Zaveesha dear..All I can give on your birth day is this part of my alien feelings..Happy birth day dear…

“We will be leaving in a short notice Mishra”- Shivaay searched for the envelope Mr. Bajaj gave him,”Annika has also ‘O’ negative blood group like me”.
He searched for his envelope to clean the mess,” Why did Annika hide her own DNA test report under the pile of clothes!!”- He cursed his anger and past record,”trying to find her family ,Mrs. Oberoi hiding from me”.
His wife was always a detective and now is getting smartest . That Kalavathi and Tia DNA test past history taught her the lesson of smartness.
“When I was searching for her mother and family, she cursed me, fight with me and now”- Shivaay reasoned his work,”I was also trying to gift her family back to her”.
“Annika…Annika”- Shivaay called her from down stair, she came running, his spring with a mild breeze,” My envelope is missing from here”.
“It is here only”- Annika gave him the envelope that was peeking from behind his blue file of Saraswati steel.
“Damn this company and its double damn deal”- He throw the file , it fell inside pool to die coldly drowning in water,”get ready we are going some where”.
Shivaay left the room taking the other papers from DNA test to give Khanna.
“I only helped Annika madamji in this matter”- Khanna disclosed,”its your test sir with that duplicate Shivaay, not her. On the day of Kul gotra pooja, I took the blood sample to hospital from your white-cream shirt”.
“The blood mark from my shirt of Mahi”- Shivaay never saw the fight Mahi have with thugs to save him,help him to reach home safe with the help of Rudra , he have an idea about it ,”Shit !!this didn’t reach my mind before”.
“Khanna try to locate him soon”- Shivaay meant Mahi, his brother ,”he should be here before I return from this trip”.

“Nayanthara aunty”- Gouri smiled in a sarcastic way,”bade bhaiyya only asked to call you back home as Annika di need her mother”.
“Haan and he asked us to take special care of you “- Rudra folded his sleeves to show fully shaped biceps,”You are mother in law of the great business tycoon Shivaay Singh Oberoi after all”.
“Aunty surprise!!”- Om did some magic with his long hairs and comparatively short fingers,” Bhaiyya asked us to find Bhabhi’s father too”.
A man came from behind Omkara with poor torn clothes, face full of white beard , a bottle in hand.
“Who is he??”- Nayanthara frowned little, failed to recognise the drunkard,”Why did you brought him here with me??”..
“Aunty he is bhabhi’s father you see and he too need special treatment like you right”- Rudra hugged that man to paste the fake white beard on his face correctly,”hey na Vinod Uncle”.
“I need a room with two air conditioner and three servant for me”- The fake father of Annika demanded,” Annika my child”.
“Oh my maatha!!”- Pinky show her large ugly eyes in a dangling way,” Shivaay had gone mad to bring all street people inside Oberoi mansion”.
“Oye green chudail madamji”- the drunkard yelped in his drunken voice,”Namaste Samdhanji.. I wanted to hug you but this bottle is not helping me”.
“Go ahead..”- Shakti helped by taking the bottle from his hand,”its all beautiful memories to meet and hug Samdhi- Samdhan..right Pinky!”
“Oh my maatha”- Pinky ran away . Nayanthara followed to exchange some dialogue forgetting her fake husband. Shakti left to drop ear to their conversation as be have some doubt by this samdham-baazi.
“This is funny”- Rudra laughed,”her face was worth watching”.
“Maza aagaya”- Gouri threw her orange flavour candy in air to catch with mouth,” Shivaay Bhaiyya is great”.
“Rudra..”- Soumya came towards them,”I tried hard but I am not able to go leaving India, Mumbai even Oberoi Mansion”.
“I knew Sumo..I knew”- Rudra hugged his wife ,”like me you too will not be able to stay away with this alien feelings buried deep inside of heart”.
“Whatever alien feelings cry baby Oberoi”- Soumya cried hugging her husband,”It is keeping me stick to here. Like I will be leaving my soul and leave soul less from here”.
“You have two heart and I have not even one”- Rudra wiped both their tears,”yours and mine”.
“Ahem ahem..”- Gouri fake coughed,” we three are here”.
“Did we said some thing when O was crying hugging you after rescuing from the freezer or when you both were drinking Glucose biscuit mixed Green tea in kitchen??”- Rudra took revenge,”kawab ke paneer ho tum dono”.
“Kawab mein haddi”- Omkara corrected and dragged his chiraiyya away from that place.
“Uncle you too “- Rudra look at the drunkard,” and please next time careful with your fake white beard”.
“Soumya..”- Rudra broke the hug then cupped her face,”Stop flooding this house yaar with your tears. I am unable to differentiate the origin of all these salty water Naigra fall..eyes or nose”.
“Protein Shake Oberoi “- Sumo used her strength of Samurai with her ‘paratha khaane wali’ hands.
“Tom and Jerry”- Gouri commented from behind the pillar.
“Who are they??”- Omkara know nothing about cartoon, if only it was about making sculpture or reciting shayaries,” tom and Jerry!!”.
“Chuha- Billi”- Gouri knocked cartoon sense in to her husband.
“But my son said that Shivaay and Annika are Billu- Billi”- The fake drunkard Vinod uncle complained, pouting his lips,” You guys are always changing things here by your own”.
“Uncle..”- Omkara is smart boy,”your wife is calling you”.
“She is not”-Vinod stood as Omkara and Gouri left him alone,”fake mother of the girl I am fake father of”.
“Working with Oberoi family is a total head spin”- Vinod uncle praised his son in his mind,” Poor my son”.

“Sleep here”- Vinod uncle show the floor to his fake wife,”I don’t mind if you join me on bed”.
“There is a mirror”- Nayanthara show him a corner,”have a look at your face”.
“I am Annika’s father”- he show tadi like his fake son-in-law,”you are the mother of my child Annika”.
“Arre oye aadmi”- NT clapped her hands together,” You are not and I will make Damadji throw you out this instant”.
“Samdhi- Samdhan have no problem with me and the mother of my own daughter is not ready to accept me”- he cried, real tears covered the fake sounds,”hey bhagwan isse pehle mujhe utha kyun nahi liya!!”..
“Go and bring some ice cubes for me”- He show the brittle,”Its drinking time”.
“Huh!!”- Nayanthara cursed her fake samdhan and then her fate,”I am trapped here and Damadji is no where to be seen”.
“I know you can never be her father”- The green chudail entered as soon as the blue one left ,”After so many years from which hell Annika’s father reached our home like a storm to claim his daughter??”.
“I am her father”-Vinod forward her a paper, another DNA report,”here is the proof”.
“Oh my maatha!!”- Pinky fell in her trap of fake ness and Changing DNA report. She left in a hurry.
“These Oberoi are very much addicted to DNA test”- Vinod uncle muttered,” I have to leave from here very soon other wise they will ask for a DNA test between me and my son and my wife too”.

” We are in UP”- Annika looked all excited,” to see the Tajmahal Shivaay”.
“Agra have two famous place..first one is The Tajmahal and second one a mental asylum”- Shivaay gave a meaningful smile,” we will decide the place later”.
” Look at this paper”- He show the details,”Gouri Sharma”.
“We have to find about her”.
“Digging the same NKK again”- Annika raises her arm to chock her Billu,” damn his NKK”.
“But this is not nice to investigate about his wife when he is unaware of it”- Annika indicate Omkara ,”just leave them in peace and keep this matter of Name , blood , lineage to both of us”.
“It didn’t matter to me either”- Shivaay placed his hands on her cheek, caressed some strand of hairs to tuck them behind her ears,” Only you are important”.
Silence is the best option while heart beat is mingling .words are useless.

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  1. Very nice

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Thanks friend.

  2. Mehakchalag

    Vinod uncle is very funny.Rudy boy always nailed it.Loved it.Keep writing di.

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Mehak…thanks.I will try yaar.

  3. Surbhi Sharma

    Aww di . ?????
    So chweeet epi . ??????
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  4. As always khidki tode epi dii…. Every one feel d alien feeling in air….

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Bunny… the feeling after watching Mahasangam is not helping my heart either.
      You can also feel this alien feelings…means Ishqbaazi in air, just close your eyes and imagine yesterday 10PM- 11PM. kyun ho gaya na!!(wink wink).

  5. Awww…Thanks a ton Astha di….I’m feeling so so so happy….I’m just speechless… I’m so happy that I am here on TU with so many amazing people like u…first the Harika di’s episode for me nd now ur Alien feeling…what I’ll do with such amazing episodes(just kidding)….I’m very happy that u r wishing me who is not even registered on TU nd has started commenting from just some much of wishes and love…thanks again for ur sweet gesture…
    Love u loads…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Zaveesha..Love you too, So thought for this. Stay blessed.

  6. Nd about ur episode it was awesome with fun drama humour and ishqbaazi… was very funny…loving everything about ur ff nd u too…

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Zaveesha..Aww not fair . It does not matter you are registered member or not. I am also not that old in TU page. This is my 4th month here as I joined here on 13th february 2017 as a guest member.
      The love among us is thing on back seat.

  7. Awesome…..
    Fake father~Vinod Uncle….
    Rumya scene was cute…..
    Khidkitod Episode…. 🙂

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Shivika…thanks. Vinod uncle is real fake one..he is original yet duplicate.

  8. Niriha


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  9. Kanfi

    Hey astha….
    Again a khiidki tod episod…loved it…
    M happpy memory liss is fake….
    They all r able to recognise that alien feeling….

    I wasnt here so couldnt commnt on some parts bt have read them..

    Special mention…
    Yr OS b’day gift..
    What was that??omg such a hilarious os…shivika admiring narbhi…..n the gift was awwwsme IPKKND3…..
    It wss sooo beautifully wrttn,..loved it….

    Post next part soon,,,
    Bye take care

    1. Aastha_Reddy

      Kanfi…Thanks yaar. a bunch of alien feelings for your heart.

  10. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dii…… I am hoping you are not forgetting me… As I’m is becoming a spirit on TU….

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      Nikku..tumhe bhool gayi..apni chhoti behen ko bhool gayi toh Ishqbaaz dekhke kya fayda!!!
      Astha Reddy bhoolne keliye pyaar nahi karti. Love you hamesha.

  11. Dhar

    Awesomeness plus cuteness overloaded ?? plzz post the next update ASAP

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      Dhar..Thanks yaar
      I will try to post soon.

  12. Amazing
    Vinod uncle is very funny.
    Rudy in his own swag correcting mistake of fake white beard ha ha…
    Gauri n Om were also cute.

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    Fabulous update

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    Excellent part di….

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  15. Nila

    Amazing Astha ,vinod uncle-son????is that kanna? just a guess.

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      Nila..Vinod Khanna..Hmm..

  16. Tanz

    Amazing part Di….loved it….
    Oooh I’m excited… Nayanthara ki OMM hone waali hai….yaayy….. and Vinod uncLe did a great job… keep going…???

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