Annika locked the door to came front to front with Priyanka..after throwing the cow dung on his insistence that misses the target like last two times..
Her friend the kanji eyed Bhagad Billa is behaving like she had lost her she is unable to remember things between she is not only just a friend to she is special for him..

“Are you feeling unwell”- Priyanka hold her shoulder to help in case of any health problem.
“I am not feeling well Priyanka”-Annika slept straight on the bed,”I am not feeling alright”.
“I am calling Dr. Uncle”- Priyanka dialed their family doctor ,”I will tell Shivaay Bhaiyya and come back soon”.

“I will be more sick a round him”- Annika couldn’t accept the changes she is feeling with the close proximity of that particular friend and not around Om or Rudra as she met all of them at a same time in the hospital”.
“Sir a courier for Annika bhabhiji”- Manish gave his boss an envelope,” From the hospital”.
“Annika is not well and no one inform me”-Shivaay felt immense anger ,”She went for a check up with out informing me!!”.
“Bhaiyya..Bhabhi is not feeling well”-Priyanka increased his anger,”She is looking all weak and lost”.

“She is not Annika is not feeling well”- He chanted.
” Bhaiyya..I have already called doctor uncle”- Prinku filled his ear,”He will be arriving”.
“Lets go to your room’-Shivaay hurried to meet his sick wife.
“Uncle any problem”- Shivaay nagged the doctor for almost a hundred times,” I am worried already for her health from last few days after the accident and now…”
“Nothing to worry”- Dr. smiled at the love and concern of Shivaay Singh Oberoi for his wife,”some mental stress only”.

” Her report is here”- Shivaay handed over the same courier to Doctor,”She went for check up with out telling me ..May be yesterday and did some test”.
“Its not her report..Its some DNA test report and result is positive with final remark they are twins”.

“So she is trying to find her family..the Chukti she met in her nightmare”- Shivaay thought,”It really does not matter to me Annika who your parents are,your surname, blood and lineage..nothing matter to me except for the fact that you are my wife..just the way you are..only Annika”. “Bhaiyya!!”- Rudra barked in removing head phone from his ears ,” Bajaj almond oil is here..Gopal said so”.

“Bajaj oil… Prinku may have order them for her use”- Shivaay felt like that ,” keep that here..Prinku will check later”.
Rudra left dancing on the beat of a song in his mobile after putting the head phone back like before when he was dancing in the stair case.
“Bhaiyya!!”- He came back the very next minute,” Its not hair oil ,bike or some other product from Bajaj company..from when did this company started manufacturing bald no bald old man for domestic use!!”….

“Old man Bajaj!!”- Shivaay was confused,”why is that old man here again after their fruitless meeting in that morning??”
“Mr. Oberoi I find details about the other girl from Orphanage’- He handed over the details.
“May be with this you can help your servant”- Mr. Bajaj patted his back,”you are really very nice to help your mere servant girl”.
Servant girl..his help full and kind nature..he is not even kind to Khanna the kingpin of his security system.. Shivaay left wondering then it stuck him about his purpose of meeting Mr. Bajaj.. about Annika..

“Mr. Bajaj.. I don’t care from which hell did you thought her to be a servant”- His husky voice sounded very dangerous,” She is my life.. my Annika, only her presence make my heart work at a high speed”.
“I am really sorry “- Mr. Bald old man have nothing more to disclose..he is not that selfish or cunning.

“Who the hell said my Annika as a servant”- Shivaay cursed his mother unknowingly,” If I get hold of that person..I will make her clean the whole of Oberoi Mansion.. floor, door, window, stair and even all the cars by water”.
“How are you feeling now??”- Shivaay caressed Annika’s hair. She knocked his hands away from her and sat at the other far end corner of the bed away from his reach.
“Kya hua Annika”- He got worried,”what is wrong with you??”…

“Nothing nothing”- Annika closed her ears tight by both her stopping some sound.
“Ghanti is ringing”- He sat on the bad leaving the stool,” Raita is spread in your heart”.
“Nothing nothing”- She again chanted for only her ear,” Annika don’t get confused here..Sickness is doing some thing to my body”.
“Annika this way”-Shivaay kisses her hand almost lingering his sinfully delicious lips on her knuckles for more then required time,”Dard hua kya??”…

Annika looked at her best friend boy..the kanji eyed Bhagad Billa and his dare to kiss her..
“I will bring food for you”- Shivaay left for kitchen leaving a confused soul behind…the irrational heart beat… continuous sound of bell..ghanti .the Samar Sault of feelings inside her heart.. mich michi…all dominate the girl sitting inside Priyanka’s room.
“I know Annika”- Shivaay find her missing from her bed, ket the food on the table ,” that you are hiding under the couch”.
“Your favourite Aloo poori”- Shivaay stuffed one more piece of Poori in her mouth with all the care in the universe…

“I am feeling like you did this before too”- Annika chewed the poori slowly,” Like you are not just a friend to me”.
A chuckle left from the lips of Shivaay Singh Oberoi… There is no need of knowing if her memory loss is real or she is faking as long as she feels special about him…for him.
“Universe !!!”- Shivaay took a “U”turn the very next moment,” I will use universe for our good ness”.

“Finished”- Annika ate all the three poori .
“Your medicine”- He again used his lips on her forehead to create and set fire on her skin..a gift for being a good girl and taking medicine,” Take rest”.

I will not lie by saying that I was busy.. so couldn’t update from last two days… I was not busy.. I read “Yamini” of Chudamani Raghavan and was in that mood and mode from last two days.. I was afraid it may affect my “Alien feelings” here.. so I didn’t update my story from two days… sorry girls for making you all wait long..
Love you all… Happy weekend.

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    It is awesome ashu dii and you are so sweet…..

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    I loved this episode.. I really like the way how U rope in what happened in the story into ur FF at right times.. makes us relate to ur FF even more!
    Nice.. so abhi ghanti bhaj gayi..
    DNA samples met kuch blood group vagaira hoga na.. with that can’t Shivaay make out on what she had done! Just asking..

    1. Aastha_Reddy have to catch the point I was planning to expose later the details about DNA test… Not fair haan!!!!
      The thing she is feeling around him is the special alien feelings…despite of their friendship and her confusion.
      This story will be little imagination with more of IB story..I am leaking here..I will make Gouri as Annika’s chutki…
      Happy victory in SPA-2017 Anu Darling..

      1. AnuluvsIB

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        And yeah that rocked the spa!! Yay???

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  4. Awesome….
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    Waiting for next Alien feelings di…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

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    Ek dum khidkitod part…i love it…

    Waise it is really a celebration time . ??Tumhare bhaiya. Meri didi and whole IB team rocked… so let’s nacho…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita..wild imagination !! your imagination are always passionate with alien feelings..
      A big congratulation to you darling for the success of my brother and your didi .. Yay!! in SPA -2017…

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    Lovely update aastha .

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    Hey Aastha di !! First of all a big sorry for not commenting previously. Actually I saved all your works to read them in the free time and hence could not comment.
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    Now coming to this ff you have completely left me speechless. Anika’s memory is still a question for all of us. The efforts Shivaay is making are wonderful. So in love with this one. Post soon Aastha di❤

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      Jerry.. I love it when you said that you saved all my work to relish later on free time.. it was a happiness for me… we are family of PKJ so no sorry will be accepted here…I am not saying you the other word thanks too..
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    Well, eagerly waiting for the nxt one!!

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bhavana… that way you read my story twice in one day.
      Both of them will be revisiting the incidents of their ishqbaazi again in this story…thinking it as alien feelings. Thanks yaar.
      Happy victory in SPA- 2017 …

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    The part was amazing as always.So,Annika went to the hospital for Shivaay and Mahi’s DNA test and there something happened to her and due to that she lost her memory (or she is acting like she had a memory loss)….Ab ye Bajaj uncle kya lekar aaye hain??
    And atleast Annika is feeling something for Shivaay, that’s really good…
    Aur Haan at lat I’ve seen Bahubali 2.It was amazing.Although physics ki oh my Masta kar diya movie me but still the animation and sound effects were amazing and I really loved the young Devasena?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Tanz..Besharam toh hum bilkul hai nahi..par pyaar ek doosre se jaroor karte hai..that is the main reason of commenting even if it is too late and yeh late nahi hua hai… Love ke liye time kya!!!
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