Alfriaa!! (Chapter 4) Esterella faces problem


Eric is confused abt ryan behavior
Ryan never expresses his feelings be it happiness, sadness or anger…then why is he being mean to melie… Eric asks ryan why is he being rude to her…ryan ignored all his ques and does his work….

After 1month…
The gang enjoys their company wuth each other and days pass

One day eric gets call from the john(the shop owner were eric and est work) and ask if they (eric and est) were free as they have work in shop

Eric goes to say the same to est where he finds her in corner of their common room…he goes to her and says ” hay est!! ”
Est keep ignoring him…
Eric thinks what happend to her hiding her face….he goes stand straight infront of her where he is surprised to her crying….
Eric asks ” whats wrong with her?” She hugs him and starts crying even more….he asks her “why is she crying?”
Est realiazes the situation and ignores him. She smiles and says ” nothing…homesick, u tell me why are here? Need something? ”

He says ” I might not know much about people…but in these few days i think i have understood u better enough…atleast when u lie…i never saw u cry before for when u miss ur family infact you wud share about them and be even morw happy…didnt anyone ever tell u? U are such bad liar…”

Est says” nothing i just talked to mother ,feeling lonely thats it ”

Eric says” good try!! Better than the previous one! Now tell me whats bothering you…if it personal i dont mind , i wont ask”

On his repeated insists she says tht “its difficult for my family to send the money for my studies”..

Eric says ” but you are of the topper and scholar….why do you need money?”

She says “clg accommodates only 75 percent and 25 percent she shud pay which now she cudnt”.

Eric says ” what are we friends
for?…we can help out with this”

Est says “i know, but its against my values…untill now everything i did was out of my hardwork i dont want to depend on others…thats reason why i didnt share this with kyle or melie”

Eric says ” i have an idea which u will love too. And i totally forgot to tell you why i came here…mr.john called me and asked if we were free”

Est says” at this time ?”

Eric says ” yeah!! But i heard our classes got cancelled , so i said yes!! And my idea is u can ask money in advance from mr.john! That will be your money which u work for …and u can pay your fee too”

Est asks their boss for advance for which he says ” its difficult since its been only a month since they joined”

Eric says “yes sir! Its true but is they are ready to do overtime”
Est also pleads saying its the matter of my education sir…please do think over.

John says “ok i ill give you bt two conditions you guys shudnt leave the job for atleast one yr and u have a work right now”

Est says “thanq sir!! Yes i am ready to do overtime also”

John says” its not just about you est….i need u both”

Eric immediatly says ” i am ready too ”

Est thanks him by gesture

John says” u shud go to nearby small city- Defote , where numerous stalls regarding antiques and very ancient tradition exchange will take place btw stalls so that they get new antique peices frm all over places. The variety i get for my shop is due these stalls, if i dont attend this i have to wait for 6months…this is very important to me”
He also adds ” i couldnt go,as i am having an imp delivery…every year two men appointed would to go but they met with an accident so couldnt i need two people”

He says” as it is matter of education, if the stalls on go well with profits ..share of profits ill b given to you!! Now it depends on your skills”

Est agree to it and also eric

John says ” ok then, stall will be for 2-3days…tickets nd accommodation will be given by them…you guys need to trade well!! Thats it!! The trip is on this weekend tht is three days later”

Est is very happy and thanks eric.

Eric says ” please!! Keep me away from this formalities” he also says “this weekend we will also be togerther so we can discuss about our grp emblem”

In the meantime, est msgs kylee and mel if they r done with their work and eric to ryan….while gng back from their jobs est says abt their trip….
mel says “woww!! i wish someone could stand me as eric stood for est”

Eric and est have an embarssing moment…Kyle says mel pulls and says “chatter box shutup ….simply speaks out things without thinking”

Ryan who listens to melie says…”girls never come to their world dreamong about prince charming”
kyle immediatly says “not all gals are such ryan.”
Ryan says “absolutely Kyle …nt all r like u and est” and gives mel a sarcastic look
mel gets angry….eric tries to break their cold war and says ” hay guys!! Why dnt u all join this trip…our gang can hangout after the trip…since its a weekend we can go for a holiday”
kyle says “i dnt knw eric!! i jus got the job and on weekends parlor will be a rush and wont get a leave suddenly…i am sorry we will plan next month and so that i can apply leave before hand”
When mel was abt to say “yes i ill ccooooo….”
Ryan says “then theres no point in going …since you both ill b busy in stalls”
Mel sits back and hold her hands and look away…she ill be upset thinking wat his prb is!?…always interupts me…

All of them get back to their dorms..

Eric asks ryan ” wat his prb is?? Why is he always so mean to mel”
Ryan says ” u knw i am nt a friendly person…and her …i cnt tolerate her nonsense…her expressions, her emotions , thinks abt her and stops suddenly saya dnt care”

Eric says “if you dnt care abt her… why were u tensed few days back and y u always interupt her”

Ryan says ” bcoz she was wid me and my responsibility”..and says i need to go …i am tired…and rest on his bed…

Just then tad comes talking on the phone with kaithe…he is on the phone saying “i know baby…its ok baby…it suits u a lot baby”

Suddenly tad keeps his mobile on erics ear nd asks eric to keep saying mmm, mmm ,okk on the phone…eric doesnt knw wat to do and just listens to kaithe.
On the other side kaithe keeps sayings what shud she wear …about her drss…her earrings,nailpoilish..and everything under the sun

In the meantime tad goes to washroom and relaxs on the bed and aftr 10mins takes the phone and says “u r princess kaith…you are the best” for which she smiles on tht and he says gn sighing.

Eric asks tad what was tht….he says” i am tired of her girly talks… Also thought u too shud get used to it so gave it to u” and winks…
Tad also says”Even u ill get a gf ….you too should get used to it”

Eric immediately says “no..” And to change the topic asks “is kaithe your gf?”
Tad says” no!! not frm my side ….why do people keep asking me this question…i just dont like seeing girls upset and she is my childhood friend” and smiles
Tad asks if he was interested in someone..eric gets serious and says” i dnt want to get influenced by any gal ( he remembers somethins frm his past and says no its not gng to b repeated)..”

Tads asks “repeat wat?
Eric comes into his sense and says” nothing…”
Tad says” lets see till wen?…even u ill get a day wen u strt dreaming abt ur gal ” and keep teasing him and sleeps…
eric says ” ohooohh!! Stop it” and sleeps..

Tht very night eric dreams abt a girl ….it’s all blurred and doesnt see the gal properly…in his dream a gal put hand on his shoulder and he wakes and thinks no this cant b true and sleep again….

In the morning….wen he is gng to the class …he feels someone put hand on his shoulder…it turns out to be est.. He remember the dream (which was similar to this situation) and think i better maintain my distance and go frm her( tad and melie words keep revolving in his head ) est finds it weird and leaves thinking i came to say tht our trip has been preponed to tomorrow…he better get ready…

She doesnt find him even after the classes and tries calling him…but he doesnt lift the phone nor he reply to the message.she keeps searching for him
est wears a very beautiful dress…maroon colour top with lace top and black color skirt with looose hair and black neck chain which is very elegant making her personality even more beautiful…. Jus den gary pass by wid duster and watchs her…gary stops duster and ask him take a look at her…gary keeps staring at her top to bottom and thinks she is even more hot than he thought…he keeps following her…in meantime est calls kyle and xplains the situation ….Kyle couldnt come due to her job and mel is out of town to meet her cousin….
Gary who listen to the conservation understands that she need another person also eric ia missing…
He thinks three days alone with her….niceeeeee!! And finds out where she works and inform the boss that he is substitute for eric…boss says ook!!

Est wanted to inform eric absence to john…
In mean time john calls est and says “your cab would reach by 4pm” …she says “eric isnt there…” and wad about to say something …he says ” i knw and someone else will be accompanying you …and person is frm your clg gary…strt ur trip by 4″.

Est says” how can I go as I am nt aware of him….and nly knw him by person”
John says ” its a very imp trip to me ..they should leave or else he ill nt give the money and also fire her”. With no option left she says ok!! John says “i understand your problem but you try and understand the importance of this trip,he is also your batch mate and convinces her”

Gary comes exicted and says to duster and tad abt his trip…alone for whole weekend and gives a dirty smile…tad says “dude!! Shes a nice gal and i heard frm eric shes gng due to her clg fee”
Gary says “who said no!!? And says i wud give her money if she needs” and smirks…and says he had no time left its already 3:30pm…

Tad doesnt feel gud abt his intensions….though tad is also easy gng but nt a person with such intensions..he thinks he shud inform est abt him…he try to find her but nt successful…he finds kyle but she doesnt respond well keep past meetings in mind…he ignores her and leaves searching for eric

In the meantime…gary already left in the room…
Tad comes back to the room and waits for eric …eric doesnt come whole night…

In meantime gary and est go on to the trip..he tries to act sweet and gud with her thinking let me make gud impression …..he acts so sweet that est strted feeling comfortable and likes his company…
Est says” thanks gary for coming with me and how you knw abt the trip”
Garry lies saying ” I heard eric saying he isnt interested in the trip” and fills her mind against him…

She doesnt believe him but later thinks the way he acted in morning may be he actually isnt interested…she thinks it’s fine as helped him till now and neednt accompant her in every step

Next episode: eric comes to know abt garry….

Guys i had some work i will be updating today tomorrow instead of Saturday.. Dear silent readers…please do comment ๐Ÿ™‚ i hope u r enjoying the story…suggestions are upmost welcomed!!

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