did akhara really die? intro


Guys , i am going to write a new ff named “did akshara really die”

i know some people are are really upset about the events going on in the serial right now, so please read this and please, please please comment on this as your comments boost my confidence. And in my ff there is no karthik’s family, no sister, chacha chachi, suvarna or mannish, there is a very big past related to him which i will reveal after few days…

So here we go….

It is night, karthik was drunk and driving, he stops the car in between and thinks i need to go to house fast and starts driving again, akshara is there looking at a puppy, suddenly someone comes there and hits her on head, karthik sees this from far and gets shocked, the masked man puts akshara inside the car and starts to leave but karthik stops him and sees his but just then some goons come and beat him up. The masked man asks the goons to make the whole scene looks like an accident and leaves, after few minutes, karthik who is half conscious and the goons gets shocked witnessing something, karthik says no and falls unconscious and falls down…..

Precap: naira and everyone reach the accident spot and gets shocked seeing akshara’s belongings. Later naira blames karthik but he says just shut up…..

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  1. Vrushy

    I guess the masked man was naman.
    Anyways good start !!
    Try to update soon and write longer.

    1. The8

      I don’t understand, why did Naman kidnap Naitik and do all those things to him even though they are brothers?

  2. awesome

  3. RithuparnA

    Great idea…. Plz continue

  4. Hume to hina khan as akshara he caheya

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