AK : Phirse Jeena Woh Lamhein (Episode 6)

Again I am reminding my audience that Tara is positive please don’t say anything bad about her she is very positive .

Episode 6

Khushi comes out from the room and tried to adjust her dress and she put a fake smile on her face to not let anyone know what happened inside.Arhi and Arshi went next to Khushi.
Arhi & Arshi : Mom are you fine, and your face looks pale but still you have a smirky smile which says that you won over him. Is it right.(Arhi and Arshi had satisfied gesture seeing Khushi being happy).
Khushi : Yes babies,I won over him.When I true the money on his face.His facial expression looks as if he lost everything and you know what I even slapped him and his face was like a mouse.I really loved his expression.He lost in such a way that he even wants me to join his company seeing me getting the name and fame by all these media around me,he appointed me as his secretary but he said this post is not an ordinary job, it’s a good reputed job and Tara is under me, she will be my assistant.Soon I will rule AR designes.(Khushi put a stone in heart and told a big lie to her kids and seeing Arshi and Arhi jumping with joy Khushi was happy as a mother that she gave her daughters a little bit of happiness.)
Aarav.Anjali,Ruhi,NK,Lav,Payal and Akash were shocked thinking how can the lion turn like a mouse.They all had a feeling that there is big storm coming in their way as they know ASR very well he can’t change so fast and too giving Khushi job of his P.A and then after sometime making her rule. That looks just a dream as the great ASR will never do so.
Tara who was just shocked hearing like “What did Meera say right now? That I am under her.What the.Me and under this behenji .No no I must speak to ASR that I want to be promoted not depromoted.”Tara goes behind ASR.
“ASR!ASR wait a sec” says a panting Tara.ASR turns and says “Now what Tara ?”.”ASR,I wanna be with you always.I wanna be your P.A.i really don’t be under that behenji as her P.A.Today she crossed all limits by winning the award and the prize money, which I deserve but I am glad that I have you which she doesn’t have.You know na I really love you.And I can’t stay without you” Tara makes a puppy face gesture and touches Arnav by putting his hand on his coat in a seducive style.
Arnav : Please Tara control yourself.You are my secretary and the truth is you are Khushi’s head,(Arnav closes his eyes and takes a deep breathe) I mean Meera’s head and you have rights on her in deciding what work to be given to her and she is also like my secretary and Tara we do share a relationship but our relationship is not in that verge that you can just pounce on me and claim me as yours forever.Just be yourself.(Arnav calms down seeing Tara in tears)” Look Tara,I am bit disturb right now.I will talk to you later babe”.Arnav brings Tara towards him and wrapps his hand on her waist and kisses her on her forehead.”Bye Tara see you tomorrow.”Tara replies “Bye baby,I love yaa”.
(Tara doesn’t feel bad by seeing ASR reacting on her but she is happy that ASR has a little space for her.Tara thinks in her mind that if me and ASR soon get married then I will be promoted directly to be mother of Jr.ASR and a DIL of the Raizadas which I don’t want to be.Look at me I am just 30 and I have still my life way ahead and I don’t want this burden so fast .Hmm I guess I need to speak to ASR about this or I should speak to? ( Tara gives a evily smirk thinking about someone.)

In AR designs

Lavanya sets Khushi’s table and thinks about Khushi and her first meeting where she played as ASR’s GF and she was a big shot girl with a 2 bodyguard type of girls Sam and Pam and Khushi was feeling a bit awkward being with them.Khushi came inside AR designes,shiver ran down her spine seeing AR designs was the same as she left a few years back and she seen Lavanya and hugged her.”OMG Chamkili,I am so happy to see you back in AR designes.This is your new desk and here is your devi maiya ki murti on your table.Hmm I guess your eyes are searching for your son,but I wanna know where is Arshi and Arhi are they not gonna give a helping hand.
Khushi : Lavanya,Its not their age to work. It’s a crime to work when they are minor.I know whatever they did was just to help me in running the house.But I am happy for whatever time they had spent in Lucknow branch. I will pay that off now.
Lav : It’s not the reason of working Khushi.Its just that they are being with ASR,not as helper but as your daughters to help you assisting in your work.Soon if Arshi and Arhi be under his sight.He will be more close to them and it will develop a good father daughters relation.
Khushi (with bold face and attitude and wiping her tears) : No Lavanya,My babies will not be under his sight.I won’t let my babies be with him. As he is not worth of being my baby’s father.And regarding assisting the same kind of job like helping the employees and giving ideas is what my kids did when they were in Lucknow.
A peon called Khushi as ASR was calling her.Khushi went up the stairs of AR designes.Khushi sees Arnav in his cabin and sees him smiling evily “Tick,tock,tick,tock” Arnav says looking at Khushi as she constantly stares at Arnav she feels as of its some sort of a drug that its making her attracted to Arnav and she is going towards Arnav as the drug is making her do whatever Arnav says”.Khushi I guess you need to take the measurements of the men whose fashion event is next.”Khushi was hypnotized by him.After taking the measurements of the men and Khushi who used to be uncomfortable when Arnav said to her to take measurements for men a few years back ,she used to hesitate and now she is numb who doesn’t know what’s happening to her and which all men touching her here and there while taking measurements.
ASR evily enjoying this situation as he wants Khushi to go through hell.But it was Arnav bad time when Tara was coming running towards ASR with a glass of water and she tripped on to Khushi and the water fell on Khushi and Arnav caught Khushi and the glass broke and it bruised Tara unknowingly giving a cut on her head.Khushi came back to her senses and seen that she was wrapped into his arms and they shared a eye lock.Tara who was feeling jealous seeing Arnav Khushi sharing eye locks and she was taking the pain of getting bruised and saving Khushi.
Khushi : Excuse me,Mr.Raizada be on your limits and how did I fall on to you and Tara she is bruised.I am sorry Tara if it happened by me.Khushi chuckled knowing it might have been for her own good.
Tara : You bl***y Meera.How dare you.Look ASR see your Tara is bruised by this Meera.Please teach her some lesson. I just hate her.(Arnav calls Ruhi and Ruhi appears before ASR and as per his order Ruhi takes Tara to the Office Clinic )
Arnav goes near Khushi and Khushi takes a few steps back and she is stands on the edge of the cabin and she is about to fall and Arnav holds her hand and says “Tara might have unknowlingly saved you by spilling over your face to make you conscious but by bruising Tara you have invited more torture by me.I don’t like to see tears in Tara’s eyes. Welcome to Hell Meera aka Khushi.

Arnav drops Khushi down and Khushi falls on to soft cardboard boxes and that saved her and Khushi thinks about the past how she fell.

In the Office Clinic

Ruhi was putting bandage on Tara’s forehead and Tara was feeling the pain “Aah,Aah”.Ruhi says”Is it paining you aunty(Ruhi blows air on her wound).”
Tara : I don’t need your concern. For me ASR will take care of me.I know he has given you orders.But ASR is my fianc.I mean not yet but soon we will be engaged and wait a sec.You are Jr.ASR’s GF right.Hmm through your looks you look quite good and sweet to be my DIL but I am too young to be your MIL you see.I am still hot ,stylelish and beautiful that even I can get married to Jr.ASR too (Ruhi eyes became big and her eyes turned red as an apple hearing Tara having eyes on her BF).Hmm looks like someone is jealous.But don’t worry I won’t take your majnu.Ok but in return you need to do something for me.(Tara smrks ) Ok ok its nothing like that chill I was just testing you girl. So you can call me Mamm . Hmm waise where is your lover.
Ruhi : Hmm I don’t know Mamm.He didn’t yet gave a call to me.(Ruhi was trying to hide where is Aarav as she knows Tara is different type of lady who needs to be taught a lesson),


Payal and Akash were spending their romantic moments.
Payal : Akashji,aaj aap office nahi jaa rahe ho?Akash gives a sweet smile and hugs Payal from back and says “How can I leave such a beautiful adoring wife and go for office…”
Payal : But Akashji,you need to also drop Samrat,Dhruv and Pari,Roshini to college and school na so go drop them and plus Nk has to come along with you as Lavanyaji already left half an hour ago and because she had some important work and plus she had to arrange Khushi’s table she had to leave early .
Dr.Rahul enters and knocks the door: Kya hua Saleh saab,Can I come in.Is everything fine and why is Payalji sad.Hmm I guess Payalji, Saleh saab must be wanting to spend quality time with you but because of his responsibilities you want him to fulfill that.Hmm I will make it ohk by taking my other Saleh Saab that’s Nk and our kids by my car.Is that fine.I will drop you guys and I will go to my hospital .
Akash : Thanks Rahulji you made my day,Today I will take a off and tell Bhai about my off and go with Payalji for a movie.
Dr.Rahul : Anytime and anything for you Saleh saab.(Rahul smiles).

Episode Ends.

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    1. Keep following the story dear .

    2. The last update was needed to be so ,cause that how the story proceeds

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