I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 2)

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The episode begins with arnav lost in khushi thoughts
Arnav remembers his past
Khushi: please believe me arnav
Arnav: I believed u, u betrayed me .
Khushi: please listen to me
Arnav starts to crossing the road. Khushi followed him
Begging him to believe her . He walked without listening
To her. She then got hit by a car. She was bleeding badly.
Arnav was shocked seeing this. He lifted her and took to
Flashback ends.
Arnav face had tears rembering this incident.
In the mean time ishra’ ritual all got over.
Raman , ishita,shagun ame to see khushi.

Arnav saw them coming and continued his work.
Shagun woke khushi
Khushi got up.
Khushi: hey raman what r u doing without doing any
Marriage rituals?
Raman: hey stupid everything got over ya.
Khushi : congrats raman and ishita.
kAll went out ishita and raman was only sitting
Raman: u look beautiful in this south indian saree.
Ishita: u look handsome in this dress.
Raman flirts with ishita
Ishita: stop flirting raman,shagun is coming
Shagun enters
Shagun: raman me and khushi have finished all the works we r leaving to our house.
Raman: hey stay na .
Shagun looks angrily at raman
Shagun: I have my phd exams
Raman : sorry u go , but y khushi?

Shagun: if I go she will also come. Ok ya ,bye .
Shagun and khushi leave the place and went to home, every guest
Left the wedding hall.
Raman and ishita go to raman’s house and do rituals to welcome bahu.
Mrs bhalla: come in ishita puttar
All have masti while raman misses their besties.
Later raizadas also leave bhalla home and went home.

In raizada home
Anjali: hey chote please give a job for khushi, raman’s bestie.
Arnav: I want to see her profile.
Anjali: don’t u know her profile or don’t u know about her.
Arnav: dhi please stop it. I cannot bring her back into my life.
Anjali: ok chote atleast provide her job.
Arnav: ok I will give her. Ask her to come to the office with her
Degree certificate.
Anjali phones raman and ask khushi number and then phoned her and informed about this .

In khushi house
Khushi jumping shagun darling see I got a job..
Shagun: where?
Khushi: in asr business company.
Shagun: very good
Khushi was filled with happiness and informed raman and ishita about the same

In bhalla home
Ishita: periamma ,amma told that u want to talk to me??
Periamma: yes. Control ur husband from meeting that idiotic khushi and shagun or else ur life would be failure
Ishita: stop it periamma,I know them very well .hold ur tongue. Don’t ever talk to me about them like this. I believe my husband and
u just mind ur own business. She says this in tamil ”kalyanathuku vandoma saptomanu irukkanam purinjida”.

Periamma got dumbstruck and left the home.
Raman was listening all this.
He came and hugged ishita from back.
Raman: thank u so much for supporting me and my friends
Ishita: raman u all r my world ,please don’t say like this.
Raman: I love u ishita
Ishita: I love u raman.


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  6. Thank u ,it is bala’s mother in yhm

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