I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 17)


Hi , I am sorry for not updating these many days.
So sorry. I couldn’t post due to exams . so sorry guys.
Here is a sweet episode for all.

Arnav enters after finishing his conference.
Khushi was sleeping occupying the whole bed.
Arnav: omg how can I sleep.
He tries to wake her.
She didn’t wake so he was forced to sleep at the sofa.
Khushi thinking my dear husband ur troubles are starting wait and watch.
The next day.
All were present In hall.
Akash: me shagun,uncle aunt,akshat radhu all r leaving to u.s tomorrow.
Raman: why this early yaar?
Shagun: my college is opening there on 25th.
Khushi: I will miss u so much.
Ishu: me too.
Akash: then u wont miss us right.
Akshat: right bhai u r right.
Khushi: I didn’t specifically say that I will miss shagun only bhai..
She gives a naughty smile.
Akash: ok ok. what r u going to do. R u going to be house wife or work.
Raman: even I thought of asking u.
Khushi: neither house wife nor working.
Ishu: what r u going to do.
Khushi: I am going to study mba in iim.
Anjali: wow khushi that is a great idea.
Khushi: will u give me permission.
Nani: u can khushi.
Dadi: I am very proud of u khushi.
Khushi: dadi.
Raman: hey enough of this sentiments lets play a game.
Khushi: truth or dare.
Ishu: I a m ready.
All were seated in a circle.

Khushi and arnav was seated opposite.anjali and shyam was also seated in opposite. Ishita and raman was seated together. Akash and shagun was also seated together. Akshat and radhu was seated opposite.
This game was only for youngsters.
Nani dadi uncle and aunt were audience.
Anjali spins the bottle.
It faced khushi and arnav.
Khushi thinks I got a nice chance. Wow.
Khushi: truth or dare.
Arnav: dare.
Khushi: think once again this is khushi kumara gupta singh raizada.
Arnav: I wont think say me the question.
Khushi:I would say that all task should be given by dhi.
Arnav thinks omg I have fallen in a trap.
Anjali: wow khushi excellent idea.
Khushi: don’t u love ur sister?
Arnav: what type of question Is this.
Khushi: answer to my question I warned u before itself.
Arnav: I love my dhi and don’t ask this irritating questions.
Khushi: so dhi task?
Anjali: arnav u should dance with khushi that is ur task.

Arnav smiles inside. But he too looked wicked.
Khushi: how can u push me like this.
Anjali: so start.
Arnav and khushi dances on teri meri.
All claps.
Anjali again spins the bottle.it was shyam and her.
Anjali: truth or dare.
Shyam: truth.
Anjali: do u have hidden anything from me?
Shyam: of course no rani sahiba.
Anjali: pk next.
She spins it was now raman and arnav.
Raman: arnav truth or dare.
Arnav thinks last time they made me to dance with khushi this time. Oh noo.
Arnav: truth.
Khushi laughs.
Arnav stares at her.
Raman: why did u marry khushi. What happened between u and khushi that day. Speak only the truth.
Arnav: actually that day I proposed khushi she also accepted the proposal.
Raman: is it right khushi?
Khushi: yes raman he is right.

The game continues and many tasks was given to many members.
But the final movement have arrived.
Akash,dadi,uncle,aunt,akshat,radhu,shagun all left to u.s.
Raman also left with ishita to his house.

In raizada house.
Khushi brought all her books for entrance examination.
She started preparing.
Arnav entered.
Khushi was in a mood to ask him why he did this marriage
Khushi: u r going to answer me right now.
Arnav: what do u want now.
Khushi: answer me why u married me. What is the need.
Arnav: u wnt understand and its my personal.
Khushi: oh so this is ur personal.
Arnav: yes.
Khushi: u r going to answer me now or else I will shout an d make everyone to come here.
Arnav : u r giving a challenge to asr.
Khushi starts shouting.
Arnav couldn’t control her.
He shuts her mouth but in mean time all came rushing there.
Anjali: what happened khushi?
Khushi: dhi actually ur chote stamped my leg so I shouted in pain.
Nani: chote wont u see while stamping her foot. See what have u done.
Anjali: ok khushi take care.
All leaves the room.
Khushi: this is a trailer so I hope u understand right. I know this is ur dialogue ur situation but u don’t know me. I am very naughty than u think.
Arnav: stop it.
He moves towards her. but she move backwards.
Khushi: what r u doing.
Arnav: I am getting scared of ur antics.
Khushi: in this way? Tell me the reason right. what sin I commited.
She starts crying.arnav was also depressed seeing her cry. He tries to console her but in vain.

In bhalla house.
No one was there at bhalla house.
Only ishita was there.
Ishita felt dizzy and shouts raman.
Raman who was speaking a call outside the house heared her sound and went in.
He saw ishu lying in the floor.
Raman: ishu wake up.
He lifted her and took her to hospital.
Doctor checks her.
Doctor: congragulations mr.bhalla ur wife is pregnant.
Raman: what?
He was very joyful hearing this.
Doctor: this is common if she is pregnant.
Raman: thank u doctor so much can I meet her .
Doctor: u can take her home itself but she should be very careful and she should take her medicines regularly.
Doctor leaves.
Ishita comes out.
Raman hugs her and lifts her and rotates her in joy.
Yhm plays.
Ishita: raman my head is rotating please yaar.
Raman makes her sit beside a chair.
Ishita: my ravan kumar is going to become a dad.
Raman: my Jhansi ki rani is going to become a mother.
Ishita hugs raman.
Ishita: I am very happy raman.
Raman: even me ishita. U should take care of urself well. U don’t need to come to office. U should eat properly . u should gain weight as much as u can.
Ishita: raman.
Raman: rest of the instruction I will say u later. Come we will go to house.
They leave


I know that u guys are eager to know arshi and ishra past so that part begins from next episode .

Credit to: akshaya

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