Alas- a story of a different form of love- episode 1


Hello guys, love to see all this is a story about a girl and her dear friend I am longing to get a friend like this of opposite gender. Hope u all guys enjoy it..

Morning 7.30 am, I woke up “ alas! Its 7.30 am. School is up what am I going to do?
My day broke full of tensions, full of works, full of chatting, full of whacking, full of action and so on but the thing is how to get ready for this adventure ufffff!!!!!.
My mom ,” you, good for nothing get ready fast as its late do u think the school will be open for u are u the principal? Get ready “ that’s all.

She has gone in to the kitchen and disappeared. Now she won’t be there for an hour. “ thank god she went!” I exclaimed as I know there will be a big explosion if she remained here. I went straight into the bathroom, “oh god! Now how am I gng to face him? But his face strike off in between then I smiled. Then the king struck “ I have to hurry up”.
I got ready, said bye to mom and boarded into the auto.

As the vehicle moves forward, my thoughts went backward. I, not like a normal person, was a crack by mind, a chatter box hated by everyone. Just because I was an adopted one. But only few were there to adorn me. That is my foster parents, my maternal grandmother and of course my so-called brother. I love life as it is just like a fast and furious movie. But sometimes, I think life ditched me. Why the hell my biological parents let others to adopt me? Just because I am a girl, or they could not bear my expenses.

But the thing is I won’t think of them ever. Because I always forgot that I am an adopted child in front of their love for me. I scored 497 in my board exams just for them. Then also I got taunts that may be she would have copied. My heart was wrenching but my mom told me “dear, nothing is perfect. Everything has a crack in it. Don’t fear to make a couple of mistakes. That’s when the light gets in” I barely want the light ti get into me, as I don’t make couple of mistakes but apparently more than that. “ arrey aaradhya! Get down. School came idiot” the voice broke me out of my dream. I got down from the auto and informed the driver that today is a full working day.

I slowly walked to my classroom which was on the second floor right side corner with a board 12-C and with some small words written by my big friends “ incorrigible class” . I obviously felt proud with that name. because that word incorrigible included me also. When I enter this school at 7th . I was a very obedient, calm, sorry I was not calm. I pretende to be. But when the time passed I was a member of a cool gang. And I got the name, “ chatterbox” from then. I was always the topper of the class from the time I joined the school. I don’t want to be the class rep. when my teachers insisted me just because I thought I will lose the enjoyment of irritating the teacher or our present class rep. by shouting loud , by standing in the principal room by bowing our head down. I loved to do that.

My teacher’s can’t decide my nature whether I am talkative or obedient or naughty or actor. They still are confused I forgot to say I am a little bit talkative sorry not little bit but a lot. When I got the name chatter box I didn’t even feel weird of that name. because that was correct. I even feel proud and confused that how can I speak such a long talk without breathing. But the thing is I didn’t get the answer till now. Now a sound “ ahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”.

That was me. I fell down when someone hit me. I stared at the person. The person was running in a hurry because the person belongs to my gang and resembles me a lot.
Who Is that person? Start guessing….

Precap: revelation of aaradhya’s bff and her gang..

Thank u guys for reading that this is my own written story hope u all like it pls comment seeing ur comments only I will continue thank u so much again for reading this waiting fr ur valuable comments.. I have to say one thing to you all that the character aaradhya totally resembles me a lot. Like int his story, I also wanted a friend like aaradhya she got but I didn’t. I also feel jealous of her I think u will also feel the same after reading this full story it is my own creation it will come just for 5-6 episodes hope u will enjoy it….

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  1. Nyc start vaishali keep going?

  2. Cool!! Keep writing and update soon

  3. Nice vaishali
    Keep writing
    Waiting for ur next episode

  4. Vaishu see i found u and guess what i just fell in love with ur narration dear the way u narrated was fantabulous and u know i seriously loved it to the core ok. When i am going to. Get the next update please tell me because now i am desperate to read it

  5. Vaishu see i found u and guess what i just fell in love with ur narration dear the way u narrated was fantabulous and u know i seriously loved it to the core ok. When i am going to. Get the next update please tell me because now i am desperate to read it ????????

    1. i hv update the third one also dii it has abhi’s pic with sentences ” tum kyun itni boring ho idiot”

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