“Where are you taking me Shivaay”- Annika asked out of curiosity,”where are we both going”.
“ meet your relatives”- Shivaay teased,”Wild animals”.
“Stop relating me with wild animals”- Annika fumed.
“Wife..wild life”- Shivaay have more fun watching her red face,” Jaan jaan kehti hai..janbaron ki tarah treat..”.(credit to SPA-2017, Nakuul Mehta).
“Oh shit!!”- Shivaay punched the steering wheel,”Again”.
“Whats wrong with your car Mr. Oberoi”- Annika came out of the vehicle,” whenever we go out it brakes down in the middle of no where”.
“My car..its wish”- The cute husband gave power to his vehicle,”like SSO like his car”.
“Not funny”- Annika searched for water desperately,”We have to do some thing”.
“Here take it and drink”- Shivaay placed a bottle,”Don’t throw at me or the car”.
“Aah…”- The Billu shouted then fell down clutching his chest.
A panic strike her..Annika searched for a certain yellow tablet, Rudra instructed last time..she know it.
“ your eyes”- Annika pat his cheeks , her soft hands ran the length of his face, his stubbles, closed eyes, jutting chin, forehead caressed his messed hair,”don’t do this to us. now when I have realised that you are my world..don’t snatch it away from my life”.
He remained change except for the heartbeat..his and her..their one..Keeping match with her ghanti..some mich michi..a lot of raita.
“I know that I love you now..I discover it for me.. a family and feelings around you”- Annika cried,”I love you Shivaay..I do”.
“My ears are not working properly..”- He winked then sat to check his ear and ,”Did I hear something personal or was it a repeat of incidents”.
“I don’t know”- Annika flushed . It is repetition of the same incident from the time they both end in forest while following Omkara. His heart problem with her hanging on a height of tree..
“I know every thing”- His heart filled with unknown happiness as he hugged her ..kissed her several times..,”The alien feelings ..the mich michi, raita and Ghanti have a meaning now..a relation from heart husband- wife, best friends, support-trust and now.. alien feeling is no more alien its familiar to me “.
“I said the same thing to you the previous time also”-Annika have nothing more to say, tongue tied condition but her black eyes talked more with his green pair,”you never heard me that time”.
“The way to avoid me, hide under couch, dining table after we return home “- Shivaay felt amused at her red flushed face,”I knew then some thing was right( it can’t be wrong).. some thing is wrong with you”. “Aap toh bade chamtai nikle”- Annika removed her shy to back seat and jumped to hug him real tight,”Chamtumai Billu”.
“Why did you pretend to loss memory then for the second time”- Shivaay pouted, a fake sadness engulf his inner smiling eyes ,” Hiding some thing from me Annika”.
“No.. not at all”- Annika chocked on her throat,”nothing to hide from you”.
” I will wait for that”- He resumed his patience after the yalneer incident,”I know you..I trust you”.
“Where are we going??”- Annika asked about their journey and destination.
“This journey is most beautiful and my destination is”- Shivaay pulled her b
very close to him, encircled her arms around his waist and rest his cheek on her head,”this destination is perfect for me”.
Annika blushed more.. tough competition to tomato and beet.
“Annika…”- He closed his eyes to feel contented in her embrace,”you are blushing”.
“We are going to bring Saahil back home now”- He assured and the vehicle started.
“You khotiyya”- Annika muffled ,”the car is not sick”.
He smiled in a cheeky way,”I said few minutes car..its wish”.
“Glucose Biscuit in green tea”- Omkara made an annoyed face,”Who adds and frinks??”.
“I and you did the work respectively”- His Bulbul answered frankly.
Buamma and Jhanvi peeped in to the kitchen,”OmRi moment in kitchen”.
“I added some curd in your rice the other day, a piece of papaya in your orange juice, some peanut in your green gram dal, some piece of bitter guard inbetween cucumber salad and few drops of honey in your lemon water after exercise daily”.
“Oh my maatha”- Omkara sat on the slab,” Patni nahi milabat ki dukaan ho tum”.
“Obro moment with out me”- Rudra interfered then,”oh!! romance in kitchen”.
“Rudra.. my books”- Soumya came, face fallen, eyes lost twinkles,”You have few of my books, give me , I have to pack”.
Rudra felt his throat went dry..he wanted to shout, cry, scream,”Sumo..forget the things..we are friends forever..just remember you have a friend in India when you are in Austrelia.. in all your need”.
“I will call you”- Soumya agreed the fact that they are best friends after all mishaps. She went away.
“You should stop her Rudra”- Omkara suggested,”It is really hard to let go of a thing or person we love”.
“Let her go O”- Rudra rubbed the tiny drop of salty water from the corner of his eyes,”She had been through a lot..we all have been through a lot of problem and I personally hurt her.. she will come back to me one day and that day there will be love with Interest”.
“Ishq pe hoga yakeen..ishq ho jaane ke baad”- Omkara used his old words,”It happened to Shivaay and now you too paraya dhan”.
” We are together..ready to fight all problems O”- Ru hugged his brother, a child grown to a married man suddenly,”I know Sumo will be back soon”.
“You know Shayaries”- This side of her husband is new for Gouri,”wah wah wah…”
“He is expert in that”- Rudra smiled , a little relieved, ” You can ask him for some personally only for you”.
“Door se dekha toh ek sukoon sa rahat thi , zindegi mein”- Rudra left before his brother continue more to dedicate shayaries to his newly wedded wife.
“I am not going for you”- Om too left kitchen.
“Don’t be shy my Jatadhari hippi”- Gouri shouted from behind..smiling inside the kitchen.

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