Anu here!! As promised, with a new one. Alive. . .

“Alive. . .” He started to say. “That’s how you make me feel.” The signature line of Sanskar when he realizes importance of Swara in his life.

But was this journey easy? Especially after when you know that you love a person so much, and you find that he/she is no more. It was difficult. Always. . .

Meet Sanskar – A Rockstar. A usual calm and cool guy with all those killer looks and the whole female gang after him, smitten by him totally! But he’s not him when he’s angry. He becomes the angry young man when someone talks about Kavita – his first love. He’s a mystery from outside and someone special is needed to know him and open him inside out!

Who’s it going to be?

Meet Swara Roy – Rich, but not a spoilt brat. A kind hearted lifesaver winning millions of hearts by her sweetest smile ready to melt anyone! Wait. . .did I say anyone! Nope! There’s one guy who will bot have any effect by her smile. (I am sure you know him ?) Thr gurl who speaks for herself and is a total feminist and jhagdaloo (A person who loves fights). She loves her family and her three brothers – Manik, Cabir and Abhimanyu. She’s in search for her Mr. Right.

Will she get one?


So, here’s the intro.


As I said, I had posted the prologue and Chapter One which TU deleted unfortunately. Dont worry here are the links. And I’ll also post it in the comment box here if you wish.


Link to Prologue


Link to chapter 1


And yeah! I wont be regular. Im telling this im advance. With 12th going on and holidays on verge of ending, I may be the most irregular writer here! Bear with me though ??

Love you all!

Do comment <3<3

And yeah! Keep smiling ??


Anu β™₯

Credit to: Anu


  1. Hey ur post is here…. im eager to read nd comment… bt im so confident it wil b fabulous b4 reading itself….

    • Harshita

      Yaa navi..i agree..the intro is fab..thn god knws what will happen with the will be super fab

    • Anu

      Actually I didnt add the wattpad details in chappie one but still it got deleted and even the post which Naina uploaded that also got deleted. Now tell me what should I do? Its getting into my nerves!

      Msg from Team: You can contact admins with contact us form

  2. stoneheart

    we love u…! can wait for like days together for ur stories…cz the wait is gonna b worthwhile..
    best luck for ur 12 th..!

  3. Jyotii

    Nopes! I am d most irregular writer!
    U can’t beat me!! πŸ˜›
    Bdw its awchum!! πŸ˜‰
    Loved it!!

  4. Bisha

    Interesting! Very Interesting plot!! Cheers! Anu is back!! Love you loads!!! Kisses and hus and obvious drools on the story and you from the intro itself πŸ˜‰ . U can be sure I am going to drool over the story and once again on you as I did earlier!! πŸ˜‰ LOL

  5. Swara Patel

    Please try to post Alive again Nisha Di am really eager to read it , maybe when ur free

  6. Jst nw read intro nd chap 1… its superb cool start dr… u hav used two thngs in ur which i love most… one direction nd anothr is kyy manik cabir abhi… im miss kyy… so nice ti see dhn in ur ff… superb start..
    happy holidays anu.. β™₯β™₯

  7. Neha

    Being irregular is allowed so relax now and alive…. I’ve said its interesting sanskar completely a messed up character swara tuff task for her… All the best to her and you too ? you baby

  8. Neha

    Hey I just now read chapter 1 and anu it’s too good awesome plzz post it here also…. OK tc and keep smiling love you

  9. Jiya

    Awsm nd ow! Again my sanky is a rockstar. Yep! He is as he rocking on our hearts. Superb intro nd i wanna read that parts on wattpad nd will surely read after exams nd also vote for ur ff. Hey i have commented on ATBH last part on wattpad my username is jiya194 . I’m new on wattpad as i have joined a week before or so to read laila’s story nd will love to read ur this ff alive

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