I am alive because of u with ishra and arshi (Episode 1)

hi. hope u enjoy this.

ishita family and raman family are entering the mandap.
ishita sees raman and signs him.
khushi and shagun come to the hall.
It is an tamilian marriage.
khushi: ishu show ur hands. let me see how i have put mehandi on u.
ishita: khushi it is superb. see my hands.
khushi: very good ya.
shagun: come khushi lets go to our room.
all went to the respective rooms . ishu,khushi,shagu in one room,raman in another room with his mother and father.
RAIZADA family came.

anjali and nani greets mrs.bhalla.
anjali: i want to put mehandi .
mrs.bhalla: wait i will ask khushi to put mehandi for u,go to room no-2. i will ask her to come there.
anjali goes to room no-2 and sees raman .
anjali: hi ramanji long time no see.
raman: sis y r u giving respect to me like this . call me as raman .
anjali: ok .
khushi changes her dress to meroon anarkali suit with free hair.
she enters raman room and asks r u not ready ?
raman: no
anjali: u r khushi ya?
khushi: yes , wait i will bring mehandi cone.
khushi brings mehandi cone and starts putting mehandi to anjali.
arnav enters the mandap and keeps everyone luggages in their room and searched for anjali.
he then came to know that anjali is in room no-2 and entered room.
arnav: dhi , i kept all luggages in room no-7 ,here is the keys
while giving keys he saw the face of khushi and was lost in it.
rabbave plays.

raman enters.
raman: hi arnav
arnav: hi raman. why r u carrying tiffin plate to the room. u can eat there right??
raman: it is not for me it is for khushi and starts feeding her saying u r not even taking
care of ur health.u didnt even eat anything from morning.
arnav was pleasingly watching the way she eat.
then arnav went out.
anjali: y r u feeding her raman ?
raman: oh u sont know her right.she is khushi my bestie.
i told u about her na.
anjali: ohh . ok ok. sorry.
khushi what r u doing now?
khushi: i am searching for a job.
anjali: what is your degree
khushi: b.com

anjali: then i will ask chote to give u a job in his company.
khushi: thank u so much dhi. by the way who is chote.
anjali: the man who u met few mins before.
after finishing mehandi khushi took care of all arangements..

next day
khuhi and shagun was dressed with beautiful saree.
arnav got mesmarised seeing her
rabbave plays.

ishita and raman got married and ishita iyer became ishita bhalla.
certain rituals took place after tying mangalastura,

khushi was having sevior head ache so she went to raman’s room.
raman got worried and asked anjali to give the medicined which will be in raman’s bag.
anjali gave medicines to khushi and she started to sleep.
arnav came to room as the ac in his room was not working.
arnav was seeing khushi without doing his work.
he then though about khushi.


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