Alas- a story of a different form of love- episode 3

Thank u my dear frinds fr commenting but there are so less comments pls comment guys but still I love u all. Now straight to the story.

Recap: aaradhya’s bff abhi his char their childhood friendship. Abhi asking fr aaradhya’s assignment will aaradhya give or not?
His eyes were pleading to give that assignment. But wait, it was just a perfect acting by my bro. I went near him still having my 20 kilos bag on. I signed him a NO with my hands and kept the bag smirking at my place which is the middle one in the third bench according to the height order. Still many people think that , my class teacher has no eyes that she put me in the third bench that too in the prospect of height order. But I always felt that she was correct. Because I always sit in the first bench which is more disgusting and annoying and I will think that” alas! Y god, u made me like an elf?” but when I entered 11th and sat in the third bench, I felt proud that finally I have grown up. Back to abhi, he sat with his hands on his head.

Abhi : you dumbo, why don’t you take my words seriously? I told you na, you can’t do this small favour on me. You are a worst frind. But me still hanging with you like amagnet. I am an idiot. You know what I should be with your friends and spend time for them like date thay are longin fr it I will go wth them to escape from you. You are doing nothing fr me. I am the handsome hunk in this school. Many girls die for me. They will do anything for me ok bye bye.
He turned but stopped as I said,
Me : you dramebaaz, wait don’t show your attitude to me. I know you more thank yourself” handling over the assignment to him. He got excited and the sparkle in his eyes. I love that, he hugged me without thinking anything thanking me a lot.
Abhi : thank you dumbo, thank you so much. I know you will do this to me you are the best friend in the world. I will surely take you to CCD this weekend but promise me for another assignment na will you?
Me : oh shut up idiot ok go from here all are seeing us as if we are dating each other, I’m embarrassed. I smiled and pushed him from the girls sid.

Abhi : you embarrassed only a girls should be embarrassed why you?
Me : youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. He ran away frm there.
All these things happened with a bgm of giggles, smiles. Awww’s. I knew there was a delicious meal cooking up with the main ingredient ABHIYA( abhi-aaradhya). I sat down in my bench in an opposite direction facing my dear(dare) devils. All were laughin at me. I informed them “ there is nothing like that you all know that we were friend for more than 12 years. Don’t cook up anything friendhip is like…. I started my lecture to stop them. They exclaimed” alas! Why we got stuck with you? Always giving boring lectures” ,me “ ok fine I will stop” I said with a smile.

Precap: madhu telling something. Aaradhya fuming at that abhi’s prank.

Thank you guys I know this is a mall episode I don’t have time and I am sure seeing the comments I will update a bigger one next time and HAPPY TAMIL NEW YEAR TO ALL AND THANK U FR SUPPORTIN ME,,, LOVE U LOADZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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    I fell in love with ur words.
    Continue writing and update fast.
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