Alfriaa!! (Chapter 2) Rooms and hostel

The girls and boys head towards the common room where decision and sessions regarding their batch ‘elixirs ‘ (batch name) will be taken

The prof come and says there are two groups in this clg- “The Ancient Rulers “and “The Historical legends”

The prof come and intro them and say their concerned departments …

Just then two tall rough looking boys come and sit without permission..wen Parker was abt to say something…Martha says ” hello!! The sessions abt the groups has just begun and we may now proceed ” (Martha was partial to Gerry and duster coz their father bribes her before hand and says everything shud be taken care off).Parker gets angry and stands back because he doesn’t like indiscipline

Shain and paty are of the historical legends which is sincere hard worker group known for knowledge and talent
Martha and Parker the ancient ruler which is popular grp and concerned with status , though group excels due to Parker hard wrk and Martha manipulative ending…

The group allotment will be done according to the chits and Martha manages to put all the rich and popular ones in her group….Kaith kiara Gerry and duster will be in her group( the ancient rulers)

Martha pick up chit according to Kaith recommendations and when she was about to pick tad chit Parker says ” its shain turn ” and gives the chit to shain… so tad goes to the historical legends…. Kaith gets angry and leaves from there…tad says “it’s ok Kaith I I’ll always b on ur side,its better to have ur friend on the other team” and asks Kiara to convince kaith

Ryan Tad Eric Est Melody and Kyle are now the historical legends.

In the Hostel!!

Martha says ” now according to your ur group room allotment will be done and no changing of the rooms will be allowed and each room will be allotted for three students . See that ur roommates are from ur group and at least one of the roommate is from different department which is for ur own benefit which is not a compulsion” … She also says ” u can choose ur roommates but make sure all the three are of the same group “…prof pety comes and says ” make ur bonding as soon as possible as ,the first and second groups will have the added advantage and smiles…this is just to improve ur interaction skills” …. Martha interrupts saying ” be careful and don’t be in hurry because once decided there will be no backing out” in frightening tone and gives a sharp look …While all were discussing and introducing… All were talking with est as everyone were impressed by her speech…kyle just goes to straight to est and says ” I don’t like this chit chatting,I will come straight to the point since u and me are from different departments and I hope u have no problem with me ” leaving everyone around shocked…Just then she hears “neither do I ” who turn out to b melody… Est says “of course u don’t and smiles at melody who hugs her ” Kyle says “this Barrie doll?” In a peculiar way…. Est says ” yes!! this cute Barbie doll will b our room mate too”….Mel says “come! come! Let’s see if we will be among the top two”…. Kyle est and melody were first to form group and reports the same to pety….pety says ” Congratulations u three will be allotted the top room with balcony….Kaith and kiara asks Martha tht they need the same room….

Martha goes and says to pety ” Kaite and kiara will be given the top view “….paty says but madam it’s already alloted and the list have been pasted and more over they r not even three members. Kaith and kiara didn’t even report to me ….Martha says ” they informed about the room .I am incharge and ur the assistant in the hostel issue and just an artist and better not come in way of the professors and keep quiet”…Kyle get angry and will be go on to fight with Martha Kaith….melody stops her and says ” leave it….prof u can a lot the room them” …Martha smiles and leave…Kaand kiara also leave smirking….Est says “we will take the other balcony one if it is ok and going according to the rules” ….melody gives a chocolate to paty and says “Madam chocolate for u and u needn’t sad…..being an artist is a talent which not many will have…take me for instance I utterly lack tht” ….and cheer her up.

All four smile and est melie and Kyle go to their room…and est says “even this has got a good view”…Kyle says “but tht was our room and better room ” ….est says “we will make this room best and smile ” .Melody says “yes!! a bit more sweeter too and give them both chocolates and say strt of our journey in this clg” …Kyle teases “est!! Miss. b positive attitudeand melody -miss melody the chocolate fac. Dnt do this room those typical pinky pink rooms…keep me away from those cheesy colours” …est winks at melody being sad and says “we will make this cute and sweet place” Kyle too had to agree for melody ….melody gets happy and hugs them and kyle says “ok Ok!! At least keep me away from these hugs and kisses”…est and Mel wink at each other and both hug Kyle and three of them fall on the bed and laugh…

boys hostel…

Parker says “along with roommates being same group see that at least one is of different department for ur advantage u I’ll understand” …Eric tad and Ryan had to come together as tad is from different department and same group..tad says to Parker “I can stay with duster nd gery” ….shain says “no…room members have to be of the same group”….Parker says “u have another’s option , u can stay in the ground floor in the dinner hall”…tad says ” fine…easy prof!! I was just asking” and leave….

In the room three of them sit and says “yo! Bro…I am tad” Eric and Ryan says hi and share abt them….Eric asks if he knw duster before…he says ” yes!! But not very much as I know them through Kaite and kiara but I thought ther were my type” ..Ryan says “u r most welcomed to go out to join ur types!!”…tad says “hay!! Chill I just said abt them,,..I didn’t judge u ppl” ….Eric says “it’s ok!! No one is angry here”.

In mean time…kiara msgs tad and says “Kaith is utterly upset abt them grp and she isn’t listening” …tad says” I I’ll manage her “and sends a winking smiley…
Tad decides to go their hostel and sees the lists where Kaith and kiara are alloted room 309… (But now it was exchanged as kaith wanted est room and est took kaith room…tad being unaware of it…goes to the room through window 309) and goes bed and takes the blanket and catch hold of her mouth so tht she doesn’t shout and turn her to his side…says ” baby I am sorry… I cudnt do anything… it was tht prof decisions…I knw I shud done something but it’s ok it’s just a group” and kisses her on her forehead ….she tries to free herself from him…but he says” u still upset with me babes??” and comes close to her to kiss …when she takes the phone and Switch on the display…..
he gets shocked seeing her and says u?

It turn out to be Kyle….he gets mesmerised by those beautiful eyes and brown small bangs falling on her eyes…she looks at him angrily and pushes him down…he then comes to his senses and says “you? Nice!! But y didn’t u say anything when I kissed u..were just pretending to b rude” and teases her….she gets angry and pushes him from the bed…and says “if u want those bimbos KK ,u better go to the next room and better not disturb my roomies” tad exclaimates “Oh!! Ur roomies…so much of love in one day…then u can fall for me too easily” and winkes and go

Kyle gets irritated and says “playboy!! ” She hears some giggles and asks who was tht? ….melody and est laugh out loud and tease her…”kiss on first day? …not bad!! she says “shut up ” and they have pillow fight…melie says “if u didn’t like him then u must have shouted and complained…y were u silent? ”
She says “he was holding me and wait…” (in order to tease melody back ) she says “u weren’t any less in the morning” and gives wacky smile melie suddenly remember how Ryan hurt her and gets angry and says “tht wasn’t me”…Kyle teases and says “u shudnt have scolded him if u were angry”….they both strt teasing each other…est says “stop it now u too ” three of them go to sleep…Kaith sees tad going from other room and gets irritated and thinks I shud teach these a lesson….trying to match up me!!

Next episode : group captain elections ….downtown visit ….first meet of friends

Guys Thanq for the support and love…..they are very encouraging to me and I will updating ff on weekends and on weekdays on tues and Thursday….sorry for the gaps….as I am new comer I need time in keeping the story fresh ….hope u guys understand me and support me….any suggestions are most welcomed…

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