. Good idea. I like it so much.
Raman: thanks yaar.
Ishita: how r u getting these ideas?
Raman: actually I worked a little on it with khushi and shagun. this idea was there when I was studying from 10 th std.
Ishita: good. Can we start.
Raman: yes.

raman and ishita often meet to finish the project in ishita house.
In arnav’s college.
Khushi: arnav whats ur aim.
Arnav: I want to start my own company.
Khushi: nice aim.
Arnav: urs?
Khushi: nothing, my first aim is to finish this college degree .
Arnav: don’t u have any other aim.
Khushi: no.
Arnav: u r very different.
Khushi:thank u.
Arnav: these designs are ok right?
Khushi: we should do the culturals the best.
Arnav: sure khushi .
The cultural preparation goes on well.
At the culturals day.
Khushi was dressed in a anarkali suit of blue colur with free hair. She was looking very beautiful in it. Arnav was wearing coat and suit with blue tie.
Khushi: arnav start.
Arnav: gives an into speech followed by khushi.
All the performances were excellent. And the cultutrals went so well.
All congragulated them.
Arnav and khushi did hifi.
Anjali and shyam came there.

Arnav introduced khushi to Anjali and shyam.
Shyam was mesmerized seeing khushi beauty.

Then khushi introduced arnav to raman,shagun, ishita.arnav too was included in their gang.

Raman and ishita project was very successful.
Raman: ishita we won.
He hugged her.
Ishita also hugged him.
Yhm plays.
Then they both realise and move back.

Arnav and khushi in a café.
Arnav: khushi what u want.
Khushi:5 scoops of chocolate icecream with hot chocolate lava as topping.
Arnav: 5 scoops?
Khushi: ya I love it.
Arnav ordered chocolate ice cream and a vanilla milkshake.
The order came .
Khushi started eating it as if she was starving for many days.
Arnav enjoyed her eating way.
Khushi: arnav will u drink?
Arnav: mineral water?
Khushi: no whiskey , rum.
Arnav: no . why r u asking this question now. Will u drink.
Khushi: no arnav. But one time. Raman made me to drink saying it is apple juice.
Arnav: what?
Khushi: seriously. He couldn’t control me itself. But u r a good boy.
Arnav: khushi I said wrongly yaar. U r this much frank but I ma not yaar. I also drank once.
Arnav: khushi…….
Khushi:its ok arnav.
Arnav: khushi can we leave.
Khushi: arnav u come to my house right.
They leave to shagun’s house.
In shagun’s house.

Shagun’s moms name is kalpana and fathers name is kavin.
Kavin: welcome khushi.
Khushi: hello uncle I should introduce u a person. This is arnav.
Kalpana: oh he is arnav ah ? khushi told more about u.
Arnav thinking she told good or bad about me.
Khushi: good only. She whispers in his ears.
Arnav: how do u know that I thinked like this.
Khushi: I know about u arnav. She smiles saying this.
Arnav: khushi…….
Kalpana: come on arnav have a coffee.
Arnav: no aunty my dhi will be waiting so I will leave.
Kalpana: ok arnav.
Arnav leaves.
Khushi:aunty why r u sending shagun always to medical camp its boring without her.
Kavin: she is interested to go .
Khushi: then uncle I will go to raman’s house and uncle I will stay there today.
Kavin: ok khushi.
Khushi leaves.
In bhalla house.
Khushi: aunty were is raman?
Mre bhalla: he is in room.
Khushi goes into the room.
Raman was taking bath.
Khushi: raman , come fast yaar.
Raman: 5 mins.
Khushi: now a days he is not even calling me or shagun, what is the problem. let me check his mobile.
Khushi checks his mobile and was shocked to see ishita’s photo in his phone.
Khushi: oho raman. U r caught. Wait I will itself make u to tell.


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  1. nice epi….. and thnx akshaya for considering this…. if u post it in indian forums.. let me know…. and once again.. wonderful epi….

    1. dhi thank u so much. i posted it. there my name is nappinnai.123. i have posed the intro .the name of the story is the same i am alive because of u with ishra and arshi. so u can read my ff from beginning from there. thank u so much dhi.

      1. Super supet.. i will check it

    1. Thank u so much hayathi

  2. Fantastic episode.. Hey, Akshaya, I request u to post it regularly… Pleeeaaassseeee… It’s a humble request…

    1. Thank u so much khushi. I will post it regularly for sure.

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  6. Akshaya i didnt mean to hurt u
    But who records pollution data in balance sheet .
    We normally record assets and liability in balance sheet of the concerned business and
    We dont get assignments or project in this study as we dont have any particular college for ca .
    Thats other things ki we works as article (during training) under a ca in which we need do work under him .
    Most probably we get auditing work or so on related to that and we need to visit different organizations or business companies for the purpose as instructed by our boss.

    1. Kajal I am frankly saying that I don’t know anything about CA or accounts or anything related to it. I am sorry for this mistake. I am just a girl who completed 10th std. I thought it in a different way. Thank u so much for making me understand about it.I am really sorry. Next episode I will make it clear. I am very sorry for this mistake

      1. Oh nothing to worry it was just that i am a ca student and when i read all these i was in a situation pollution data in balance sheet.
        If u want any info about this u can ask me or
        Just type how to be a ca in google you will get to know about it

      2. Kajal here after I will call u dhi. Please sorry for this mistake. If I have any doubts I will surely ask u. Will u accept me as a friend dhi?

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  8. Well I just started reading your ff and I always loved khushi and Arnav. But I never really liked Raman and ishita. But after reading your ff I like them better. Hope you can read my ff it’s called destiny vs love and comment some ideas. I can’t wait for the next episode. Good luck~Nusz

    1. Thank u nusz . surely I will read ur ff

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