I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 11 and 12)


Hi hope u guys like it.
Khushi: thank u so much bhabi.
Ishita: ur welcome.
All have dinner.
Raman: shagun u sleep in that room.
Shagun: ok.
Shagun goes to sleep.
Raman ,ishu,and khushi plans to do something.
The clock strikes at 12.

Current goes off.
Shagun wakes.
Shagun: what is this the current went off.
Raman ,ishita,khushi where r u?
Shagun opens the door.
Something falls on shagun.
Shagun shouts.
Shagun: help help…….
shagun : what poured on me? I know it is their plan. Raman ishu where r u?
shagun comes to hall.
She ons the torch in her phone.
Shagun: oh my god, I am fully pored with water colours .
She moves forward with her phone torch on.
Shagun finds a piece of paper directing her to go upstairs.
She went to upstairs.
Shagun cannot see anything as it was dark
Suddenly someone came back and applied holi colurs full on her.
Raman: surprise.
Ishita: happy birthday shagun.
Khushi: happy b day sweety.
Shagun: hey what is this yaar. See u first applied water colours now holi colour. I am not going to leave u. they starts to run.
Raman: hey devil is following us. Escape escape.
Shagun came and applied holi on raman,ishu and khushi.
Raman: come shagun to terrace.
They all go there.

Khushi ons the serial light.
Shagun: wow …. Superb yaar.
Raman: come shagun cut the cake.
Shagun cuts the cake and feed it to raman,ishu .
Khushi: no shagun. U know right . I will fast today.
Shagun:ok. thank u so much . this is a memorable b day for me.
Khushi: yes shagun , I know as u will leave us going to foreign.
Shagun: khushi, not like that.
Ishita: khushi , don’t say like that see the devil is changing to sentimental.
Shagun starts crying.
Shagun: thank u for being my best friends u all supported me when I was weak. Please stay with me like that here after also.
Raman: hare shagun, we will never leave u ya? What type of questions u r asking?
Shagun: ok.i wont cry .
Khushi: I have bought a gift for all of u.
Raman: what khushi surprise gift.
Khushi gifts raman ,ishita and shagun a ring.
Khushi: this is for my first salary.
Ishita: so sweet khushi,thank u.
Raman: hey shagun ur gift.
Raman and ishita gives her a gift.

Shagun opens it.
Shagun: raman my fav sharukh poster. Thank u so much. wow superb jewellery.
Khushi: here is my gift.
Shagun opens it.
Shagun: wow a bracelet. Thank u so much.
Khushi: chalo,lets sleep,I m feeling sleepy.
They all went to sleep.
Next day.
In court.

Khushi: don’t worry pallavi. I m there right na.
Khushi : good morning . I am khushi. I am an ngo officer. I am here to get justice for pallavi. This is my id proof.
judge: u may proceed.
Khushi explains everything.
She shows evidences collected and also says about the report she made and submit that evidences too.
Pallavi gets justice and gets compensation money for her husband’s death which happened due to some illegal activities in the hospital.
Khushi: hereafter , u wont get any problem . start a new life . ok bye.
Khushi leaves to arnav’s house.
In arnav house.

Khushi enters.
All were seated and doing prayers for her parents .
Khushi to joined them.
Akash did the rituals for the death day.
All got completed.
All went to eat lunch.
Dadi: khushi ,u can also join us.
Khushi: I am fasting so I wont eat . u continue. I will do my office work.
Khushi contiues her work..
In bhalla house.
Mr bhalla and mrs bhalla returns from the tour.
Mr bhalla: ishita puttar,could u give tea to drink.
Ishita: sure papaji.
Ishita gives tea to papaji and mummyji.
Mrs bhalla: ishita puttar, where is raman?
Ishita: mummyji he is in office. Mummyji can I go to my parents house tomorrow?
Mrs bhalla: sure ishita .
Ishita: thank u mummyji.
Mrs bhalla: r u wearing the bangles which I told?
Ishita: yes mummyji. I am wearing.
Mr.bhalla: ishita , simmi is coming today with her husband and ananya.
Ishita: really, I am waiting to see her as I didn’t see her in marriage.
Mrs.bhalla: hmmm. Ishita puttar, can u please ready the room?
Ishita: sure.
She goes and starts cleaning the room.

In arnav’s house.
Shagun calls khushi ,raman ,ishita in a conference call.
Shagun: one happy news. I am the topper of the phd entrance exam. They are giving me scholarship and I am going to study in Harvard university in U.S.
Khushi: congrats shagun . very nice to hear. Keep it up. I am so happy for u.
Raman: hare shagun, u r great.
Ishita: excellent shagun, u r going to achieve ur mom and dad’s dream.
Shagun: yes. I am very excited. Please come yaar,we will go outside.
Khushi: sure. Pick me here.
She cuts the call.
Khushi: wow shagun , u r great. I am so happy for u . she spoke to herself.
Everyone came after lunch.
Khushi: anjaliji I have to go now.
Anjaliji: why khushi , this much early.?
Khushi: actually today shagun’s birthday plus she got admission in Harvard university. So we r going out. Raman will come and pick me.
Anjali: hmm. But eat anything and go right?
Khushi: no I wont eat anything for today. Today I fast for my parents.
Anjali: why ?
Khushi had little tears.
Khushi: actually , my parents died in a accident while going to shagun’s house. But when I stopped to buy chat an lorry driver hit my parents car. The car blasted.
Anjali: khushi, very sorry for asking the question. Don’t u have any one from ur family.
Khushi: I have but they left me. I am having a bro but he left me and went with his uncle.
Anjali: so sorry for u khushi.

Akash comes and hears all this.
Akash: khushi forgive me. I shouldn’t have left u. sorry .
Anjali: why r u asking sorry to her?
Akash: she is only my sister.
Anjali: what .
Everyone was present there only.
Akash: I found that day when I came itself. Arnav only found it and told me. please forgive me. I am so sorry for what I have done.
Khushi: who r u to ask me sorry. U r rich right. I am a middle classed girl. Please don’t ask sorry.
Akash: why r u speaking like that. I realized my mistake. I shouldn’t have done this.
Khushi: if u ask sorry everything will be fine? do u know how much I suffered , do u know how many people speak. Take ur friend is itself for example. He spoke to me criticizing .
Akash: which friend spoke.
Khushi: this one . she points towards arnav.
Akash: why did u speak to her like that.
Arnav: I didn’t intentionally do it. I am sorry yaar.
Akash: I don’t know what he spoke. I am feeling very sorry for my deeds. I realized that day itself when I went to u.s. I felt guilty for leaving u here. I should be the one to look after u after dad and mom’s place but I didn’t do it. I am very sorry khushi ,please forgive me.
Shashi: forgive all of us khushi. I did a mistake of changing akash mindset about u. I was very selfish. Please forgive me. He had little tears.

Khushi: uncle u don’t ask sorry uncle. i forgived u that day itself. I was happy that u took atleast my brother with u. I should be thankful for that. I don’t have any angry in u or dadi or aunty. Please don’t ask sorry. my mom and dad have taught me to forgive whomever realized their mistakes. I am following them. But I wont forgive akash.
Akash: why Khushi?
Khushi: where was ur mindset when uncle said these to u. r u idiot for listening to them. Don’t u have common sense to think about ur sister that time?.in an angry tone.
Akash: sorry. I accept that I didn’t have common sense to think about u. my situation was like that. I promise u that hereafter I wont leave u. please accept me.
Anjali: khushiji accept him na.
Nani: yes khushi , accept him.
Khushi smiled.
Akash: thank u so much for accepting me .
They had a hug.
khushi: I am sorry even I should have not speak to u like that.
akash: u spoke right only. U had that much anger. I want to ask u one thing. In ngo they teach u to use gun?

Khushi: actually I don’t know how to use gun. In cinemas the do like that. so I followed the same. I don’t know how to aim also.
Anjali: khushi ,r u a ngo officer ah?
Khushi: yes anjaliji, I joined it as a part time job. I liked to help everyone. With that salary I am helping may students to study.
Dadi: very good deed khushi.
Garima: khushi u should stay with us onle here after.
Khushi: I can but cannot leave shagun alone as…….
Akash: ask shagun also to come and stay here.
Khushi: really. Thank u so much.
Raman calls.
Khushi: raman wait I will come yaar.
She cuts the call.
Akash: u should go now?
Khushi: or else the shagun will kill me.
Anjali: ask them to come in right.
Khushi: wit I will call them.
She calls them in.
They come in.
Akash: raman, thank u for looking after my sister.
Raman: she is just ur sister but she is my sister and best friend. Its my duty to look after.
ishita: we r happy that u got compromised.
Shagun: and we r happy for u . happy for khushi as she got her family back.
Khushi: shagun congrats and hugs her.
All wishes shagun and congragulates her.


Credit to: akshaya

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