ALIVE : A Swasan Fanfic (Ch 1)


Third Person’s P.O.V. :

India! The place where her parents were born, where she and her brothers were born. Her home, her native land. She was returning to her homeland after five long years. And she couldn’t explain how much happy she was to return to her home, her family, her friends. . .

Just some more hours and she’ll be in her home, and would finally be free of her stupid brother’s snores.

Gosh! Can’t he just sleep silently? She groaned looking at her twin brother, Manik.

But this didn’t stop her or her uber excited self from thinking about all the fun things she’d do with her two best friends, Ragini and Rohan, for the next two weeks as the next two weeks were reserved for her family and friends to chill out before starting her job.

She smiled and caressed the photograph of her parents on the screen of the iPad. A chuckle escaped her lips as she remembered the day she was leaving for my college, how her bestie and her mom had cried like hell saying who’s gonna play pranks on them and trouble them, and how much her mother was tensed for her.

Seriously, she was leaving for 5 years for her studies, not for her Sasural or going to a battle frontier. But then mothers are like that . . . Worrying for their kids is one of the natural aspects of being a mother. And her bestie Rags, well she was her soul sister. . .

But nevertheless she had missed her mom and her bestie miserably. Though she used to Skype and WhatsApp (and all the other messaging mobile apps) them every day but still being with your loved ones in person is always better.

She had missed her elder brothers, her Cabir and Abhimanyu too but they both made it to a point to visit her every once in a while so it wasn’t like she was far away from them. But she still missed them a lot!

But one person she had missed the most was her daddy dearest. She missed her ‘daddy-daughter’ moments with him. Oh and not to forget the times when she and her dad had gotten in trouble for pulling her mom’s leg which made her mom to go into her ‘Godzilla mode’ as she referred to it. She laughed seeing the picture of her mother with her, which her father had photobombed, landing himself in a big trouble after her mother saw that picture.

She sadly smiled as she saw the photograph of her whole family, which for last five years had kept her strong, but now it was making her weak. She had missed everyone, from her parents to her brothers, friends and grandmother to her cousins, so, so much. And now she was finally going back, and will make up for all the time she wasn’t around.

Along with the exhilaration of uniting with her family, a little poignancy was also in her heart for leaving behind all the lovely friends. But there was nothing to worry because the way she stayed connected with her family, the same way she’ll stay connected with them. And c’mon this sadness was nothing in front of the happiness of finally returning to your native land.

“Excuse me, Ma’am? Do you need anything?” The stewardess asked.

“Yes, just a cup of strong coffee and a pair of ear plugs, if you can get them.” She answered, glancing once at her brother who still was sleeping, with annoying snores.

“Sure, Ma’am, I’ll get that for you in a few minutes.” The stewardess said and walked away.

As the stewardess walked away, she again started going through the pictures of her family and continued to smile to herself, sitting comfortably in her first class seat of the flight, a perk of being the daughter of one of Delhi’s biggest industrialists, Shekhar Roy.

But even though she came from a well-to-do family, yet she was down-to-earth, and treated everyone with compassion and kindness. She believed in equality of all the humans. These were her traits that her parents and friends loved the most about her.

She scrolled through the albums in her iPad and stopped at one picture, probably thirty years old, of her parents, whom she loved more than anything. It was a picture of her parents’ wedding and one of her parents’ most favourite events.

Her parents, who had a love marriage, were her most favourite couple in this world, apparently because their relationship had kept her faith intact in true love and that we all have our soul mates, to whom our fates are already connected with.

“Oh, I’m sorry, dear! I lost my balance. I’m very sorry, dear.” An old lady said to the girl, who had lost her balance and slipped on the aisle of the flight, dropping the bottle of water on the girl and her iPad.

“It’s okay, Ma’am. Happens. You okay?” She asked, concerned, helping the old woman to stand up.

“Yes, I’m fine. Very sorry for drenching you and your iPad. My sincere apologies!” The old lady said apologetically, embarrassed with her fall.

“Arrey, it’s all okay! C’mon, I’ll help you get to your seat.” She smilingly offered her help to the old lady, who after a moment of hesitation, accepted her help. She helped the lady walk back to her seat, and with a kind smile, conversed with her.

After she was sure the old lady was comfortable in her seat, with the frame of 5’7, she walked back to her seat and found her fraternal twin brother Manik, wide awake, which she was grateful to. She shrugged her shoulders as he was staring at her with raised eyebrows.

“What now, Manik? Why are you staring at me like that?” She asked irritably.

“I always considered you crazy, Sis, but never thought you’ll be this lunatic to play water fight in a flight, that too with your iPad. Seems like, Dr. Swara Roy, becoming a doctor has disorganised the wires of your brain.” Manik said with sheer tone of mock.

The girl Swara, the young medical graduate who was about to start her medical internship soon in her father’s hospital, rolled her chocolaty brown eyes. “Look who’s talking, the guy who was snoring like a seal? Seriously, Manik, you think I was playing water fight?” She said, settling on her seat indignantly.

Her brother grinned at her playfully and she slapped his arms in response. She shook her head and then narrated him the incident which made her clothes and iPad get soaked in water.

“Ohh that’s a kind deed, baby sister. Anyway I’m going back to sleep. Once I reach back home, dad won’t let me rest for a minute. He had already scared the hell out of me. So please let me sleep.” Manik said, taking a long yawn after finishing his sentence. He closed his eyes and in few minutes was back to his slumber, which made Swara shake her head again seeing his sleepiness.

But she didn’t wake him up, as she knew he was actually right. Her father, Shekhar Roy, owner of a construction company, was really going to make her brother work real hard, as they had seen him do the same to her second eldest brother, Abhimanyu as for him there’s no relation between personal and professional life, so his sons were nothing but like any other employ for him.

Yet with Swara, he always modified all of his rules. Her father, who was also one of the chief trustees of Life Beat Hospital and Research Centre, one of the biggest chains of private hospitals of India, had tried his best to get her best mentors in the hospital but couldn’t do so as his wife, on Swara’s insistence, had interrupted him and told him to let Swara get a normal work experience, to which he agreed half-heartedly.

For this she was very grateful to her mom, Sharmishtha Roy, a former English Professor, who after the birth of her eldest son, gave up her career and became a homemaker, which she, to this date, never regretted. And she was probably the reason for Swara’s inclination toward writing and literature.

A smile again came on her lips as the memories of her parents’ silly fights played in her mind. Though her parents were madly in love with each other but they still fought like cat and dog. And their kids enjoyed their banters a lot because they knew no matter how much their parents fought, they still were very much in love.

She sighed as her iPad wasn’t working now and she needed to find another way of killing her time, which was kind of a lethargic task for her as sitting inside an aircraft with the most quiet set of people didn’t leave her with many options for passing her time.

She looked around to see if any of her flightmate was awake to converse with her. But sadly no one was and even if were, they avoided looking in her direction as they had learnt from their experience over last few hours in this flight with her.

Frowning slightly, she took out a small travel mirror to pass her time. She checked her brownish-black hairs and pushed her eye glasses up her nose. Since she was very bored, she started making funny faces and laughed loudly as she found herself hilarious.

But this entertainment of hers couldn’t go on for long as a passenger sitting across her passed her a glare and Swara kept her mirror back in her bag and grimaced. She kept her hand under her cheek and impatiently checked her watch every five minute, which further increased her frustration.

As she looked around again to kill her time, she caught the sight of her brother’s cellphone, which she knew the password of. She carefully took it out from pocket of the jacket of her brother and unlocked it.

She opened the gallery and flipped through the photographs of their graduation day. Her graduation day was the best day of her life, probably because she at last after much hard work proved herself right.

Having born to a family of riches and comforts, everyone believed her to live a luxurious, easy life. Even her family and besties at times thought that she was too fragile and delicate and that she’s not suitable for a demanding profession with long working hours. But this only worked as a fuel for her already ignited spirit.

She decided that she’ll prove them wrong by proving herself right! And to do so she decided to go ahead with her choice that she had made long back. The job of a saviour, who’s only aim, was to save as many lives as possible and cure as many diseases as she could. She picked medicine as her profession and decided to go London for her MBBS. And now she was just few steps away from her goal as she was soon about to start her internship.

Medicine! It was her childhood dream to become a doctor. And this dream only got strengthened when her eldest brother became a doctor. She had very keenly observed his life. The way he used to spent hours reading his patients’ case files, how he used to rush back to hospital after just coming back home, for emergencies and never ever complained about it. How he had given parties and festivals a miss so that he could save someone’s life. Even after being completely exhausted, he used to still be ready to treat another patient without being irked or anything. When he was with his patients, he used to forget everything, himself as well.

She had seen it all and was ready to tackle every hindrance that will come in her way with her dedication and devotion for her work. . .

Her parents thought seeing her brother’s life might change her decision to become a medico but her brother’s life had only made her firm in her decision and she decided she’ll go ahead with this choice only.

And after five long years of hard work, she was finally a doctor herself and was fully prepared to tackle every obstacle that will come in her way. She knew being a doc is not easy like a cakewalk rather it’s a very demanding and tough profession and she was ready to put her ‘Heart and Soul’ in it. . .

She believed it was someone’s hard work and dedication which brought appreciation and success to them. And she was ready for all the challenges that life will throw at her because she wasn’t someone who was afraid of them, rather she was someone who was always ready to face those challenges with a smile!

Along with this, there was a dream, which brought a small blush to her cheeks. The dream of having her very own fairytale, which was yet to be fulfilled and she hoped that happened soon. . .

And this was Swara Roy . . . oops! Dr. Swara Roy, the new medical intern of Life Beat Hospital and Research Centre.

She flipped through some more photographs of her family members and stopped at one picture of her brothers and cousins. She’ll be with them in some hours and she was excited for that.

Swara continued to flip through the pictures for some time and then locked it without disturbing her brother’s sleep, kept his phone back in his jacket’s pocket. Smilingly, she caressed her brother’s hairs softly. No matter how much they fought, she loved him dearly and shared this indefinable bond with him, which they both cherished deeply.

Maybe because being of same age, they had a great understanding, though their personality clashes did cause many fights between them but none of the fight stayed for long. Unlike Manik, she was kind of reserved and never openly told her loved ones how much she loved them, which she was trying her best to change. And not like her, Manik wasn’t competitive, rather he preferred to go with the flow and yes was taller than her with his height of 6’1, which was no surprise since her dad and elder brothers were all tall with heights over 6 feet.

She sighed again as her boredom was troubling her now. Turning to face her brother, she stared at him for few seconds and thought to try to sleep for a couple of hours. She closed her eyes and tried her best to sleep but couldn’t fall as asleep as she had woken up an hour back only.

Frustrated, she opened her eyes and decided to distract herself with the help of her most favourite book. So she took out her reading glasses and book from her bag and started reading her favourite book, A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks. She had read this book a thousand times but she still felt like she was reading it for the first time.

She had watched the movie version of this book as well and loved it. She always lost herself in this book. Though the ending of the book made her sad as Jamie, the female protagonist of the book died of Leukaemia. She wished Jamie could have stayed alive and she and Landon could’ve been together like a happily ever after couple. But that’s not possible. Since that’s the theme of the book. Anyway she loved reading this book.

She smiled and resumed reading her book. There were so many quotes in the book that she loved a lot. She’ll have to admit that the quotes from Nicolas Sparks’ books were the reason why she loved his books.

Her most favourite quote from this book was,
β™₯ Love is always patient and kind. It is never jealous. Love is never boastful or conceited. It is never rude or selfish. It does not take offense and is not resentful. Love takes no pleasure in other people’s sins, but delights in the truth. It is always ready to excuse, to trust, to hope, and to endure whatever comes.β™₯

For her this was the definition of love in a sense. But she will wait for that guy, her Mr. Right, to come in her life and give her a new meaning of Love. . .

She hoped, maybe with this new chapter of her life, which was about to start, her dream of falling in love would also come true. She was extremely excited for that. . .


In the Rock On Concert in the very capital of India, a man dressed in black leather jacket and ripped jeans was performing yet another song. Sweat was trickling down his forehead but he didn’t care to wipe it off. The worry lines were visible on his forehead. It was an important competition for his band.

When he saw the band smirking at him, it was obvious he knew what he wanted. The mic wasn’t working. An evil plan. . . The next thing he knew was that their rivals were booing for his failure, and so were the other rival band mates. He could say the audience was still cheered for him and his band. He just closed his eyes and prayed.

“Oh god, please save everything.” He finally opened his eyes when he heard the crowd erupt.

The mic started working again, miraculously. . .

“Come on, Sanky! Now, you can make it big. It’s your day now.” He said to himself

He and his band continued their performance. Finally the crowd erupted in joy as they completed it. As he removed his guitar and adjusted his hair, he raised his guitar up in the air, smiling victoriously.

Aww! That killer smile could kill any girl and some men. . .

After that, he prayed that they wouldn’t lose that day. He closed his eyes and just prayed to god for his support. He wanted to make it big for his mom and Kavita, the girl he loved and adored. Though she was not there with him anymore, she was still his strength. ‘This one is for you, Kavita.’ He thought.

Once again, his prayers were answered. Their band won it big, as Sanskar won the best performer of the day.

The camera was zoomed on his face, showing an unusual happiness. As if he had achieved something more than a win. This man was a mystery. The mystery one special needed to come and unlock. . .

Who was it going to be?


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Credit to: Anu

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