I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 18)

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so lets go into the story
In bhalla house.
Raman says this news to everyone.
Mrs bhalla: I am very happy ishita puttar.
She blesses them.
Simmi: congrats bhai and bhabi.
Ishita: thank u simmi.
All feeds sweets to each other.

Raman phones khushi and shagun and put it in conference.
Shagun: raman what yaar conference call?
Khushi: what is the matter raman.
Raman: u should guess. I am giving a clue. What is the best gift for a husband?
Khushi: I don’t know?
Shagun: say yaar.
Raman: I am going to become father and ishita is going to become mother.
Khushi: wow. Superb. Congrats raman and ishu.
Shagun: raman very nice news. Congrats.
Raman: thank u shagun and khushi.
Ishita takes the phone.
Ishu: hello.
Khushi and shagun together congrats ishu.
Ishu: thank u.

Khushi: u should be very careful. Take care. U shouldn’t go anywhere.u should take rest. Eat healthily and.
Ishu: aiyoooo……….khushi u and raman r thinking same like raman. U have more commonness.
Khushi:ok ok.
Shagun: that is why I didn’t give advice.
Khushi: ok bye I should study bye.
Raman cuts the call.

In arnav’s home.
Khushi: I will go upstairs and read.
She goes upstairs.
Khushi starts reading.
Shyam also comes there.
Shyam: khushi why did u betray me, that time also u didn’t accept me this time also. why did u marry arnav?
Khushi: its none of ur business.
Khushi starts leaving.
Shyam holds her hand.
Khushi: leave my hands.

Shyam: I wont leave ur hand.
Khushi slaps him.
Khushi: how dare u behave with me like this. I am like ur sister . will u dare to do to ur sister like this.
Shyam: I don’t have any sister he says this angrily.
Khushi: I am giving u a last chance as u r Anjali husband or else I will complain to police.
Shyam holds her close.
Shyam: u r mine khushi.
Khushi kicks him.
Khushi: u r closing ur limits mr.shyam. I am khushi kumara gupta sing raizada. U don’t know me. Wait I will show who am I to u.
She leaves.
Shyam fumes seeing her go.
In hall everyone was present except arnav.

Khushi: dhi I want to tell u something.
Anjali: what happened khushi u r looking so angry.
Khushi: leave ur husband , he is so bad.
Anjali: what r u saying? In an angry tone.
Khushi: he is a bad person. Every time he is misbehaving with me.
She says all the incidents.
Shyam: rani sahiba she is saying wrong. U know me right.
Anjali slaps khushi.
Anjali: how dare u say about my husband like this. U don’t have any rights.
Khushi: dhi u don’t know anything about him. He is a fraud. Don’t believe him.
Shyam: she is trying to acuse me. U r only like that. rani sahiba believe me .
Anjali: u don’t need to say , I know u. khushi u stop there. U r wrong. He is such a nice person. How can u put blame on him.

Khushi: dhi believe me .
Anjali: stop caling me dhi. U r not in my family.
Anjali goes inside the room saying this.
She was also upset.
Khushi starts crying enters the room.
She starts studying with the pain.

In raman’s house.
Raman: ishita come on eat.
Ishira: my stomache is full yaar.
Raman starts feeding ishita.
Raman: u r not taking care of urself. Baby see ur mama is not giving u food by eating.
Ishita: raman…..
Raman: ishu take these tablets.
Ishita: ramanu care this much for me.
Raman: not for u but for baby.
Ishita: then u wont take care like this when the baby comes?
Raman: no.
Ishita starts beating raman.
Raman runs.
Ishita tries to chase him.
Ishita starts breathing heavily.
Raman: u r pregnant madam, u should not run like when u used to run in running race. See u became weak. Wait I will ask neelu to make more parathas.
Ishita: raman.

He makes her eat the food.
Raman: go and sleep now.
Ishita: ok sir.
She goes intoher room.

In arnav’s house.
Arnav came to know about everything and
Goes to Anjali room.
Arnav consoles Anjali.
He then goes to his room.
Arnav: khushi how dare u do like this in an angry tone and move towards her.
Khushi: its not my fault.she moves back.
Arnav: u could have said me this that time itself. Why u directly said to my dhi?. U don’t have any sense.

Khushi: I don’t have sense is it. I am the one who is suffering in this house.
Arnav: stop ur drama. Because of u only my dhi is accept.
Khushi: u don’t care about others when speaking . u care for ur dhi only right. u know how he behaved with me.
Arnav: I don’t need any explaination. I did wrong marrying u. why did u come in my life. If u were not there , there will be no problems.
He says this and leaves angrily.
Khushi starts crying.
Khushi: I am the one who is suffering. Why I am suffering from the day I am born till now. I didn’t get any happiness at all. Why my world is like this. Amma , appa why did u give birth to me. Instead of giving birth to me I should have died that time itself. No one is believing me. That shyam is a bad person but none are ready to believe me. That arnav didn’t say anything about the marriage with me and also he is not supporting me. I can also speak like him to hurt him . why is it so? Why cant I do like that. she cries and her head starts paining a lot.
She faints.
She recalls her college days.
In the classroom.

Professor was taking attendance.
A sweet girl with kurta and leggins with her hair her plaqued entered.
That was our khushi.
Khushi: excuse me sir, may I come in.
Professor : yes come in.
Khushi gives the files to professor .
Professor: u r the girl who got scholarship right.
Khushi: right sir.
Professor: as u r joining 10 days late introduce urself to all.
Khushi: hi friends. I am khushi kumara gupta. I am coming from jain school.
Professor: good. Congrats. Students u know she is the state topper. She has passed her examination with 97%.
Everyone claps her.
Professor: take ur seat.
Khushi sits in her place.
Professor continues taking attendance.
Professor calls arnav.

Arnav answers him.
Arnav thinks she got my place. This idiotic girl.
Professor takes the class.
And the class ends.
Khushi and rahul becomes friends.
Khushi starts speaking with everyone.
She goes to rahul who is standing behind arnav.
Arnav: stop it. U r not that great to become friends with me. I am asr don’t dare to speak with me.
Khushi: excuse me I am not coming to speak with u . I am coming to speak with rahul who is standing behind u. and I didn’t ask u for friendship so mister.
Arnav: arnav.
Khushi: haa arnav leave me my way.
Arnav leaves her way.
Khushi leaves .
Arnav thinking this girl insulted me . I wont leave u khushi kumara gupta.


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