I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 16)


Hi hope u guys like it. Sorry I am not familiar with that much hindi songs . but I will surely try to put hindi songs.
Shyam thinking how can he stop khushi marriasge.
Shyam: I will convince khushi.
He meets khushi when she comes out of the room.
Shyam: khushiji why r u marrying a arrogant man.
Khushi: its my wish. U mind ur own business.
Shyam: khushiji u r not understanding.
Khushi: I am grown up to understand everything. U can leave.
Khushi leaves.
Shyam fumes seeing her.

Mehandi ceremony
All ladies put mehandi in their hands.
All dance.
Dholo bhaje plays…………

Evening sangheet function.
Anjali host the programe.
First performance was given by raman and ishita.
Badtameezil dil plays………….
Google google plays………
Second was given by Anjali and shyam
Janam janam plays……
Kanazhaga kal azhaga plays…………

Nani and dadi performed next.
After the performance.
One boy came to the stage.
Akshat: many of u don’t know us.
Radhika: but we r here to rock the stage for our bhai akash and for our sister khushi.
Khushi: what?
Shashi: this akshat and radhika my son and daughter.
Khushi: really. I saw them when I was young very excited to see them now.
Radhika and akshat gave a sizziling performance.
Khushi hugs radhika and akshat.
They all enjoyed the performances.

The next day
Marriage day.
Khushi and shagun getting ready in the room.
Raman: khushi u look so beautiful.
Shagun: then me?
Ishita: both are princesses.
Ishita and raman leave.
Khushi,arnav,akash,shagun enter the mandap.
All do rituals.
First akash and arnav tie mangalastura too shagun and khushi.
Mangalyam thantunanenam plays……..
They take wedding rounds .
Khushi says to herself in mind.
I will surely make u to regret mr raizada. U r going to be in hell for blackmailing. I will surely know the reason for our marriage. Welcome to hell in heaven mr arnav sing raizada.
They complete all wedding rituals.
Raman , ishu khushi shagun have a group hug.
Yele yele dosthu da plays…..
All takes picss…
Raman: khushi, whatever problem u have u can discuss with me.
Khushi: I don’t have any problem raman. If I have definitely I will come to u.
Ishita: then khushi we r leaving.
Shagun: what yaar. U r going to stay here for few days pleaseeee.
Raman: ok.
The same day at night.
Shagun enters the room .
Shagun: akash what r u doing?

Akash: office work. Come sit.
Akash: I want to speak to u about u.
Shagun: what?
Akash: I want my wife to win her dream of reading phd.
Shagun has little tears.
Akash: u got scholarship right in Harvard university. We both will go there. I will look after the business u study. U should definitely make ur parents dream true.
Shagun: who told u?
Akash: khushi told about ur dream.
Shagun: thank u so much akash. I am very happy to get a husband like u. she hugs him saying this.
In arnav’s room.
Khushi enters.
Khushi my game starts. U didn’t see my another side mr.raizada, u r going to run .
Arnav was doing office work.
Khushi: why did u marry me? What u want? Why r u doing this to me. I would have enjoyed my life.
Arnav: I don’t have anything to answer u . just shut and sleep. He says this in harsh tone.
Khushi: is it a game for u too play in my life. U should tell me the reason.
Arnav: I wont . I have a video conference I am going to the balcony don’t disturb me. Saying this he leaves.
Khushi cries a little.
My life is gone. He only blackmailed me . what an life for me.
She starts thinking what he told.
Khushi enters arnav’s room.
Khushi: I am not interested to marry u . say them .

Arnav: I want to marry u.
Khushi: how can u . I don’t even like u.
Arnav: u r going to marry me that relationship is also for 6 months.
Khushi: I don’t have any compulsion to marry u .
Arnav: u r going to marry me or else I will harm ur friends life. U know that akash and shagun are loving, I can easily break that love and I can also create problems for ishita in bhalla house. So u don’t have any option.
Khushi starts crying.
Khushi: what should I do? I should marry u. that’s it right.
Arnav: and sign this contract papers.
Khushi signs and says , ur hell life is starting mr arnav singh raizada.
She leaves.
Arnav speaks to himself in his mind.
Khushi I am really sorry. I didn’t mean to do. But I don’t have any options than this to save u.
Flash back ends.

In raman’s room.
Raman: ishita , I am feeling very happy.
Ishita: aiyoo murugaa, u said this this many times yaar.
Raman: I think khushi will be happy.
Ishita: raman stop it yaar.
Raman : ishita I have a surprise.
Ishita: what? Raman give me right.
Raman gives ishita a simple pendant diamond necklace.
Raman: I know that u don’t like grand jewels so I bought a simple jewel . hope u like it.
He makes her wear it.
Yhm playsss.
Ishita: wow raman. Very superb gift.
She hugs him…..

PRECAP: khushi sleeping in the bed which makes arnav not to sleep in the bed. he tries too wake her up but she doesn’t wake.
khushi thinks i am starting ur troubles …………

Credit to: akshaya

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