Alas- a story of a different form of love- episode 2

Thank u guys for commenting bhgi and bisha thanks ok no more bak baks we shall go to the story.

Recap : intro of aaradhya he char and her class. While she was entering her class someone hit her…
Ahhhhh…. That was me. I fell down when one of my gang member riya hit me while going urgently to meet our class rep. kiran not to tell about her prank with the boys which made our attitude wala boys leader aravind and yohesh to roll down the stairs to our class miss. But kiran doesn’t know that I was the master of that plan. They made fun of me so I gave this idea to her and she implemented it. On the way to her mission unsuccessful she hit me. She was a north Indian, as I know little bit hindi watching hindi serials I said with a fake anger, {“ hey Bandar! Did you lend your eyes someone for hundred rupees?” she ran away replying “ I don’t have time for that dud” she is always like that. I was entering my class slowly just like a cat walking in a kitchen to steal mils. I saw a pair of eyes staring at me.

Flashback :
Today morning when I was getting ready I got a call from someone. I saw the name and unknowingly a smile formed in my face but I was scared inside what he is upto now?. It was none other than my friend not merely my friend my bff ABHI-ABHISHEK.
A : “hey dumbo good morning, I want a help from you. You have to do it.
Me : “ so you are ordering me idiot, not asking help.
A : “ kind of ok fine listen. Today I have to submit my assignment. As you know tomorrow I am going to meet granny. So that bottleneck asked me to submit today itself.( bottle neck was my class teacher’s pet name given by us) I forgot as I was with your crush who was enjoying with his crush. So, make a copy of you assignment and give it to me.
Me : so what I will do fr the assignment.
A : I know u will do it u r my champ na. I promise I will surely make a day to CCD with you (CCD-café coffee day my fav plce personally)
Me : “ sounds good. But ccd plan must be this weekend
A : “ no way dumbo don’t corner me like this. This is month end I don’t have much money and you ar e making me ur slave this is what you give for our 12 years friendship and……”
He started his melodrama and I immediately cut the call as I am tired of his bak baks for the past 12 years. So, now you all came to know that abhi is my childhood friend. At first , the first boy I mentioned was abhi coz I feared of his reaction after this phone call and the second one was his fiend ritvik my silent crush too. Abhi is also one of my gang member. The only direful boy who joined in our gang coz we the gang of girls was not less than boys playing pranks disturbing the class and so many galattas. But I am the only one who knew his other face and secrets too. We two were very close from childhood. We shared a special bond than friendship. As always the opposite attracts, newtons law we both are attracted because we both don’t have parents. He lives in hostel and I live in house. That’s the difference we have in us. Most of us was jealous of our friendship. He pretended to be flirtatious but he is actually not. I know all his dark secrets. One of those is that he sleeps by hugging a teddy like girls that too of pink colour and he also holds its ears while sleeping. Oops!!!! I blurted out sorry abhi. His friend ritvik was my first crush. In my family all know this all rejected this. But my mom said “ choose what suits you” I was struck with her words but didn’t cared about that. But today after hearing the blurted out words from abhi, my heart wrenched. After some time, I composed myself and I thought for a second and said to myself ,: dude it was just a crush” the thoughts flew upon me after seeing the pair of eyes looking angrily and somewhat pathetic. Hi eyes were pleading to give that assignment.

Precap: abhi’s reaction for the answer given by me….

Thank again guys for commenting pls support me as I said earlier it was my own written story here abhi can be imagined as abhi from kkb because I don’t know why I want abhi as my friend when I was writing the story also I thought shabbier only thank u fr reading this keep supporting…

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