ALIVE : A Swasan Fanfic (PROLOGUE)


**One-year ago, 2015**

Sanskar’s POV~

I pulled her towards the car and opened the door for her.

“Sanskar! Where are you taking me?” She giggled as I opened the door.

“You’ll find out love.” I said and helped her to get in and closed the door. I ran around and sat in the driver’s seat.

“Alright now this is about a half hour drive so I hope you’re up for it!” I said.

“But Sanky, can I take off my blindfold just for the first 5 minutes?” She begged.

“Nope I’m not gonna let you ruin the surprise!” I said pulling out of the driveway. Today was the day I was going to propose Kavita. We have been together for 2 years today, and I feel it’s time you know? We both love each other so much that I know I can spend the rest of my life with her.

She sighed in defeat and I started driving, “So Sanskar, since you’re giving me your surprise first, I don’t think I can give my gift to you because it’s in our lovely home.”

I smiled. “So?”

“What do you mean so? I really wanted to give it to you!” She said crossing her arms with an adorable frown on her face.

“Fine, we’ll be home by tonight so you can give it to me then.” I said.

She smiled once more. “So do I get any hints on where we are going?” She said.

“Nope.” I said, popping the P.

“Aww! C’mon man.”She sighed as I stopped at the intersection. The car was silent, so I turned on the radio, and none other than one of One Direction songs was playing on it. It was “One Thing”.

“Ewww who is this band?” Kavita said sarcastically.

“I don’t know but they suck.” I said playfully because I know she was joking too. One Direction was her favourite boyband of course after my own band, I guess. She laughed and attempted to turn up the radio.

The light turned green and I started driving forward when a semi-truck came right at us.


“Where is she?!?” I screamed. I sat up in my hospital bed with all the members of the team around me and my family.

“Dude calm down we’ll go find out at the desk.” Laksh assured me.

“Please hurry” I said.

“Well Mr. Kapoor, you have nothing major wrong with you, just a broken arm and a few cuts. But since we already bandaged them up you’re ready to go.” He said. I honestly didn’t care, I needed to know that Kavita will be okay.

“Wait! Doctor do you know if Kavita is okay?” I begged.

“I couldn’t tell you.” And with that he walked out.

I sat there and cried, “I knew I should’ve made it simple! I could’ve just put the ring In her cocoa puffs or something.”

My mum came to me, “What ring?” She said. I noticed her eyes were red from crying.

“I was going to propose Kavita.” I said in a soft voice. Everyone gasped except Laksh. He was the only one to whom I told about it.

“Oh beta, I am sure woh thik ho jayegi!” She hugged me.

Shortly after I was released, Laksh told me that she was in room C-23. Speed-walking to her room I noticed that we were entering the intensive care unit.

Oh god please, please let her be okay. . .

I saw her room and went straight towards it when a doctor came and stood right in front of me.

“Hi?” I said. “Are you related to Ms. Verma?”

“No, but I’m her boyfriend, maybe about to be her fiancée too?” I said.

“Well I’ll tell you what you need to know and what we know.” I nodded.

“Ms. Verma’s body is not accepting the blood we put into her body. She also has many other things wrong with her that we can’t tell you without permission of the family. But her chances of survival are very little.”

I looked down. This was all my fault. I shouldn’t have gone all out. . .

“May I see her?” I asked. The doctor nodded his head and left. I walked in, Kavita looked very pale, her eyes fluttered open and I could’ve sobbed right then and there.

“Hey Sanky.”She croaked out

“Hey.” I said quietly.

“So I heard you out there, what do you mean by to be fiancée?” I smiled.

“I was gonna propose you” I said. She smiled.

“Well if you had, I still would’ve said yes.” I smiled.

“Too bad I don’t have the rin- wait” I checked my coat pocket and sure enough I had the ring. I pulled it out and got on one knee.

“Kavita, I know this isn’t that romantic, and it isn’t what I planned, but I love you so much, and I can’t find the words to describe how much I love you. So, Kavita Verma, will you marry me ?”

She smiled “Yes!” I slid the ring onto her finger and kissed her, but that moment turned from best to worst in a matter of seconds.

Kavita started hitting her chest and started pushing the button for the nurse.

“Kavita, what’s wrong?!” I said panicking at the situation. A pile of nurses and doctors came in and pushed me out of the room without a word. I looked through the small window in the door to see what was going on.

“Her pulse is going down!” A nurse yelled, my heart started racing.

“Oh god please, let her live.” I muttered to myself. They pulled out the electric shocks.

“Start small!” The doctor said. They shocked her, nothing.

“Go a bit higher!” They shocked her again, nothing.

“It keeps going down!” The nurse yelled. They were about to shock her again but the monitor went to a straight line. All the nurses and doctors looked down.

“Time of death 5:23 pm”. My body went cold and everything around me stopped.

With that I ran, I ran passed everyone and out of the hospital. I heard everyone shouting behind me and I didn’t bother with them. I ran to a nearby park and sat under a very large tree. I sat there and started sobbing, and then I screamed as loud as I could. I earned a few stares, but I honestly don’t give a damn. Everything that we’ve ever done together flashed back to me, if it wasn’t for me, she wouldn’t be dead. It’s all my fault, I can’t have love, I can’t live in a world without Kavita Verma. I can’t have a family, and. . .

I can never love again. . .

Or that’s what I believed. . .


Prologue. Comment! Chapter 1 is going to be posted soon. Again. . . Feel Alive!


Credit to: Anu

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