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Note before reading : Tara is positive,she has a reason to be negative so please don’t say anything bad about her as she is very positive role in this.

Episode 5
Mamiji : Hello Hi Bye Bye,yeh Arnav bitwa ko kya hogawa(What happened to Arnav ?)Lavanya DIL,you tells us bleech .Aur Aarav bitwa where disappeared.Saasuma you tells me where is our Aarav.
Aarav : Mami dadi(Aunt grandmother) , I am here and mami dadi I have brought Ruhi along with me to give you new bakeupwa tips.
(Aarav started to laugh LOL as he was making fun of his mami dadi’s English as she cannot pronounce words the properly and cannot speak proper English as she mixes her bihari Hindi in it.)

Mamiji :(making a sad face) Aarav bitwa,hamara konoo mazak liya ,hamka pasand nahi hai,hum janat rahe ki hamara englishwa tip top nahi rahatwa isiliye tum hamara mazak le rahe ho.Badho ka respect karna bhool gaye ?

[Aarav,if anyone makes fun of me I don’t like it,I know you are making fun of my English because it not up to the mark.But did you forget how to respect elders ?] Aarav I am your dad’s mother’s sister-in-law(father’s brother).Even though I am not your real grandmother but still you are like my own grandchild and you should respect me as I am your mami dadi.

Payal : Mummiji, Aarav’s intentions was not to hurt you.I am sure about that mummiji.Please forgive Aarav,he is a kid please mummiji.(Payal makes eye expression to show Aarav to say sorry )
Aarav(touches her feet) : Mami dadi , please forgive me. I am so sorry for hurting you .Like what Payal massi said really my intentions was not to hurt you .
Mamiji(holding Aarav and making him stand) : Aarav bitwa,There is no need of saying sorry when I didn’t feel bad.Waise I liked when you mimicry of mine .
(Aarav hugs Mamji to show that he loves her a lot and sorry for his behavior.Ruhi was blushing and smiling seeing the grandmother and grandson hug.Ruhi was in her thoughts and drooling on Aarav but suddenly Payal wakes her from her dream.)

“Ruhi,where are you lost.Hmm I guess in Aarav’s thoughts .Do you like Aarav”says Payal
Ruhi : No aunty,its nothing like that.Aunty, I guess Akash chachu is calling you .
(smiling and saying and running way from the topic. Payal sees love for Aarav in Ruhi’s eyes thinks that Aarav and Ruhi make a good pair and she goes near her Akashji.)

Akash : Payalji why are you blushing,your smile just makes me drool on to you.
Payal : Akashji,you also na anything well ,Akashji.I heard from Aarav that Khushi is gonna perform on the stage in order to compete with Arnavji.I hope Khushi only wins .
Akash : Similar do I want Payalji.I am not supporting Bhai in any way now .(Nk and Lavanya knock Payal and Akash’s door)
Nk : Can we come in guys.Hmm Akash mere bhai, the same goes to us we are also coming with you guys to the competition to support Khushiji.(Lavanya smiles).

In the competition

Aarav : Ruhi is mom ready and does she know her steps and is she fine .I really don’t want her confidence to see it debtoriating while seeing dad.
Ruhi : Aarav,calm down.Khushi aunty is fine, she is looking stunning and gorgeous and I am sure the judges will make her only win for sure .And I guess we haven’t practiced anything yet for our duet .I am tensed for that .
Aarav : Shushh Ruhi ,If you have trust in me then our dance will surely be good.But I am not doing it to win but just for mom to not to make her feel lonely and she feels competitive in doing her best to win.(Ruhi cutely nodds her head.)
Host : Well its time,Ladies and Gentlemen that we introduce you to our contestants .Well the First contestant is the business tycoon Mr.Arnav Singh Raizada and with his co partner Miss.Tara Shekhawat.
Second contestant of this competition is Miss.Meera Mehra .
Third contestant is Mr.Aarav Singh Raizada and his co partner Miss.Ruhi.

Fourth contestant is…
Give a huge round of applause for all these 10 participants .
Arnav : Ooh so Khushi has taken part in this competition so that she can win this amount .Hmm impressive .
Tara :Hmm Arnav , is she your ex wife I guess.Well never mind I don’t care (Tara taking Arnav’s hand and holding it ) Arnav my future and destiny is all you now Arnav .And today I am sure we will win no matter what .I am Tara and I never lost any game nor a competition nor a person in my life so I am sure this time my destiny will surely be with me.
Arnav : Hmm Tara it so does (cupping her face and hugging her.Khushi was feeling jealous and feeling bad seeing Arnav with Tara but she only wanted to this competition to prove that she can do anything. )

Host : So today our first dance is performed by Aarav and Ruhi.

Suno Na Kahe Kya Suno Na
Dil Mera Suno Na, Suno Zara
Teri Baahon Me Mujhe Rehna Hai Raat Bhar
Teri Baahon Me Hogi Subah

His sensations making her feel she is in heaven with him.Dancing on to the beat giving those beautiful lifts .Ruhi feels that Aarav is recreating his space in her heart with sensational touches and his deep stares through her hazel eyes .

Be Intehaan (Be-Inteha)
Be Intehaan… Hmmm
Yun Pyaar Kar (Yun Pyaar Kar) Be Intehaan
Dekha Karun Saari Umar (Saari Umar)
Tere Nishaan Be-Intehaan
Koi Kasar Naa Rahe, Meri Khabar Naa Rahe
Chhu Le Mujhe Is Kadar Be-Intehaan

Host Ladies and Gentlemen let’s give a huge round of applause to our next contestant Miss.Meera.

Arnav goes backstage closes Khushi’s door and locks her for a while and Khushi is pleading and crying loudly for help that she is locked inside .Arnav goes to the host and tells the host that Meera has escaped and she is not there .So the host makes the next contestant comes on the stage that’s Arnav and Tara and with a grand entry they arrive on the stage.

Zara Zara Bahekata Hai, Mahekata Hai
Aaj Toh Meraa Tan Badan, Mai Pyaasee Hu
Mujhe Bhar Le Apanee Baaho Me
Jara Jara Bahekata Hai, Mahekata Hai

Tara just wants Arnav and wants to make her his .Tara touches him and holds Arnav and Arnav lifts her and twirls her around .Arnav imagines as if he was swirling Khushi and giving those hot touches to her feeling her silky smooth belly and those hand movements during their Teri Meri Dance.All the clips are just playing as a flashback through his eye lids .

Aaj Toh Meraa Tan Badan, Mai Pyaasee Hu
Mujhe Bhar Le Apanee Baaho Me
Hai Meree Kasam Tujhko Sanam, Dur Kahee Naa Ja
Yeh Duree Kehatee Hai Paas Mere Aaja Re

Their dance ends and Arnav realizes its Tara and leaves from there .A fully touched Tara who feels Arnav has started liking starts drooling over him and thinking about their hot dance .
Ruhi was passing by Khushi’s room where she was getting ready and after hearing the news that she has escaped she and Aarav were searching for her and by her noticed she seen Khushi’s room locked and she opened it and seen Khushi laying unconscious .
Ruhi called Aarav and Aarav sprinkled water on her face and she came back to her senses and Khushi didn’t knew how to react and she felt that she even lost this opportunity .Ruhi calmed her and made her understand to go the stage and give your best performance and with Ruhi and Aarav’s support Khushi got back her confidence .

Aarav : I hope mom will do it .She seemed weak cause she was suffocated being locked in the room for a long time she needs rest and still she has got the might to face the competition.(Anjali who came there kept her hand and gave Aarav support)
Khushi started to perform on the song “Dil Mera Muft Ka”.

Phenke nazar ke sikke usne
Bik gayi hoon main
Usne jo chhoo liya toh haye
Lagey ke nayi hoon main

Arnav couldn’t bear to see Khushi in this state dancing as if she is dancing for a group of men.A kind of song which Arnav got reminded of Khushi dancing for him in the song “Namak Ishq Ka” .Arnav was getting reminded the feelings for Khushi but he was trying hard to get rid of it .But he was not controlling his anger seeing her dance like this . Tara is seeing Arnav changing and getting angry.Tara seducing him by her looks and trying to cool ASR by touching him and going next to him and putting her hand on his coat and feeling him.

Yun toh premi pachattar humare
Leja tu kar satattar ishaare
Dil mera, muft ka

Khushi was feeling jealous seeing Arnav being seduced by Tara and Arnav just taking her care and love.But still Khushi continued her dance and gave her best.

Khamakha hi taraste bichare
Leja tu kar satattar ishaare
Dil mera, muft ka
Dil mera, muft ka

After some time, The judges came out with the results and the judges were happy to announce that the award and prize money goes to Meera Mehra.
Nk,Lav,Anjali,Payal,Akash,Aarav Ruhi jumped with joy and congratulated Khushi for winning.
Payal : Khushi,I know you changed your identity to Meera but still you will remain my sister and I am glad you won my little sister.

(Khushi hugged Payal and caressed her as she is meeting her after a long time and introduced her to her twin daughters.)

Arnav couldn’t believe the reunion going and went next to Khushi and dragged her in front of everyone leaving Tara shocked.
Khushi : Mr.Raizada how dare you touch me and hold my hand.And according to the challenge I won and here is your money (Khushi threw the money on his face.)
Arnav got angry and threw her down.
“How do you feel when men see you dancing like a seducive dancing lady .How will you feel when men throw money on to your face for your dance .Khushi you chosed a song to dance which is out of the limits .I didn’t expect you to fall so low.”
Khushi : Ooh so such deep concern feelings and striked on to you right .When you made me defamed by putting our intimate scenes in the media .You fell low Mr.Raizada .
Arnav : Mind your tongue wife .Otherwise I will .
Khushi : Other than defaming me or hurting me what else can you do to me .Mr.Raizada .You defamed Khushi once and then you defamed Meera now what’s left more to be defamed.
That’s enough for Arnav to get angry and get into his ASR style.

Arnav brought her close to him .Feeling her sensous body. Pinning her on to the wall and smooching her by burying his his hands on her silky hair .Her skinny legs were getting fold and were wrapped on to his legs and Khushi was placed on to the bed , he slowly unzipped her blouse seeing her br*ast through in Khushi tried to cover her self,but his hold was so strong that even she wanted to just get off from his hold but as she was resisting he kept deeping his hold .His arms wrapped her and seeking deep revenge was taken to another level. The torture of s**.Arnav went on top of Khushi parting way her skinny legs her, b**bs were geting pressed due to his force,he burried his head on her belly, kissing her on her belly then slowly moving on to her head and then kissing her on her neck,shoulder and everywhere.He smooched Khushi.

Khushi was baring the pain as her v*g**a was getting hurt due to force intercourse ,Khushi was dazed and she couldn’t get up as her stamina decreased cause she was injected some drug which she was pierced by Arnav,blood started to flow from her body as the injection syringe made its way to be peiced.Khushi scremed as it pained her while having their s*xual intercourse . Arnav dropped her down and her body stood numb as her body was undergoing some changes. She started to shiver and she felt a strange feeling in her body.She clenched her belly tight as her abdomen gave her pian.Khushi felt as he treated as his mistress. Arnav dragged her and went next to her caressed her and said
“Look, tomorrow sharp 8:00.I want you in my cabin .I have recruited you as my new secretary and Tara who was my ex secretary will be your head and guide you to everything. Here is the contact details and every details is feed on to this phone and don’t you dare tell anyone about our this conversation .Go freshen yourself and cover yourself by your dupatta to hide your scars of torture and the blood which is flown from you the room cleaners will clean that .By tomorrow you might be ok after getting use to this torture.If you don’t listen to me I will torture you more by ripping you.”

Arnav was saying so to the dazed Khushi who was just nodding her head and just understanding what he is trying to say and Khushi mumbled “I am not your mistress Mr.Raizada”
Arnav : You are my wife, my,mistress and my everything.
Arnav pushed her towards the washroom to freshen herself so that the drug effects cannot be visible through her face Khushi freshen herself and the dizziness with off for a while.

Episode Ends.

The story is turning more dark and intense now
Hope you guys like it .
The story demands this kind of scene that’s why,cause that’s how the story progresses.
Please support me, I am going out of the way to reach out to you guys. Because I wanted to make my story famous that’s why I am posting it here,cause like my other my other readers I am sure you too will support me.

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