“Your mobile is here “- Annika looked at the smart phone on ground of garden and then at the golden haired security guard who dropped it,” he left in hurry”.
“No password..just swipe the screen to right.. Weird and careless man”- She thought.
“Shivaay is paying a huge amount to these black men every month”- She thought ,”Let me check with his mobile once”.
“Break all the glass on my car..come home and break every glass window and doors..break every piece of glass after coming home with me”- She was breaking the window panel of his car and this kanji eyed man is encouraging her in the video,” Very weird thing. But when did she broke his car and why did she broke it with a cricket bat at the first place??”….
The pool side scene came to the scene in the next video .. their hug inside the water..wet pool and the effect of fruit punch.. sleeping in each others embrace .
The next scene took her breath away.. She in an wedding outfit and Shivaay in one cream and white kurta and black pearls dragging her..misbehaving her..chasing her and a car blast followed.
She ran directly to his room. He was there drinking Americano.
“Shivaay this video”- Annika show him the reality of their marriage,his arrogant nature and her helplessness,”When did we both perform on a play. We won the prize I think”.
Shivaay Singh Oberoi keenly observed his prize and her innocent nature..He won the prize to lost it midway… she is the prize of all his misdeed in past..Lucky or unlucky. He don’t know either..
“Will you believe me Annika??”- He took a deep and long breath ,”It is real yaar.. not a drama or any play”.
“That I forced you ..blackmailed you and tortured you for real”- Shivaay accepted his all mistake without any fear on his heart,”That I married you forcefully”.
“I don’t believe you this time”- Annika declined..,”you are too good to behave that way with any girl..and I am your best friend”.
Shivaay stood in front of the mirror to have a clear view of his personality..the tadibaaz Shivaay Singh Oberoi he was once before few months and now..he is Shivaay, she had changed him so much and left him in the middle of life.

“Lets go and meet some one then”- Shivaay hold her hand with care,his warm palm covered her sweating fingers in a clasp,”Lets go now”.
“Bhaiyya where are you going?”- Rudra met his brother and sister-in-law midway in the garden,”shall we join with you for emergency case”.
“Do another favour on me “- Shivaay threw the order,”Call Soumya back home soon from her holiday trip”.
“I will call her now”- Rudra dialed his wife and asked to come from her friends place as soon as possible.
“Who is this Soumya?”- Annika threw her dragger aiming at his disturbed mind.
“My sister.. your sister”- He focussed on the road looking ahead but taking a slight side glance of her face.
“But Priyanka is our sister right”- She argued back,”You have two sister!!”.
“Priyanka is all our sister..Mine
OmRu and Yours too”- Shivaay stopped the car at the red traffic signal,” But Soumya is our sister..that is yours mine and Om, not Rudra’s sister but his wife”.
“Rudra is married!!”- She felt from seventh heaven of her trust on Oberoi brothers,”No one told me before about this. The younger brother is married when his two elder and one sister is still bachelor”.
“I am married Annika to you and.. Rudra and Soumya got married accidentally in a state of hangover”- He revealed the truth,”If not you then I am ready to accept Kalavathi Thakur as my wife”.
“Huh!! I know that you are jocking with me. The other day in hospital too you mentioned about Kalavathi”- Shivaay opened her side door,”get down, we reached the destination”.

“Whom are you waiting for here Ru”- Dadi saw her khotiyya childish grandson standing in the entrance, near the golden statue of Lord Shankarji,” your friends are coming home today’.
“Soumya is coming back from her holiday trip”- Rudra murmured interestingly
,”Shivaay Bhaiyya asked me to call her home soon”.
“Another good job he did today. A girl’s real home is in laws place after marriage”- Dadi wished to hug her elder grandson for his work,” where is Shivaay and Annika then??”…
“He went out with his wife”- Rudra informed the scene his eye captured,” they went together Dadi”.
Pinky looked on to them with her round, big and ugly eyes.. like a real Dayan from the corner of the huge door of Oberoi Mansion.
She tried to keep her son tied to her and family and lost him in the universe of true love from the universe of her care and possession.

“For the sake of Universe Tia, Please knock some sense in to the little pea sized brain of this girl”- Shivaay sipped the Expresso his ex- fiance gave ,”You know how perfect she is in the field of acting when problems comes at me and my life”.
“She is Tia!! I thought her to be Soumya”- Annika roam her black orbs around the whole living room to notice a marriage photo and wished the girl,” Congratulation on your marriage”.
“All thanks to you Annika”- Tia felt gratitude to Kalavathi ,”I am happy just because of you today”.
“And My baby is with its father Dushyant today only because of you”- She kept hands on her belly near her child in womb,”I am happy here far away from every problem”.
“We are friends right .. no sorry and thank you”- Annika kept her hand above the baby bump ,” Hey little one.. this is Annika aunty here”.
She dragged Shivaay near to her and tried to keep his hands with her on the Baby of Tia Kapoor. Shivaay hesitate and kept his hands down.
“Shivaay.. Sorry for the previous encounter and trouble I caused you with this baby”- The pregnant women felt very low then said in her Hinglish,”When it grows up. I will ask to call both of you as uncle and aunty..Mamu- mami you see”.
“I am coming soon”- Shivaay left both the ladies inside at the first ring of his mobile ,” Important call from Rudra”.

“Annika..I don’t know your problem is but don’t deny to accept your marriage with him”-Tia sat on the couch holding her child securely,” universe is a witness to both your love story”.
Tia explained her the situations, her trap , their revenge,her way to kill Annika and then failure the Kalavathi drama,their friendship, the return of her phoenix amid the marriage drama..and Annika’s role in all this from the start to the end and exit of the problem named as Tia from their life happily.
Annika sat panting. This is unbelievable .This universe is very complex to live in with it or may be she is too simple to live here.
“I am ..”-She stated to stop midway..
“I flew from the wedding venue at the last moment with Robin and he married you during the second wedding time, the proper one when whole family were happy,” It was because I was married before to some one else”.
“He married me forcefully.. how can you break his heart Tia”- Annika shouted,” How can you betray some one after giving hope ??”…
“How can I break his heart that was with you in this long journey all along??”- Tia asked her in reply unable to reply with an answer,” I was just a passing are the moon, the reflection of his love and trust..and he, your sun”.
“Stop this drama of acting as Kalavathi and memory loss now for Shivaay. you both together can solve every problem on way and life”- Tia requested,” Don’t take the name I gave you..You are not any are Annika..Annika Shivaay Singh Oberoi and I am the most happiest witness to your union and support”.
Annika fell down from her place at this words..
“Dushyant.. Shivaay!!”- Tia shouted real loud to gain attention,” Annika fell unconscious”.
“Any clue Tia”- Shivaay picked his wife in his arm close to his heart,” She is acting of memory loss is all I thought about her this drama”.
“May be this is reality not any drama”- Tia lamented on her deeds,” I was the only problem in between.. and is no more”.
“Thanks for the help”- Shivaay tied his seatbelt and then Annika’s,” Have a happy life ahead”.

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