I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 19)


Hi guys . hope u guys like it.
Flash back continuation…….
Arnav is angry on khushi.
In the same time
At ca class.
It was the first day of the class.
Raman enters.
Raman: hey Aryan .
Aryan: hey raman. Where is khushi and shagun , I miss them so much.
Raman: they r in their college. How is life dude?
Aryan: good.
Raman: hmmm.
That time a sweet girl comes and enters the class room.
That girl was ishita . she was wearing a chudi.
Raman recalls their first meeting.
Teacher comes and takes class.

Ishita: hey u r the guy only right . yesterday. Mall. Shopping.
Raman: yes
Ishita: thank u.
Raman: its ok. by the way I am raman bhalla
Ishita: I am ishita iyer
Raman: south indian.
Ishita: tamilian.
Raman: that is only south indian right.
Ishita: right.
Raman: friends.
Ishita: only friends.
Raman speaks to himself.
This madrasis all r like this only.
Raman: yes yaar.
Ishita: ok bye.
Raman: bye.
All leave after the class is over.

Raman goes to pick khushi.
Khushi was waiting for him.
Khushi calls him.
Khushi: idiot where r u?
Raman: on the way.
He cuts the calls.
Arnav sees khushi waiting for raman.
Arnav thinks for who she may be waiting may be boy friend?
Raman comes.
khushi: this much time ?
She gets in the bike and leaves.
Arnav was shocked to see raman as he was his cousin.
Arnav: wait raman , I know how to handle this.
Raman and khushi went to raman’s home.
Mrs bhalla: khushi puttar welcome.
Khushi: aunty why r u welcoming me ? I am not a guest right.
Raman: khushi….
Mrs bhalla: yes u r not an guest but my daughter.
Khushi: thank u .
Simmi: come on khushi have tiffin.

Khushi and raman goes and eat .
Raman: when in that devil coming?
Khushi: today night by train.
Raman: we will go and pick her and I will drop u and shagun in her house.
Khushi: tk.
At night they go and pick shagun and raman drops them to their house.

The next day.
At arnav’s college.
Khushi enters the class.
Everyone there was staring at her.
Khushi asked rahul what?

Rahul: arnav informed the class that u r in love with raman arnav’s cousin.
Khushi: oh I see.
She goes to arnav.
Khushi: u don’t have any rights to interfere in my personal.
Arnav: so that is real.
Khushi: I don’t have any compulsions to answer u. if u dare u prove it in studies not like this.
Khushi goes to the teacher’s table.
Khushi: hello friends , I know that there is a person who informed u that I am in love blah blah blah with raman. Actually u know he is my childhood friend. He is supporting me from my childhood. He is my brother. I don’t have words to say like how mr arnav said about me. I promise on my friendship that I will never ever love him. Clear guys. If u have any doubts u can ask me. She seats in her place with rahul.
Rahul: khushi well done. Nice speech . everyone became silent.
Khushi: thank u.

Everyone comes to khushi and apologize.
Arnav fumes seeing khushi.
Khushi smiles seeing arnav staring.

In raman’s college.
Ishita: raman can u clear my doubt. I didn’t understand anything that teacher teached today.
Raman: wait I will teach u.
He teaches her.
Ishita: u r teaching very well. Thank u so much.
Raman: thank u accepted.
Ishita thinks this guy is very nice type.

A small leap of 1 month
1 month after.
In arnav;s college.
There was an election for the union leader and vice union leader.
Arnav was elected for the union leader and khushi was elected as vice union leader.
Arnav: see I am the head and u r just an assistant for me.
Khushi: arnav this is enough. We r being fighting from the starting day and I have been warning u from that day itself. Let us see in the exams.
Arnav: ok deal. We have finished writing a sem right?. If u get more marks than me I will obey u and be friends with u. if I get more marks should obey me and accept that I am great.
Khushi: ok deal. But don’t show ur anger in this leadership ok.
Arnav: ok.

Khushi: we should arrange for the culturals. We should start doing that work.
Arnav: ok. I will announce to the students of all department to give the names.
Khushi: ok. I will collect the name list.
Arnav: ok.
Ishu and raman grew closer.
At the result day.
Arnav came with his dhi to collect the results.
He collected his results and was waiting for khushi. After collecting results Anjali went to house.
Khushi asked permission from the principal to give 2 hrs permission
Arnav sees khushi.
Arnav: what madam why didn’t u go to collect results.
Khushi: why r u so bothered about results. Why r u angry with me always like this. cant u be nice to me. What is ur problem?
Arnav: I doesn’t want to answer u who doesn’t have the ability to keep her family and that is why I think ur brother left u. u r such an cheap girl. U r a low caste girl.
Khushi: excuse me. How do u know bout my family. U don’t have any rights to talk about my family. I thought u r nice from heart. I didn’t thin that u r such an egostic person. I hate u to the core.i am not worried that I am low caste mister. I am happy for what I am being.
She leaves saying this very hurted.
Principal calls arnav and khushi for the culturals.
Principal: how is the preparation for culturals?
Khushi: good sir.

Principal:khushi were r ur parents they didn’t come still now.
Khushi: sir my parents are dead when I was 8 years during an accident.
I am an orphan. I had a brother who left me and went to u.s. he thought that if he was here I will ask share in my property.
Principal: sorry to ask u. what is ur father name.
Khushi: gupta. My father was the biggest businessman during 2001.
Principal: oh I have heard about ur father.
Khushi: thanks sir.
Arnav was very upset for insulting khushi.
Raman enters.
Khushi: sir he is my guardian. My brother , my best friend raman.
Principal: hello raman.
Khushi: raman collect the result.
Raman collects the result from the principal.
Raman: khushi wow , u have scored 98% .
Principal: congragulation khushi, u r the college topper for thids semester.
Khushi: thank u sir. Raman pay the fees right. I told u to bring the money .
Raman: yes khushi . I bought it.
He pays the fees.
Raman and khushi leaves the room.
Arnav was very hurt for speaking harsh to khushi.

precap: raman: khushi what happened , why r u not happy for getting good marks.
khushi starts crying.
raman consoles her.
arnav hears their conversation. will arnav change his attitude towards khushi.

Friends I know this flashback is boring but by next episode u will enjoy the flashback.

Credit to: akshaya

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  1. Nice episode yaar… Thanks for posting it today.. I thought u wouldn’t post it today but u have posted it…. It’s interesting to read.. And I request please do post it everyday from now..?

    1. thank u so much khushi. i will hereafter try to be regular.

  2. Flashback is so good…
    According to u if this one is boring and the next one will be interesting…
    Then according to us the next one will be super duper interesting…
    Eager to know arshi past..
    By the way forgot to ask..
    How was ur exams??

    1. thank u varsha so much. i did my exams super duper.

      1. I am eager to see ur photo and name in banners as the topper…

  3. Thank u varsha

  4. Omg.. nice story akshaya…. i have just read from arshi mrg epi…. as i couldnt read….had a grt time with ur ff….really awesome.. where s another ff… kushi ips … sorry.. i didnt remeber the name f ff…. i was eagerly waiting

    1. Thank u arshi so much. I will post it soon.

  5. Its beautiful akshaya… And its not boring….if u think so that means u ar stupid (sorry to say so but have to tell becuz u think that its boring) 😛
    fr me ur ff is exelent dr….please update every day….love it a lot lot lot lot and a lot!….

    1. Srry fr saying stupid…..u ar nt like that….dnt get angry with me….k….ar u sure that u wont get angry with me???
      Friends???(shake hands)

      1. Ude thank u so much for ur comment. We r already friends and I don’t feel bad of u calling me stupid because u r my friend. And thank u so much for commenting as it encourages me to write.

  6. Its Superb……Plzzzzz try to be regular yaar..,……..

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  7. Superb episode

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    R u in Facebook??

    1. Dhi I am not in fb. I will post it in Indian forrums and thank u so much dhi. U r so supportive dhi. Thank u so much.

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