“Doctor”-Shivaay Singh Oberoi shouted from hospital corridor for the staff and a stretcher for his unconscious wife. She need treatment very soon, the amnesia, her accident and his plan to get his wife soon took its troll over her to result in her this conditions.
“Nothing to worry Mr. Oberoi”- the elderly lady doctor smiled at his concern for the girl..,”She ..”.
“My wife”- Shivaay uttered with pride,”Is there any major problem”.
“Nothing to worry for now”- the doctor regretted for asking about her identity ,”Some times I need to watch news channel carefully”.
Shivaay Singh Oberoi smiled and wait for his Annika to regain sense.

“He is dead for me..for us”- Omkara shouted as his mom and Buamma as they look at him with hopeful eyes,”I hate her for acting as Chulbul to earn my trust”.
“So you find it finally”-Jhanvi walk up to her son,”Yoi did a mistake by leaving her behind right after marriage in Bareilly and the poor girl”.
“She is not poor and very cunning enough to gain sympathy from others by fake tears”- Omkara tried to fit his observation and result about the experiment on Gouri in the mind of his mother and Buamma.
Shwetlana, the chudail came down , a paper in her hand neatly folded and flaunts in front of them all then demanded for her marriage with Omkara to be held soon.
“That girlish girl under the cover of a boy was best as compared to the burned old jalli jalani of your age with a look of disgusted facial expression of a lady giant with her large and thick lips”- Buamma slowly make a fun of the old women her favourite grand son is set to marry against the wish of all family members,”Gouri was the best..and this Jalli Jallani is the worst.
Omkara Singh Oberoi keenly observed and differentiate the character of the two cheap women he met ..
Gouri..a silent but cool breeze sending a positively thought and peace to mind and heart..the other side Shwetlana..a Gayle to destroy every soft material came her way for her aim of gaining property.
The prenuptial stamp in her hand..If they are alike then by now Gouri must have make a tend in front of his house and demand for a large amount of all I mony from him like his own mother is doing to terrify his money minded father..Mr. Oberoi.
“Some thing is there I misses out”- He said finally as the result of the long hard work his hair covered brain did,”Some thing more is there I missed”.
“Oye Omky Shomky”- Buamma used her elbow on his arm,”Missing something or some one.. may be Gouri”.
“Omkara Singh Oberoi give no shit to a girl like her”- He concluded and ran up to his room afraid may be his mom and buamma willbeable to change his idea about that particular girl from Bareilly…his wife by their situational marriage.
“I am trying to believe the truth of that Gouri,I am the single witness to the suicide of Jhanvi Thakur”- Om kept his hands near his heart,”This philosophy and looking things from a positive point is not helping me “.

“Soumya”- Jhanvi find her younger daughter in law coming with a small bag , Rudra following keeping a distance,”Task at hand will be easy around Rudra and his presence gives a funny touch to problems and solutions”.
“This girl”- Buamma looked at her size and then at Soumya,”She seems familiar to my eyes..or I am getting old”.
“Soumya Rudra Singh Oberoi”- Jhanvi gave identity to her daughter in law,”Rudra’s wife”.
“Rudra got married”- Buamma gave unbelievable expression.
“He is married, Omky is married, Shivaay is married”- She sat dramatically,”For whom did I came long way from Canada as now all the handsome boy in Mumbai are married leaving me heart broken”.
“My sweet heart Darling Buamma”- Rudra hugged Buamma close by his arms,”I know you love O more then you love me and Shivaay should blame him in this case”.
“I will write a thesis on this semester about marriage”- Priyanka thought in her mind,”My home is a laboratory for that experiment ..Shivaay Bhaiyya married Annika bhabhi forcefully after black mailing on Saahil, Rudra bhaiyha and Soumya get married in hangover state ,Om Bhaiyya married some Gouri bhabhi from Bareilly and I am the most and worst example with a broken marriage with Ranveer Randhwa”.
“Huh!!!”- Soumya dragged Prinku away from that place,”come with me”.
Dadi and Buamma gave teasing glances to Rudra Singh Oberoi.
“Hello Bhaoyya”- Rudra’s mobile flashed with his brother’s name,”Yeah I picked her up from airport and we reached home few minutes back and your work is done”.

“Annika….”- Shivaay caressed her hair as soon as she regain sense,”are you feeling weak “.
“A little..I got a shock there”-Annika mumbled, air with a thin layer came from her mouth.
“I was afraid at this”- Shivaay bugged her,”Don’t dare do that to me again”.
“Stay away you Billu”- Annika came out from his hug away,”Stay are hazardous to health”.
“We should go home now”-Shivaay picked her up in his arm again like he brought her in,”You can hold me for support”.
“We are getting unnecessary attention in this public place Shivaay”- Annika hide her face deep in his neck that send shivers down his nerve and then up towards his heart .
“Stop wriggling in my arm.. I may drop you”- Shivaay tightened his hold on her waist,”You are too heavy..bilkul Moti ho tum”.

“Annika she is “- Shivaay took Soumya in to their room.
“She is Soumya..You only told that she is coming here”- Annika mocked with confidence,”You have low memory”.
“Says who!!”- SSO show his tadi a little bit only then advised himself,”You have low memory..Insert lots of silicon and germanium micro SD card in your brain soon Shivaay”.
“We will talk a lot Annika Di..I will bring some snacks and ask Priyanka to join us here on pool side”.
“May be a movie can do with us”- Annika suggested after glaring at the single Billu in that room to throw him out indirectly,” A Reema Lagoo movie”.
“I agree di.. We will miss Reemaji so”-Soumya Tendulkar, the marathi girl leave to bring necessary things.
Annika sat on the edge of pool.. Shivaay leaned against the trunk of the tree.
The pool water and his eyes..Annika find no different in these two things… calm yet desire full… a thousand emotions playing hide and seek…perhaps alien to both of their heart.

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