Shivaay came to Prinku’s room early in the morning.
“Annika..Annika”-He knocked the glass door to gain attention from a sleeping beauty,” I got the keys”.
“Chor chor chor!!”- Annika Shouted loud that Priyanka wake up from her deep slumber.
“Not chor!!”-Priyanka confirmed,”Its Shivaay bhaiyya”.
“Open the door”-Annika went inside wash room to clean her face,”the Bhagad Billa is now enemy to my sleep also”.

“Annika… sister of Kumbhakaran”- He teased her like before,”lets go to your Srilanka”.
“I want to see your room Shivaay”- She gave hope against hope,”My mirror is not working properly perhaps..I am so khidkitod beautiful and you are comparing me with ugly Surpanakha!!”…
” What ‘Nakha’..??”- Shivaay felt difficult to utter the word.
“Surpanakha..the only sister of Kumbhakaran”-She described,” Like Priyanka is only sister for you three brother”….

“Excuse me!!”- Priyanka threw the pillow at her bhabhi,”now you are comparing me with that ugly lady of Srilanka”.
“Chup kar meri Maa”-Shivaay folded his hands in front of his wife,”we are going some where come soon”.
” Do you remember anything here”-Shivaay opened the locked house.. a weird smell filled both their nostril,”Here hold this glass of water and throw at my face”.
“You asked me to get ready and forget to wash your own face”- She kept the glass back that contains water Shivaay brought from the kitchen,”I will clean your face by this water”..
” You always welcomes me here with a glass of water from the door”- He encouraged,”at my face”.

“Always!!a full glass of water at you!!”-She got surprised,”Hey Bhagwan I always misbehave with you..So sorry”.
“Its normal thing for us”- Shivaay picked the same glass of water,”I always enjoy the feel of water from you”.

“Hold this”- He show her a doll,almost a scary one,”Kuch yaad aaya”.
“Its eyes..”- She reminded him of the cheap trick Daksh did by putting a hidden camera in a Doll’s eye to track on her every activity,”They are too ugly. I hate it like I love your Kanji Green eyes”.
“You love my eyes”- Shivaay felt immense happiness deep in his heart,”you love my kanji green eyes”.

“Who wouldn’t love your eyes..”-She questioned back,”they are lovely”.
“Only eyes..not the owner”- He locked the door back,” I thought you will not believe me If I say you left working after staying with us..”.
He remember the threat he gave to workers to remove all the material from her house the previous day..the things that will lead her away from him.
“Shit!! the car broke down here”- He kicked the tyre,”We got struck in the middle of a deserted road”.

“This is car..not a football”-She said like last time when they both perform the same activity on their way to Panchghani factory,”ask help from home”.
“Yaa..this time I have my mobile with me”-Shivaay dialed Rudra to pick them up from that particularly place,”last time you forget yours at home and mine was destroyed by the car blasting”.
“We both murdered a car and burnt it before few days”-Annika felt very sad at the demise of his car,”we are crazy”.
“We are crazy”- He agreed ,”Rudra is here”…

They are struck with a car in the middle of a road just like that day..She has no memory of it ..but he still have the memory of all the weird thing they both did .. the stupid fight in the middle of road,the wild blue berry,their dance..their fight against Amar and Prem in forest..the guest house in middle of jungle..their Tajmahal…

“Hum tum ek Kamre mein band ho…”- He sang like that to test her ,”Aur chabi kho jaaye”.
“This is not any kamra..this is car”-Rudra knew nothing about it.
“Andar se koi bahar naa jaa sake”- Shivaay sang this time,”bahar se koi andar naa aasake ”
“My ears are paining from your hoarse voice”-Annika closed ears with her index finger.
“Fruitless… effort”-He sat silently then till they reach Oberoi Mansion.
The golden haired Khanna stood at the middle of garden with his innocent face. This person.. a ray of hope in his dark failure leading towards success….

“Go inside”- He sent Annika and Rudra inside and went to meet Khanna.
“Today evening”- Shivaay ordered,”Arrange every thing soon”…
“Shivaay are you facing any loss in business??”- Annika asked as soon as she saw the painted Buffalo with him,” Milk business is not that bad”.
“Kaw..”- Rudra spell .

“Cow..but it is Buffalo”- Dadi did some Bhangra at the repeat telecast of the same scene,”Billu again a buffalo”.
“You did this milk business before too”- Annika laughed loud her heart out,”you are looking so funny with this…”.
“Hamma…hamma”- The buffalo missed its friends. Shake his tail in a wild way to tackle the men holding his rope.

“From where did you brought it Khanna”-Shivaay felt angry at the wild nature of this new Buffalo..last one was very good and peace loving..

“From a theater”- Khanna answered with a polite voice,”they are showing a mythological drama and this one buffalo is to be used by the Yamraj”.

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      Arpita darling..Enjoy and laugh the fun I have made out of a serious condition…keep laughing like this always..

  3. Thedreamsoul

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    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Meenuu..Thank You first.
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      1. Meenuu

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      Bunny…I am also having alien feelings here..
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