Alfriaa!! (Chapter 3) Start of new life and friendship


In morning…all were assembled in the common room…professor shain and martha come . Professor shain says “You guys no longer will meet here, all you guys will be introduced to your new common rooms of your rooms… Concerned rooms will be introduced to your common rooms….only your batch elixir decisions and meeting will be taken here”

Kaith is on fire about things happening….tad explains wat happnd last night and says out loud how he accidentally entered to a boy’s room so tht kyle hear it.Kyle gives a harsh look and leaves…in the group common room- historical legends ….prof shain welcomes the group members. He says ” this will be your common room for your college life… A place you will remember the most even after your college life, by my experience I say this is the place where you will see forming new friendship, gang fights, reunions , what not ….I guarantee this will give you a roller coaster ride…this ride begins with electing your captains. These captains will the bridge between the group and professors”

After the results in girls Est will be announced as the captains as she was noted for her speech and from boys, Ryan as he was the topper…
Ryan says” Professor, I dont mean to disrespect the decision or the post , but I am not suitable for the post, I withdrawn from the post ”
Professor shain says ” he can’t withdrw frm this post”
Pety interfere shain and says ” but , professor we can’t force against someone’s wish …according to the rules a new polling will b done for 2nd tym ”
The votes will b tied btw eric nd tad…professor shain then asks ryan to give his opinion as he was the old captain
Ryan suggests eric name and says “he sees a good leader in him and he knows to take his responsibility well”….professor says ” ok!! tad will be given the vice cap and also acting captain who will the automatic captain in Eric’s absence and frm girls it shall be melody as she stands second”

In the ancient rulers….kaith and Gerry will made captains

Professor asks Eric and Est to design for new t shirt for their grp and any modification for in their common room….also to bring some items in the room as they were old.
Pety says” as captains you will be given certain responsibilities. Among them one of the important thing is an amount will be given ,which will used to the group welfare. Let that be for the for the group or members… The amount will divided into four parts when a meeting will be held every weekend for deciding how to spend amount alloted to the group or used as per group members use. Every year you get to have extra bonus for two times in case of any emergency , use them well!! All this is improve the bonding among the group members ” Professor shain adds saying the bills of the money used will be submitted to any of the professors

Est think to get decoratives for the room along with melody and Kyle….est asks Kyle and melody to come with them…. Eric asks ryan to come with him as he would be alone….ryan on repeated request agrees to come along with them….

They go downtown for thngs like table decoratives, chairs, curtains , also lamps for night time studies….

When they are in downtown ,ryan was serious wid his novel….other four keep conversing abt their lifestyles and likes,dislikes….when melody was talking about her interests ryan says” I think we had enough of talking…lets continue with our work and get back to work” .Melody stares at ryan and thinks wat his prb is…first he dropped me in front of everyone and now he is indirectly asking me to shutup

When they were at shopping….ryan disappears and come back aftr sometime… Eric asks what happend and where was he. Ryan says ” I wanted to apply for part time job and I got it in the near the by pizza parlour”. Eric asks why pizza parlour? .He says ” we just started our college ….once I get to second year I will assist some professionals ” .Five of them believe in independent lives and others also decide to apply for the jobs…..

Eric nd est get job in an old antique shop…
Kyle gets in icecream parlor
Melody works in a hair saloon as an assistant
Kyle, eric and est was asked to join the very same day…and all three had to stay,melody and ryan were asked to leave with things

Kyle was in the parlor…jus then Kaith, kiara ,tad, duster and gery come there and kaith deliberately call Kyle as waitress….she goes there and asks for order….kaith doesnt order but make Kyle stand for about 20mins,wen she was to leave….She says” I haven’t ordered and decided to order” . At the end kaith gives a very huge tip for which Kyle says no … Kaith says u shud take as ur the servant here….kyle says “she will happy to b paid for the work she does, doesn’t require money which people throw out of recklessness” Kaite says ” I know why people like you does part time job…you must be a scholar running out of money and working here so that you can get tips from people like us. So miss waitress better keep the tip or u can pick it up once we leave” and gives a sarcastic smile. For which Kyle replies “Miss bimbo madam , for your kind information my dad is one of the top industrialist,I work here not for money but for my self respect” . Tad get impressed by her attitude bt later come into sense wen kaithe gets angry and was about to leave

Duster says” tad! Are you both in a relation which you guys are hiding from us? “…tad says “no! And I don’t hide anything from anyone..but why are asking this?” …duster says ” no the way you respond when she is upset or angry is not normal” He winks and says “you know me…I cnt see girls around me upset and goes aftr her” … Shes leaves with kiara by tht time and tad comes back… mean time duster says to Gerry “I like her roughness and also her style and more important her physique” Gerry laughs in nasty way and asks who…kyle? .Duster winks and gives a dirty smile and says he wnts to stay there some more time and order more items….tad says “we had enough then why order more”. Gerry says ” duster is impressed Kyle and wants to stay some more time” tad says” who? The tomboy? Seriously!?? ” and laughs .Duster says ” I like her attitude ” . tad doesn’t knw the bad intention of them both and smile …. Wen tad aks gary whose his favourite ….He says he cnt choose btw mel and est…one is beauty nd one is hotie… And winks

Wen Kyle return with food ordered…duster tries to touch her hand…which kyle withdraws and go away..tad notice it but think it was by mistake and ignore it…while leaving tad goes first when Gerry asks duster ” you really like her attitude ? I am surprised” .Duster says ” attitude!! My foot….you know what i like…I was just covering it up before tad…you know him, he isn’t our type though he looks like us to people ” duster smiles thinking about Kyle…

In mean time in bus when ryan and melody are alone….mel who keeps chattering keeps talking but ryan doesn’t seems to care….she asks some ques which he ignores.. She gets angry when a old lady come and mel gives place to her. She stands in bus when a guy tries to talk to her and she replies to it…they keep talking and share abt their clg and when he asks her phone number…ryan come in btw and says ” if you keep talking we ill miss our stop.” mel gets down in a hurry and notice their stop is two stops ahead..

She asks ryan why did he get down early…he doesnt say anythng and when she keeps asking he hesitates and says ” I…I…I need to get a book in the nearby shop so they got down” and says if she is so much interested in tht journey she can get back….shes says “but the bus left shud i get back?” in a very innocent way….and keeps talking about that guy she met …ryan will be frustrated, pull her to the near by shop and center her…says ” i am nt interested to knw if you are interested in fashion..nor interested abt hair salon…your pink collection, your mr.teddy bear….your imaginary world…nor the guy you met” and walks ahead ( he seems to nt listen to her talk with tht guy but listen everythng)…mel thinks what’s wrong with him…shouted for no reason ….i didnt even ask abt my interests…he said as if he was askd to answer a question without missing a thng…when she is lost in those thoughts and abt to slip…he turns back to see if shes coming or not and watch her slip and catchs her…they have a eyelock…he get into sense wen a small boy dashs them…he says i don’t know why am i stuck with you…better i would have waited with them or gone alone…she hears it and gets angry and leave by getting into the near by bus. Ryan turns back to see none….he search there and all other places he doesnt find her so finally he get back there, where he sees her eating icecream with others , and take her to the wall and comes close to her and shouts tht “he was searching her everywhere… I was there for about 1hour…. Do you know what all things were coming in my mind? What would have happen if anything happend to you? ” he then reliazes everyone presence and goes from there without turning back…
Melody just stands back giving a staring look on Ryan who was walking in front of her…
Est says to Kyle ” seems like a friend of your family….cares for people but doesn’t show to people….he could have said the same thing in smoother way ” Kyle says” very funny!!”

Eric gets shocked to see ryan behave like this….Ryan was never like this…concerned for someone….

Next episode: est faces a problem….how she copes with her problems

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