“Bhabhiji”- Tej Singh Oberoi exclaimed as soon as he saw the lady in Oberoi Mansion.
Shivaay and Annika followed the lady inside.
“She seems familiar”- Dadi keenly observed the new entry,” is not she our Sweta beta!!!”
“Aap yahan!!”- Omkara recognised the lady,”I will call Gouri down”.
“Didi I am so happy to see you back”- Jhanvi hugged Mahasweta Sharma.
“Maa….”- Gouri ran to hug her mother. Tears flow down her cheek..thick flow of water..salty water.

“I am fine . The operation was successful and”- Mahasweta caressed her daughter on head,” Shivaay went to bring me here near my daughter .”.
” Thankoo bade bhaiyya”- Gouri folded her hands in gratitude,” three days back only Omkaraji deposited the bill and from then I am here in Mumbai and Maa in Bareilly”.
” Its OK Gouri”- Shivaay blinked his kanji eyes,” I will bring Rudra’s mother in law here in Oberoi Mansion soon”.

” Aayi ko”- Soumya denied,”let my mom rest in peace away from this mad house. I am better stuck here with my duffer”.
“Shut up Sumo”- Rudra punched his fist on the pillar near by,” I am Lady killer Rudy boy”.
” Yeah..we can see that”- Omkara eyed the red palm of his little brother,”If this continue then you will be no more lady killer but will be killed by your own lady..Soumya Rudra Singh Oberoi”.
“She need rest”- Shivaay helped Mahasweta to guest room upstair.
“Oh my maatha!!”- Pinky felt dejected,” why Shivaay is turning our house as a refugee camp”.
“Why not Pinky!!”- Dadi stammered with happiness,” infact Sweta beta is like daughter of this house”.

” Haan Pinky”- Shakti supported his mother, Kalyaniji,” She and her husband are our family”.
“Gouri is their daughter and she have a right to stay here as lon as she is alive”- Tej granted permission,” after all Annika’s mother too is staying here with her husband”.
” Yeah…”- Shivaay hide his amusement behind a fake cough,” Where is my father is law?”.
” Shivaay “- Annika act like one innocent girl,” I too want to talk with your father in law..I mean my papa”.

” He is sitting in garden”- Sumo bit her lips tightly , then looked at Nayanthara,” He is calling you to bring some Ice cubes”.
“Nalayak Aadmi”- Nayanthara have no other way ,” he didn’t let me sleep for a blink even last night”.
“ that all are here , call your panditji for the kulgotra pooja”- Shivaay mocked, his words held an inner meaning,” I will call Soumya’s mother here by today evening”.
“Bhaiyya..we are going to bring aayi now”- Rudra smiled, a huge one for acceptance,” we will return with her only”.
“Go…Rudra…go”- Shivaay flaunt his kanji green eyes,” after all , only real people are here . All fake people are out from Oberoi mansion..hey na mom??”.
” Oh my maatha”- Pinky had no audacity to stay there as she felt all the words piercing her ,” I will call Panditji”.

“Call soon. I am very eager to conduct the Kulgotra pooja”- Shivaay held a sarcasm to his weak heart,” after all both our name will be written on a single page”.
“Tere naam…tere naam”- A parrot Rudra sang sitting on floor, crossed leg.
“Shh….”- Shivaay blushed real red..More red then the symbol of love he have foe his wife Annika,” not a secret still..”
“Go Rudra”- He waved hands,” see you soon”.
“Vinod uncle”- Shivaay asked for the report,” any result”.
“Let me break this bottle of tea first”- Vinod said,”the result may cause you to drink this fake wine for controlling your real emotions”.

“I am not emotional”- Shivaay protested,” I am strong”.
” Strong wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi”- Vinod spoke,” your mother is the one behind this “.
“This is not true “- Shivaay sat with a thud,” this can’t be true”.
” Where is that great wall??”- Vinod made fun,” on the floor”.
“Take your fake wife from here by any means”-Shivaay requested,” before the kulgotra pooja”.
“Ask my real son for this work”- Vinod throw the fake wine bottle out of window,” My real son can help you to remove your fake mother in law from her fake daughter’s life . I am going home as my real wife is waiting for me”.
“My head..”- Shivaay held his head with both hands ,” It is no more in a condition to spin any more”.
“Nayanthara…”- Khanna laughed like a real villain,” this is real blood on your head. A bottle come flying and hit you”.
“Main koun hoon..main kahan hoon??”.

” Same here..Main koun hoon..tu koun hai??” – Khanna followed the order from his father and his boss,” Tum paagal ho aur main paagal khana ka khanna..forgot me this soon!!”…
” You are kidnapped here by me”- Rudra put logic,” To end the real and fake drama that is continuously flowing in Oberoi mansion”.
” Maa…”- Annika threw her arms around her real mother,” I love you maa”.
“Annika….”- Shivaay teased,” you are hugging me..I either am very happy by this”.
“Billu”- Annika slap his heart that was racing at a very high speed by her close proximity,” you tadibaaz”.
“Maa….”- Gouri entered like a storm to chock her mother by a tight hug,” I ..main..hum”.
“Make a progress Gouri”- Mahasweta said,” I am happy today”.
“Aunty..”- Omkara joined them in the room behind closed doors”, Hope you are fine now”.
“More then fine”- Mahasweta said confidentlt,” just meeting Oberoi family after a long period is a shock”.

“Take rest Maa”- Shivaay smiled with all the affection in the world,” Come all..leave maa to take some rest”.
” Dadi this Gouri’s mother??”- Omkara cornered dadi demanding for an answer,” You all know her”.
“Oh!! puttar”- Dadi winked in naughtiness,” wife of Monahar Sharma”.
“That is the name of her husband”- Om got point,” but you all know her from before”.
“Manohar Sharma is the old business partner of Oberoi family”- Dadi leaked the secret,” we were searching for them from a very long time and I am happy to see her here”.
“And that Manohar uncle..he is no more”-Om felt sad for unknown reason.
” He was declared in an accident when coming from a business trip and from the next day Sweta went missing with her two daughter”.

” I am happy..dadi..I am so happy today”- Omkara hugged dadi flowing in a pool of alien feelings,” that I…”.
” Om..”- Dadi hold his chin high to see some tears flowing.
“Shivaay brought her here!!”- Om shrugged his shoulder,” two daughter and the open declaration for Kulgotra pooja!!”.

“Gouri Sharma and Mahasweta Sharma, Manohar Sharma..”- Dadi widened her eyes and mouth,” Annika…Annika Sharma”.
“I don’t trust you Annika”- Shivaay shouted,” you broke my trust”.
” I am tired of this and your anger, tadi”- Annika shouted back,” I want a divorce from you”.
“I will call the lawyer “- Shivaay held her hand tight like hurting her,” I don’t want to live with you any more”.
“Well done Mr. Oberoi”- Annika shouted back,” arrange for the divorce paper”.
“And the alimony too”- Shivaay winked,” how much do you want Annika??”…
” How much money Shivaay Singh Oberoi can give as a cost for his freedom??”- Annika saw from the corner of her eyes. A blue chudail of Pinky with a puffy angry face..
Divorce is fine but alimony…money..

“Khannaji..”- Annika dialed the security guard,” please forward me the video of my marriage with the incidents that you captured ..Shivaay Singh Oberoi should end in jail for his deeds”.
“Yes mam”- Khanna scratched his head for the smartness,” I will send the video to media too”.
“Khanna I will dismiss you from your job”- Shivaay fake threatened,” You will end in road”.
“I am happy that way sir”- Khanna said truth now,” roadside..footpath is better then Oberoi mansion”.
Pinky couldn’t stand anymore there. She felt like hitting her head…bang to the huge gate of Oberoi lose her memory..of Annika, Shivaay, Khanna..and Nayanthara..but alas..she is unable to…

” Sleep Pinky..”- Shakti find his wife in a subconscious state,” tomorrow is kulgotra pooja”..
“Haa..haan”- Pinky went to a flashback mode,” divorce..Fight..”.
Pinky clutched her head. No Nayanthara to message the pain away..

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