AK : Phirse Jeena Woh Lamhein (Episode 4)

Hey Guys, i am back with the update,sorry for the late update busy with personal life and writing my other stories for another website and Episode 26 for this story for the another website .Guys before you go to any conclusion i would like to say that there is only 3 villians in this story Shyam,Sheetal and Dadi and in the coming few updates you will find Tara negative but actually she is not ,there is a reason for it and it will be disclosed soon.If you wanna read the further episodes or previous episodes please visit my official story link to the website


Episode 4

Khushi was motionless ,she couldn’t move as she felt that she was frozen for a moment when Aarav called her trice and shook her body.She came back into her sensuous.
The men were teasing Meera and saying.

“Ek widwa ho ke bhi,ek ameer admi ke saath chakar chalathe hue sharam nahi aati.Kabhi hamare saath bhi ek raat guzaar lo agar tum itni charithraheen aurat ho tho.”

(Being a widow, you slept with a rich person You don’t have shame.Sometimes at least sleep with us also one day if you are so characterless lady.)
That was enough that could make Aarav angry and he clenched his fist and bashed all the men who made fun of his mother and taught them a lesson.

Aarav told Arshi and Arhi to go home and he went next to Khushi.Khushi hugged Aarav and wept on his arms.

Khushi : Aarav it’s all over .It’s all over Aarav.I don’t wanna be here anymore .I wanna go back to my parents and my sister.
Aarav : Mom,its all dad’s plan .He did this just to bring you back to Delhi and torture you more .Mom please don’t be scared of him and face him . Mom,dad is having an affair and he doing this to give you pain.
Khushi : What did you say Aarav ? Arnavji is having a affair.

Aarav nodded his head stating “Yes its true,but mom you need to prove dad that you can fight against such humiliations and go back to Delhi with a good name and fame not by a defamed name like how you did few years back.”
(Aarav kept his hand on her shoulder and gave her comfort as a ray of hope)

Khushi,Arhi,Arshi and Aarav leave for Delhi and Arnav phoned up Aarav.
Arnav : Aarav,where the hell are you.Reach RM fast son there is a pooja kept and Ruhi is invited .
Aarav : Dad, I will come you don’t have to give a flatter me to make me come there as soon as possible as I know you don’t believe in aarti,pooja again after mom is not there in your life and well where is Ruhi is concerned .I know it’s your excuse as I know you want go personally to say sorry to anyone as you have a rule that the world should say sorry to you but not you .
Aarav hangs up the call and Arnav gets frustrated.
Aarav : Mom I guess you need to take a scooty from now as Dad should not see me with you.This is a scooty which you can use mom I brought it for you and kept it here in this garage for safety .
Khushi : Thanks Aarav for the lift and plus for gifting me a scooty.I will surely call you once I reach Laksmi Nagar safe and secure. Bye Aarav.And do win Ruhi’s heart back.
Arshi and Arhi waves bye .

In Mumbai

A Lady: Ooh mere jaanu,see this what’s on TV.Meera aka Khushi is defamed on TV my sweetheart.Isn’t that awesome that our enemy Arnav is against our second enemy which is his beloved wife .OMG I can’t believe that I finally succeeded separating them after my mission which went flop of taking ASR’s money and separating Arnav Khushi by using Aarav. After ASR my ex BF putting me into jail, I was so angry and wanted to take revenge on them but by my good luck; I found a lawyer who was also in jail for the same reason and same enemy problem and he has so good contacts and we both got freed and got married and we are now in our mission to destroy the Raizadas and that’s you my jaan.
A Man : Oh meri pyaari Sheetal Rani Sahiba, how could you forget the main villain that’s our cute dadi.Am I right Dadi, who helped us alot .But this is just a beginning, just wait and watch what’s gonna happen next.
Dadi : Shyam bitwa, don’t be so happy now as still we have do a lot to get succeeded. Well where is my par pothi (great granddaughter).
A girl : I am here par dadi.Well mom and dad I wanted to tell you something .A few hours back I met a rich arrogant person.His anger is on his nose just like mine right.He has a belief of money is everything.Similar to me,you know dadi once I start working .I will also be as rich as he is .(giving a proud and happy look on her face).
Dadi : Arushi betiya,you go to your room sweetie. Your dadi will come now and talk to you lots.
(Arushi goes to her room).

Dadi : Shyam and Sheetal , we must do something now Though I am Arushi’s real grandmother that too blood relation but we can’t claim on Arushi that’s she is your child as we have not legally adopted her in fact we have kidnapped her. But has Arushi already met her dad unknowingly.Arnav might have some doubt on her so that’s why we have to get some legal documents to claim Arushi is yours.As now Sheetal ,we have good money to show Arushi is safe and happy in our house there is no tension of legal adoption .But what you did 15 years back should not be repeated again be clear and firm with every step. Don’t leave any loop holes of claiming Arushi as yours like how you did 15 years back to Aarav .
Sheetal : Thanks dadi for your support and Shyam for always supporting me .I am so glad I have you guys. And dadi I will do as you say and won’t do any mistakes.But dadi and Shyam there is one person who will help us and who will change the entire situation in RM an addition to our team of 5 of us .
Shyam : 5? But we are 4 of us right including Arushi as she can go against Arnav and Khushi .But who is this 5th one !
Sheetal : Not so fast Shyam.I won’t reveal my our 5th member of our team so fast(giving an evily smirk) .Waise our team deserves a group hug.Arushi beta come here and join us .
(Sheetal,Dadi,Shyam and Arushi have a group hug).

Khushi was passing by near Arnav’s car and they both bang each other’s scooty and car. Khushi was sad that all bad things are happening today .Her mirrow of her scooty is broken and Arnav’s car has a dent .
Arnav gets down from his car and sees Khushi with Arhi and Arushi .He gets angry seeing them with her.

Arnav : Hey you ,If you don’t know how to drive a scooty then why are you driving. Simply it creates a road block .
Khushi : My scooty is damaged cause of you .Now you have to repair it.And to make my reputation again back its you who have to pay for that.
Arnav : And my dent,who is goona pay for that Here you go your 1000 bucks and get it repaired.A girl who can’t earn 2500.How can you pay for my dent. She lives on her daughter’s income .And regarding your reputation i don’t care if you be defamed as you only came into my show and spoiled it.Lol ,if some money remains na, then go back to Lucknow by buying a second class train ticket and work as halwai and or teach in some school and hardly earn 1000.blo*dy middle-class.
Meera : I am Meera Mehra and will prove myself that I can earn and pay off your dent expenditure and regain my reputation.
Arnav : For competing with me Miss. Meera you need to have class and style which you lost 15 years back. Did you get that.
Meera : Ohk , then i will challenge you that I will earn and show you. Give me 2 days time,I will return back to you 2500 on your face.
Arnav brings Khushi closer to him and tightening his grip and kissing her on her lip and pressing it and breaking it and saying “It’s a deal “. Do whatever you want but let me see which job can give you 2500 within 2 days.Finally you will come back to my den.(Arnav smirks and loosening his hold.Khushi gets shocked seeing his attitude and makes that ” O” shape face)
Arshi and Arhi couldn’t do anything as Arnav didn’t let them to go close to stop him for doing anything to save their mom.

Aarav seen Ruhi passing by and he called her.

Aarav : Ruhi,please listen to me .I need your help .Tomorrow is a dance competition being held and its competition of dance of solo or duet. So I want you to participate with me please Ruhi .It’s not that’s this is my way of bringing you back .It just that as a participant you can be with my mom and help her in getting ready and give her confidence and we need to do something so that mom only wins and she wins the amount .And I want you to force Tara to take dad for a duet, but I know even though if we don’t do this ,Tara will still bring dad to this event as she doesn’t like to loose and always takes part in dance competition or modeling .
Ruhi : Ooh so , you want me to help your mom. For what, did you see the news your mom is defamed still you want to spoil your mom’s little reputation which is left .How cheap.
Aarav(with a angry voice bringing her towards him) : Listen Ruhi, I am not trying to be cheap and I know I am being rude now but I am helpless as I want my mom to show that she can prove herself .
Ruhi : Oh Ok Aarav,please don’t go into your Jr. ASR avatar I will help your mom and perform a duet with you is it fine now .But still I haven’t yet forgiven you. But I am only doing this for your mom.


Nani is just waiting for Arnav to enter the mansion as she wants to teach him a lesson for spoiling Khushi’s life .Arnav enters and Nani blocks his way.
Nani : Chotte , what way this that you spoiled Khushi’s life.And who is this Tara.
Arnav : Nani,please leave me alone.And I don’t want anyone to interfere in my personal life.
Lav : ASR,I thought Chamkili(Khushi) would be your last love of your life.I broke up with you because you had feelings for chamkili and after some few months I found my true love that was your brother Nk.Khushi gave her life for you but still you don’t respect her.How cruel.
Arnav : Lavanya,can we just change the topic please.And this my life.I can have how many girlfriends I want .Sheetal,you and Khushi are my past and now my present is only Tara.

(Lavanya is surprised to see the changed Arnav ,who has again became ASR.She thought that the ASR who no one can change him to Arnav that only Khushi, her chamkili could do so and she left him for her and now that Arnav who loves Khushi a lot as turned back into ASR).

Episode Ends.

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Next Part : Tara’s entry (Barun’s BHPH co-star).

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