I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 14-15)


In bhalla house.
Raman: come on ishita we will go to airport to pick simmi.
Ishita : yes we I will come.
Raman: come lets leave.
They leave and wait in car in airport.
Ishita: can u check wheter flight is on time or not when leaving. I am already tired.
Raman: I am also tired only. Lets sleep. I kept alarm we will wake when it rings.
Ishita: I will go homw and sleep. I will listen songs.
Raman starts sleeping. He sleeps on ishita shoulders.
Ishita smiles.
Ishita: ravan kumar, u r looking so cute while sleeping, but cant u smile while sleeping see how u r keeping it angry.
Yhm plays.
She keeps on hearing songs.
Alarm rings.
Raman: stop this alarm yaar. I want to sleep. Ishita I am going to put leave to office so I will sleep.
Ishita: ravan kumar we r in airport. Get up.
Raman wakes.
Raman: ishita r u not seriously sleepy?
Ishita: no. flight has arrived. Come we will go there.
Ishita and raman goes there.
They welcome simmi.
Simmi: hi bro . how r u
Simmi and raman hug. Ishita takes ananya and hugs simmi.
Raman: param (simmi’s husband) didn’t come?
Simmi: no. he had urgent meeting.
Raman: ok. come we will go .
They leaves

In arnav home.
Anjali: plan on.
Akash ,shagun and khushi enters.
Anjali: what happened?
Akash: all is well.
Anjali: actually. We four decided to have akash and khuhi’s marriage on the same day.
Khushi: what? Marriage?
Akash: what?
Nani: shagun will u marry akash?
Shagun: what? She was shocked to hear this.
Akash: what?
Nani: will u marry? I am just asking.
Shagun smiled.
Shagun: ok. I will marry.
Akash: even I will marry . akash to smiles.
Khushi: what this devil accepted this without any refusal? Shagun r u sure.
Shagun: yes sure.
Dadi: wow shagun. U accepted without any refusal. Do u know each other before itself.
Shagun: actually dadi….
Dadi: ok. I am very happy for this.
Sashi: wow akash u r finally getting married.
Nani: khushi will u marry arnav?
Khushi: why nani? U know that we don’t like each other.
Nani: just think khushi.
Khushi: I will think.
Arnav enters.
Khushi stares at him angrily
Arnav: what happened?
Anjali: chote u go in na, I want to speak to u.
Arnva: ok dhi.
Arnav goes into his room.
Khushi goes into her room with shagun.
Shagun: khushi r u ready to marry arnav?
Khushi: no. not at all. How can I marry a devil? Shagun by the way how do u accept akash.
Shagun says.
Shagun goes to airport for some work.that time only akash returns from u.s. his family was in bag section and he came out in search of arnav.
She clashes with akash there.
She slips and akash catches her.
They have an eyelock.
Nee partha vizhigal,nee partha nodigal plays……..
Janam janam plays…………..
Akash thinks she is so good.
He picks her things and see her name as shagun.
They leave.
Shagun also thinks that I think I know him.
Akash In arnav’s house learns that she is shagun.

In hospital the same day.
Akash: shagun, I love u sincerely.
Shagun: what,I thought u forgot my love that day itself.
Akash: I know that if I find khushi I will find u also. I am sorry for leaving u both yaar.
Shagun: I was shocked when u left khushi. Why did u do like that. u know she got many insultings.
Akash: I am sorry shagun. Hereafter I wont leave u sorry. please accept my love.
Shagun: I too love u.
They hug .

Flashback endsss.
Khushi: so shagun u and akash loved from childhood?
Shagun: yes. Sorry I didn’t inform u .
Khushi: its ok shagun,I am very happy that u r going to become my bhabi.
Shagun: I hated him when he left u but I couldn’t forgot him. I am happy that I got my love back.
Khushi: shagun its ok.
Akash enters.
Khushi: wow akash what a love story…………..
Akash: stop it khushi. What r u agrreing for marrying arnav.
Khushi: he Is a devil . who will marry him. He is a
Akash: u misunderstood about arnav.
Khushi: no, whatever it is I wont marry him.
Akash: u speak with him once.
In arnav’s room.
Arnav: dhi I wont marry her.
Anjali: u r getting ur love back right,then accept her.
Arnav: no dhi. I wont. Whatever u do my answer is this.
Anjali: u speak with her once.

Khushi and arnav agreed to speak with each other.
The next day
khushi and arnav went into a room and spoke
Khushi cried hearing arnav’s wordss
The screen freezes.after sometime they came out.

They both came out saying they will marry .
Arnav: but this marriage should happen within 5 days .
Shashi: but arnav ,we want a grand marriage.
Anjali: u agreed right then its our decision to keep marriage at whatever day we want.
Arnav: dhi please.
Shashi: ok we will keep marriage on 13th march as it is a good day.only 6 days left. Ok.
Arnav: ok.
They all went to discuss the marriage.
Raman and ishita came to raizada home.
Akash: raman ,ishita come in.
Anjali: u have 2 suprises.
Nani: marriage of akash and shagun ,arnav and khushi.
Raman and ishita was shocked.
Raman: wow. My bestie marriage I am so excited.
Ishita: me too. I want to see khushi and shagun.
Shagun was asking the same to khushi why did she agree eventhough she didn’t like it.
Raman and ishita comes.
Ishita: shagun r u happy for this marriage.
Shaguun: yes, I agreed as I love akash.
Raman: hey devil u didn’t say anything to us.
Shagun: sorry yaar raman.
Raman: shagun u wait outside right for few mins.
Shagun: why raman?
Raman: just go.
Shagun leaves.
Raman comes to khushi.
Raman: khushi did u like this marriage?
Khushi: no..
Raman: then why did u agree?
Khushi: my fate is like that raman. She starts crying without saying anything.she hugs raman and ishita and cries.
Ishita: say the reason right?
Khushi: don’t ask me that only. When time comes I will say.
Raman: khushi.
Khushi: raman. Don’t stop this marriage let it happen. Whatever is written in my fate is going to happen . I am ready to face anything.
Ishita: please khushi,if u don’t like don’t do it.
Khushi: it is ok. I am ready to face my situation. I am confident raman.
Raman: u r confident means leave. Come ishita we will leave. no use talking to her.
Khushi cries seeing them leave.
Khushi : I cannot say anything raman. Sorry.
She wipes her tears……. She also goes out of the room.
She comes to hall.
Nani: shagun , I know u don’t have parents . so ishita and raman r ur bhai and bhabi and are doing all the rituals behalf of ur parents.
Shagun: thank u ishita and raman.
Nani: from today we r starting the ceremony. They give shagun for the brides.
Shyam and Anjali gives shagun to Shashi and garima for arnav and khushi.
Garima and Shashi gives shagun to raman and ishita for shagun and akash.

The engagement was that day evening.
Khushi and shagun went for shopping with Anjali,garima and ishita
Arnav and akash went for shopping with raman,Shashi and shyam shagun buys jewellery and grand dresses for her marriage. But khushi didn’t buy jewellery but only grand dresses for marriage.even arnav and akash brought Dress for their marriage. All of the men and women took diff costumes for marriage.
Ishita was very depressed seeing raman and khushi.
Isita: how can I convince them.
They all went to home.
Nani: khushi why didn’t u but any jewellery.
Khushi: I have nani. I will go with akash and take that jewellery and come.
Akash and khushi went.
Akash: khushi whose house is this?
Khushi: mine only. Mom and dad gifted me for my 10 th birthday and took promise for not telling to u about this. I asked forgivness from them before telling u. come in.
They went in and went to underground passage and took the jewels and went to home.
Raman’s family and ishita’s family came.
Mrs.bhalla: were is khushi and shagun?
Anjali: they are in that room.
All the bhallas and iyers reach the room and wishes khushi and shagun.
They went out.
Raman came in.
Khushi: raman, don’t behave to me like this. I don’t like it. I am feeling more hurted seeing ur behavior.
Raman: I should say that. why r u marrying a man whom u don’t like. What if ur life gets spoiled?
Khushi: raman.my life wont get spoiled unless u r there. Whatever situation u will not leave me right. why r u speaking like this.
Raman: khushi whatever the situation might be I will be there for u anytime. Why r u speaking like this. Don’t u have trust in me?
Khushi: don’t u have trust in me this is also the same question for my marriage. I know that I am doing right. please trust me.
Raman: ok. I trust u. come on compromise.
Khushi smiles and hugs raman.
Ishita: thank god ur problem solved.
Come lets go to the hall.
Khushi and shagun gets ready in a grand designer saree with jewels. Khushi wore meroon color and shagun wore blue color.ishita wore a designer saree of pink with jewels
Both were looking gorgeous.
Arnav and akash wore kurta . raman too wore kurta.
Engagement ceremony takes place.
All participate in dance.
Raman : ishita, I think khushi is not happy with this marriage why is she doing like this?
Ishita: its ok raman. Its her decision.
Bhallas and the iyers leave.
Raman and ishita r staying in raizada house till marriage.
shyam thinking i should spoil their marriage khushi is mine. i will marry her some how.


Credit to: akshaya

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