“The three monkey monuments from Ghandhiji’s statue changed their position “-Chanda saw three men
with different position in front of her house,”Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!”
“Chanda…Annika is not recognising me”- Shivaay got worried,”I am getting confused about her mental condition”.
“I am the one who told Annika her name”- Chanda pushed the ball in his court,”I don’t know the reason she is hospitalised”.
“Three months back…”- Rudra pulled his sleeve a little up to show his muscles of arm,”she act perfectly of an amnesia patient just to expose Tia Kapoor with us”.
“It is only indicating one thing”-the philosopher Omkara flare his pony tail a little at its end,”She have to expose some one. You can say Annika on mission”.
“She was sitting with me on poolside till some minutes before her accident”- Shivaay released his hitched breath,”What is the secret she is trying to expose then”.
“She could have told me..but “- He again continued,” there is no reason she have to keep a secret from me”.
“This all puzzle have one answer.. “- Rudra dragged his brother,”we can get the answer in hospital from Annika bhabhi by tricking her or from her Doctor by using power”.
“Chanda..You know three boy came here and said that they are my friends”- Annika smiled as soon as she saw Chanda,”I got worried at first but they seemed so familiar that I talked with them unlimited”.
Omkara and Rudra entered to her room.
“They are here again”- Annika continued her blabber,”where is the third friend”.
“He is the first and best friend of you not any third friend”- Omkara smirked at the problem at hand and its solution,” How are you feeling now??”
“Same as I was feeling one hour before your first visit”- She touched her forehead,”I was so bored here..thank you for coming once again”.
“O.. this time I am little relieved as she is not running away from us like she did last time by acting of being afraid”- Rudra remembered the horrible tea he drank that day,” I am just worried for Shivaay Bhaiyya”.
“Shh…”- Om kept his fingers on mouth,”She may listen our conversation”.
“She should…she must”- Rudra fought back,”She have a right to know truth”.
“She is our Bhabhi”- Om consoled,”just very poor at kitchen..but we three are perfect in kitchen”.
“Bhaiyya the doctor”- Rudra threw the question as soon as he saw his elder great wall and super hero in the room,”what did he told”.
“That Annika can go home with us”- Shivaay packed her things in a small bag,”we are taking her home now”.
“Wear your Chameli now”- Shivaay pointed to her foot wear,”here it is”.
“You are mad”- Annika laughed loud,”who gives name to things like bracelet and footwear”.
“I…”- He couldn’t find a satisfying answer,”we named many more things like this “.
“Then we must call the pink chappal as Pinky or Gulabo not Chameli”-She gave idea that was not funny at all.
Rudra and Omkara looked at their brothers face for any sign of anger. The anger never appeared on his worried face.

Annika looked at the black men on either side of a big white house like a statue made from black black stone… all black..
“Shivaay I want to slap them on their cheek just to check if they are human or statue”-She went very close to the security guard,”standing like Salman Khanji from movie like a real body guard”.
“They are body guard”- Shivaay hold her hand ,”real one”.
“Oh…”-She got happy after meeting real body guard,”Shall we go inside now”.
“Haan chalo”- He is happy she is with him despite of her condition,”Rudra Om come “.
“Annika puttar”- The old lady with a golden dress hug Annika to welcome warmly like meeting her old friend after very long time.
“Don’t tell me that we are also friend”- Dadi get shocked ,”I can be friend with three boys but never with an old woman”.
“We are not friend…puttar”- Dadi used her kind nature to win her trust,”but you are my grand child like these three”.
“Oh my maatha!!”- Pinky show her ugly face and her loud speaker mouth is not under control,”What is happening here??”…
“Annika..”- Jhanvi hugged her daughter like girl,”you went out informing me that you are going to hospital ..and ended up there…for your health problem”.
“Mom!!..she told you before leaving home “- Om was surprised,”what was so important that she went to hospital with out informing Shivaay??”
“Haan I forgot due to tension”- Jhanvi is always one caring and understanding lady,”for collecting her DNA test result..I don’t know the details”.
“Prinku..”- Shivaay ask help from his younger sister who was busy upstair with her book,”Annika will stay with you from today..Is there any problem from your side??”
“Nahi bhaiyya”- the good girl took her best friend with her ,”come with me “.
“She is not recognising me Dadi”- Shivaay sat on the couch with a thud,”important is I don’t know it is real or acting”.
“If it is her trick like last time”- Om joined the pieces,”What does Kalavathi want to expose this time”.
“Her drama started again”- Pinky twisted her lips,”always my Shivaay lands in problem due to her”.
“Will you shut up now!!”- Shivaay shouted real loud,”Here I am worried and you are hell bent to spray peeper on my wound”.
“She did all that drama and action for our Billu only”- Dadi knocked some sense,”out side people shouldn’t interfere in the matter of a married couple…a husband and wife..there is no need of any crow always in between a tota and a maina”.
“I am out side people now”- Pinky is always a dump,”oh my maatha”.
“Oh my maatha!!”- Rudra repeated like a parrot,”tota and maina…Billu and Billi”.
“I don’t know any details about these things”- Shivaay declared like a judge,”no one can change the fact that Annika is my wife..that I forced her to marry me using Saahil and she is my responsibility as her this condition is only for me”.
“I can fight with the world when Annika is with me but”- Shivaay laid on the same couch as OmRu sat on his both end,”she is with me and not with me”.
“Every thing will be fine soon”-the brother passed some energy to their super hero,”now go to room and take some rest”.

“O…what all is happening here?”- Dadi now opened her question paper,”This is again a drama of memory loss or is real. My head is pining after thinking about all these”.
“Dadi..your head is just paining “- Om also was confused till then about Annika,”we three have a spinning head from hospital after meeting Annika bhabhi and her dangerous blabber”.
“Dadi…”-Rudra is a trouble maker,” when memory was was not that it is lost we don’t know it is real or fake …or the memory is here or not that I am afraid of losing my memory after facing all these memory loss drama its effect on poor me and the thought of memory loss is not losing its memory to trouble me and my family”.
“Mummyji”- Jhanvi saved her mother-in-law from hitting the floor.

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  1. My condition is like rudra after reading ff. Akka annika memory lost or not. Plz tell me

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Poonguzhali…Thank you for joining the head spinning club.
      May be lost or may be not..wait for that.

  2. Navz

    Heyyyyy aastha …..alien feelings part 2 is here…i waited for this and now the fantabulous head spinning epi is here for me.
    Is it real.memory loss or again a drama??!!and that crow pinky will always open her mouth unnecessarily and will always get return gifts from shivay and dadi..hehe????i liked that part where shivay and dadi gave a perfect answer to pinky.Rudra’s dailogue is really a head spinning one and i didnt even completed reading his dailogue the middle part only my head starred rotating 360°degrees.????
    Aastha .. u have a unique style of writing and that makes me feel soo close to u.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Navya…feels like close to me!!we are already so close yaar.
      Head spinning dialogue of Rudra lol…
      My frustration on Pinky will come out as anger here in this story. Kya karoon yaar gussa hai, bahar toh aayega hi..

  3. Ishuyamjha

    Di i will ask annika a question if you allow me ANNIKA DO YOU REALLY HAVE MEMORY LOSE?????post next part soon it’s nice

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ishu..I think Annika is not going to answer your this question kyun ki usse kuch nahi pata ..only Astha know the truth..ha ha..
      Next part post nahi karungi toh sach pata kaise chalega..Tab tak keliye let reader suffer from this tension.

      1. Ishuyamjha

        i will definitely go mad of this suspense di

  4. Wow di!!! Finally u cme back with alien feeling…, apko pata hain mai kitna wait ki thi iska liya….. Really excited 4 nxt….. Plzzz post soon ya fir apka ya sis ka vi head spin hona lagega…..

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bunny…Alien feelings is a medicine or a cause to head spin!! both yaar both..
      Your wait for Alien feelings is over but it just increased the curiosity gain from this part….confusion jaari hai!!!

  5. Tanz

    Finally…..the awaited Alien feelings is here.Om’s last dialogue was really confusing and now I fear if I read that again, there would be problem with my memory ????
    Daadi aur Shivaay dono se hi daant khakar bhi nahi maani Pinky.And as Annika came to Oberoi Mansion so easily, now I have a feeling that it’s fake memory loss but that’s all upto you Astha Di and I’m ready to be surprised again ?

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Tanz…Head spinning problem is common here..treatment is only get stuck to the story “Alien feelings”.
      You never know as Ishqbaaz is always about expecting the unexpected..I have not decided yet about real or fake memory loss…

  6. Kanfi

    Amazingggggg yarrrr,,,msoooo much spinnningggg hspppenedd’,,,,willing to know is this real or fake mmry losss…post next part soon dear

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Kanfi….I think your head is spinning more then others as words are cheating you while typing lolz…
      Wait for the next part.

      1. Kanfi

        Yeaaa,,,i was in bit hurry so i didnt recheck the commnt,,,i was reading all ur ffs n OS at that time

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Kanfi..I was jocking yaar

  7. Amayaa

    Bahut zaldi post kar diya. ……… kuch aur time le leti aur tab tak hamari complete oooooo my mata bhi ho jati
    Itna late koi karta hai kya
    But still it’s Amazing
    My head is spinning too nd my heart is beating like a drum
    Not able to control my laughter
    Waise tadibaaz Bhai ki tadibaaz bahna ( mai bhi hu ) Aapka wall post dekha aur dhindora bhi pit diya
    so get ready nd post de next part soon
    Otherwise ab to Maahi bhi aa gaya so gangaram karva dungi aur ooooooo my mata to hai hi
    Aise oooooo my mata ki kya gazab ooooooo my mata hui
    Dadi keep it up
    Crow between tota maina
    Nd outsider toooooooo…………..yeah yeah yeah ??

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Ammu…They are my brother first..Stop threatening me by their name…
      Pinky is gonna hear more from all in future..uski OMM main yahan karke rahungi as I am unable to do anything in IB .
      Thank God tumne mujhe Tarzan nahi bulaya Wall post mein..Karo karo meri Image ki Gangaram karo…happily. Haq hai tumhara mujh par…as I am your Di.

      1. Amayaa

        They r my brother ???????
        He is our brother se they r my brother kabse ho gaya
        Who is this second brother who took ammu ‘s place
        I’ll kill him
        Aur haq to hai mera
        Aur Tarzan kyon bulao aap to itne cute lag rahi ho

  8. Meenuu

    Astha di
    I asked you to kill pinky
    But this was more than that

    Pinky getting insult from shivaay
    And the best reply of is daadi
    The total part is head spinning

    Pls post the next part soon and link too
    Iam eagerly waiting

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Meenuu…Uss Pinky ko maar toh nahi sakti par insult toh kar sakti hoon unlimited here…
      I will surely post the link on TU main PKJ page for all.
      Keep reading yaar…

  9. Earth revolves around d sun……my room is revolving around me……i got upside down now my legs towards d ceiling….. the ceiling fan below my head…..all d things r moving…… They’ll stop spinning only after knowing d answer whether anni di truely lost her memory or not…….answer it soon han otherwise how’ll i enjoy shivika tonight in this revolving condition…….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shree…when your head in towards floor ..the ceiling fan will be slightly above your feet and over your head by at least 9 feet height….But the confusion Astha have created here is surely getting on your nerve that I am afraid you will go for a domestic violence against me if I am late for the next part..This is the thing that I understand from your comment..

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    Bechara Shivaay….
    Loved it & love u too… ?
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    1. Aastha_Reddy you too..
      Bechara Shivaay Bhaiyya is not..It is whole Oberoi family bechare.
      Now my head is also spinning yaar..

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    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Arpita…This serious story will do more of Gangaram of all in a funny way…
      Thank God..That Khannaji was absent at that time..

  12. Pushpa

    astha…very nicely written…owsm simply owsm..
    some lines here shivaye should use to pinky

    ,”Here I am worried and you are hell bent to spray peeper on my wound”.
    ,”out side people shouldn’t interfere in the matter of a married couple…a husband and wife..there is no need of any crow always in between a tota and a maina”.
    superbbbbbbbb…. luv it totally

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Pushpa…I will do more Gangaram of Pinky for sure..Meri bhaiyya bhabhi ke beech aarahi hai wo lady crow..
      Oh Pushpa!! how badly I want to kill her with insults here…the answer is unlimited yaar..

      1. Pushpa

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    Seriously I feel like our Rudy in his last dialogue . My head is spinning too Astha di , is memory lose fake or real . omg ! You are superb and never fails to surprise me dear . Dadi and Shivaye hit a six towards Pinky , she is really a crow . Loved it and save me by updating soon !

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      Yorker mein helicopter shot maara hai dono Dadi and Shivaay bhaiyya…

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    1. Aastha_Reddy

      SamSun…You are right..I always tries to avoid emotional sequences in a cold It didn’t matter to me…
      Thank you….

  18. Gayathri.visu

    The first line….seriously from where did u get this comparison di?? And the new name for Anikaji’s pink chameli is PINKY!!(plz di its very perfect name). Yippeee! Stupid Pinky ponky gets her perfect answer from Dadi n Shivaay… And I GOT IT di!!! Correct meaning for Rudra’s dialogue….but in my 5th attempt! So my head is spinning very slowly….ha ha ha! Eagerly waiting for next head spinning part…..

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      Gayathri…you tried to get meaning from Rudra’s last dialogue by reading multiple times aww…. Annika bhabhi ke chappal Pinky lolz…
      Just in our IB OS.. I reached third position…

      1. Gayathri.visu

        Oh! But also I will wish u.
        Congratulations di….

  19. Ahsana98

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    1. Ahsana98

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      1. Ahsana98

        * I really miss your ff and os ‘s too.

      2. Aastha_Reddy

        Oh Ashu…go and prove yourself in your field…. ALL THE BEST from my side for your bright future.

    2. Aastha_Reddy

      Ashu… my head is?????

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks Alekhika dear..

  20. Chavi

    Super alien feelings meri Jaan…awesome…??keep writing dear…

  21. Awesome

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