“Annika bhabhi see this picture”- Soumya show photo of a guy with a choti on his centre of head,”Daksh Khurana”.
“Daksh Khurana.. Hamari ghar se kuch mat churana”- Annika sang acting funny,” This choti is looking like a yalneer tree”.
“Yal-neer!!”- Shivaay wondered the reason his Paanika is using the other words of paani..water,” what the wuck!!”.

“Its yalneer not any wuck!!”- Annika show her hand like a traffic police to stop his language attitude,” Coconut tree”.
“According to a survey cocos nucifera is famous in so many names all over the India like Yalneer, Narikela, kobbari, Thengai, Nariyal, Nadia, Narcole, Narlu, Naral, Gola, Narjeel “-Soumya took a long breath tired,” In foreign country it is also…”.
“I called you here to solve problem with Annika,neither to give a description on coconut nor to hit me with coconut on my brain”-Shivaay was highly irritated with this much details about the cheap choti of that Cheppada Daksh ,” I wish I could cut that choti from head of that specific psycho Khurana”.

“No violence.. Only peace”- Annika raised her palm again,” This is not good for health”.
“Khanna!!”- Rudra yelled like his elder brother,”bring a pair of scissor soon”.
“I am going from here”-Omkara pulled his jata a little to tight the long hairs,”Bhabhi will call me with some weird name now”.
“Kanji ankhen wala Pati parmeswar.. Pehelwan chhotey devarji…”- Rudra put index finger on his head,”Your name may be lambe baal wale bade devarji or Jatadhari hippi bade devarji”.
“Deewar not Dewar”-Shivaay muttered,” They are like wall in between this problem and its solution”.

“I think the..”-Omkara fell a gust of wind , the same name his wife Gouri gave him,”jata-dhari hippi!!”.
“Soumya may end up with a name of kumbala sized tomato chhoti devraaniji for Annika bhabhi”- Rudra jocked then bit his tongue,”oops!!sorry Sumo this was for fun”.
“What is this Kumbala now??”- Shivaay lost a little more self control over anger,” My head is going back to spinning mode”.
“Bade bhaiyya..according to a survey kumbala….”-Soumya started again all smiling.
“Stop now!!’-Shivaay scold his gang,”All out from here quick. This is my problem and I will solve this”.

“No way.. “-OmRu put hand on heart,” all for one… one for all”.
“Huh!!”- Shivaay saw from the corner of his eyes,”Soumya you have to make a list of all the name Lord Shiva have except for Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra, this is your punishment”.
“Shankarji…”-This name from Soumya have its effect on a man who know this name of Lord Shivaji too well.
“This evil and mad man”- Soumya explained about the nature of Daksh Khurana to Annika adding appropriate amount of drama.. from her side , all she know and find about that man.
Shivaay wanted to add more scene in this story but situation and presence of younger ones didn’t help him.

Omkara Singh Oberoi won over evil-lana with the help of Gouri..his wife,Gouri Omkara Singh Oberoi finally.
“I will click a couple photo”- Buamma tab her mobile,” put your hand on her shoulder Omky”.
The loop holes in pre-nuptial agreement , Jhanvi’s hard work and wish to stop the marriage and the truth Omkara never left help them.
“Don’t build a dream palace in your mind”- Om gritted his teeth,” you have to leave soon from this house”.
” Ahem ahem!!”- Jhanvi disturbed,” you can have private discussion later inside your room”.
“Welcome home bhabhi”- Rumya hugged the newly arrived bride.
Dadi smiled and blessed them.

“I will call Bade bhaiyya and bhabhi”- Soumya ran again not to loss any weight.
“Have a long happy married life together “- Annika wished OmRi. Shivaay stood unused to public display of affection in front of a new entry.
” I know you”- Shivaay remembered ,” I saw you the other day, you did some paun lagoo right”.
” Haan jethji”- Gouri felt shy and the elder brother of her husband more awkward.
” Er.. you should call me bade bhaiyya like Soumya does”- Shivaay accepted this girl in his way in the family.

” I will..”- Gouri bend down to take blessing from her new elder brother and then from his wife, Annika bhabhi,” Bhabhi is sounding weird to my ears.. I will call you Annika di always”.
“I never thought Chulbul is married to our Omkara”- Annika spill her bean,” not even in dream”.
“This is reality”- Shivaay snapped fingers forwards her eyes,” Accepting truth is not that easy task “.
“Who cares!!” -Annika left smiling with wives of her husband’s brother.
“I do ..I do”-Omkara from inside of Shivaay chanted.
“Look at the progress report”- Shivaay unfold the magenta colour paper, Progress report of Saahil,” so poor performance in mathematics”.
” I will do that for Saahil”- Annika mocked him,” I will teach math to him from today”.
“I did but he is more then confused and unmindful “- Shivaay was not ready to take any blame,” I am confused about his problem”.

“This is a problem every orphan feels and go through”- Annika sighed with a heavy breath,” no one to take care and cuddle”.
” I am here for both of you” – Shivaay hugged his wife tight and ran his fingers through her long hairs,” Saahil is like OmRu for me”.
Realization stuck him. Annika remember Saahil…their argument over his study..may be him too,”Kalavathi Thakur”.

“Its Parvathi”- Annika correct for the second time.
” You are correct ANNIKA”- SSO on mission,” it is Parvathi always till the end of time,” not any Kalavathi”.

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