AK : Phirse Jeena Woh Lamhein (Episode 3)


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Episode 3

In the morning

Khushi sees her daughters sleeping outside and she gets hurt but she only wanted them to not be under their dad’s sight.That’s why she took this step.Her full night went thinking that what will Arnav do next to give her more pain and as he knows where she is staying. He will trouble her like hell. It’s become a night mare for her for what he had done last night to her .Aarav comes through the back door as Khushi opens the door for him as she wanted someone to console her as she was busy in the kitchen making jalebis as much as she can and eats it herself ,like she always does whenever she is worried or angry on someone. She does this to distract her.Aarav comes and holds her hand.

Aarav: Mom, I know it’s your old habit to remove your stress and worries by making jalebis.But mom I am on your side always and will never be on Dad’s side after what he did to you. You know mom I always wanted you and dad together but I feel now I should not do that and its better not to reveal to Arshi and Arhi that I am their brother and dad is their father as that will affect them a lot .
Khushi : That’s why , Aarav I kept Arshi and Arhi unknown of the fact that who is their father but I don’t want to go back to RM as I left from there for saving my reputation .
Aarav : What reputation mom?
Khushi : Aarav its better that some secrets remain as secrets .
Aarav : Mom,you don’t trust me .Well mom I don’t want any explanation as I completely trust your decision and i know it might be true .Well mom I wanted to tell you something .
Khushi : What happened Aarav? You look tensed!
Aarav : Mom,Laksmiji died as soon as you left the house.Everyone was heartbroken specially Laksmiji,she was so attached to you that she became sick and died and you know what when Lavanya chachi got married to Nk chachu she missed Laksmiji as she didn’t get to see her again.(she was sad that she wasn’t there for his and her best friend Lav’s marriage )

Khushi’s eyes started to water as she meant Laksmiji (the goat) like her best friend whom she could share her feelings and problems though she was an animal .After her Devi Maiya,Laksmiji was her closest friend to be with always as she couldn’t speak but used to always be with Khushi.

Aarav : Mom don’t cry.I don’t like tears in your eyes .

Listening to that Arhi and Arshi got up and they went to see their mom.

Arhi Arshi : Mom what happened. Why are you crying ?
Aarav : Nothing.Is just that I have brought a small puppy for your mom and here is the puppy and its named “Laksmiji”.Yes its named after Laksmiji our cute goat and I came here to give a sweet gift to your mom.

Khushi didn’t knew how to react and hugged Aarav.”I love you Aarav,Its really an awesome suprise.Well Arhi and Arshi,from now onwards Aarav is your brother and he is my son.
(Khushi tried to cover up and made that understanding eye contact to Aarav to make understand what she meant. )

Arshi & Arhi : Meaning from now onwards ,Aarav is considered as our brother and that ASR our father.
Khushi : No no, only Aarav you have to treat him as your elder brother and he will be known as my son for me as he will refer mom to me personally .
Arshi and Arhi were touched and they went on their knees and pardon for forgiveness from their mom for what they did.Arhi and Arshi were in tears and Khushi caressed them

Khushi : “No no sweeties , you are not to be blamed and I know for what reason you took that step up.For me,to give a helping hand in earning money and running the house .I am blessed to have 4 kids .”Khushi’s tear rolled down her cheeks when she referred to as 4 kids .
Kids : 4 kids? But including Aarav bhai now we are only 3 !
Khushi : Nothing sweethearts .Can we change the topic

(Aarav noticed that Khushi was hiding something but he changed the topic.)

Aarav replies ” Mom,why have you changed on to modern clothes like top and pants .I am really amazed by your new look after your indian avatar.”
Khushi : I had to Aarav, to get a new life style and new personality as time changes we have to modernize ourselves (Khushi gave an hint to Aarav that she changed so to hide that she was ever Khushi.)Well my lakshmiji is really cute and love her style she reminds of me of my lakshmiji alot her naughtyness and sweetness. I just love her .Isn’t she cute.
Arshi and Arhi thinks “Maybe mom is thinking about her pets when she was young”

Aarav : Mom,I have put a mannat in a mosque which is near to your house .That when I will find you I will go and thank God for fulfilling my wish of getting my mom back.
Khushi : Yeah sure Aarav , why not and I will surely take Arshi and Arhi along with me and plus you too also come as its your wish that god made it fulfilled.

Aarav smiled and hugged Khushi and even Arshi and Arhi hugged Khushi and they all smiled and Khushi was reminded when her father said so that “Heart Relations are more precious than Blood Relations “on the next day when she met the person who gave her pain in her life as soon as she met him and she got reminded that even though she was not her father’s and mother’s own daughter she was more precious to them than Payal but they both where considered equal as both were their kids and similar was the situation of Khushi as a mother .

Anjali went near her chotte .

Anjali : Chotte,I have made a wish in the mosque again to give me the happiness which I needed and now when its fulfilled by Rahulji coming to my life , I want to thank god so i want you to go on behalf of me .I know you must be thinking of yours and Khushiji’s second meet right in the same mosque a few years back.Chotte, we were both small when our parents died but Mamaji and Mami took care of us.Like that only Khushiji was brought up but she considered her uncle and aunt as her parents but we didn’t considered but still we respected them as our parents .That’s one quality of Khushiji I like about .Chotte I don’t know why you are angry with Khushiji even though she gave you a happiness of love and plus a joy of being a father .When you threw her out of the house she was pregnant chotte .

Arnav : But Di , I know that she was pregnant but she didn’t even tell me about her pregnancy but still I knew about it but I don’t know whether its my baby or not.And I guess that b*t*h must be having a boyfriend.

Anjali : How could you say so chotte .Khushiji only loved you and loves you till now chotte .Am sure its your only daughters .And you also know the truth that Khushi is innocent and the babies are yours but your stone hearted heart is not ready to accept it just because of your ego.And I guess its you , who is having a affair with Tara right .Isn’t she your girlfriend.

Arnav : Regarding Tara , I know she is my office employee and rumours like I having an affair with her will become true soon as I wanna show that b*t*h that I can still have someone in my life even though if she left me .Di,I guess jejaji must be waiting for your call.I think you need to speak to him as you are here in Lucknow, he must be waiting for you to go back to Delhi .I guess you should take the next flight to Delhi Di.

Anjali : Chotte,don’t change the topic. If so I don’t want to have a conversation with you as I am tired of making you understand.

Arnav felt bad hurting his sis but he felt he was doing right on his path as he wants to take a revenge on Khushi for leaving him.
Arnav was called for a meeting in Mumbai he thought of visiting the mosque in the evening after his meeting in Mumbai .He soon caught the next flight to Mumbai and he couldn’t believe what he saw in Mumbai and soon after he finished his meeting he left to Lucknow to his Di’s wish to visit the mosque here and thank god for her happiness.

In the mosque

Maula Maula Maula mere Maula (Arziyan) song from Delhi 6 movie plays in the BG Tune.

While Arnav was passing by Khushi’s scarf on her neck flies and falls on to his face and Arnav removes the scarf and Khushi without seeing him moves away and goes inside the mosque and then he also enters the mosque and Khushi goes and sits with her kids (Aarav goes and sits with the men )and prays .
Khushi thanks god that she got her Aarav back and she is happy with her 2 daughters.She wishes to god that hope she doesn’t meet Arnav again to spoil her life again.

Aarav : God,please give me strength to bring out the truth of why mom doesn’t want to be with Dad and show me a way ,How should I woo back my love ?

Aarav looks at his phone wallpaper which has his and Ruhi cute selfie with new Laksmiji with them and smiles and says “I just want you back in my life Ruhi .I can’t live without you for a single moment without your text messages nor your call.”Aarav then sees Arnav a siting behind him and turns his head and tries to hide himself and moves out from there

Khushi : Aarav,Arhi,Arushi I will come just be here only OK I will tie the mannat lock and come.
Arnav was tieing the knot in front of her but due to the railing they both couldn’t see each other and while tieing the lock and moving a side .Arnav’s mannat key falls .
Khushi finds the mannat key and calls out the person whose key fell down.

Khushi : Excuse, your mannat key is fallen here.(Arnav turns back and sees Khushi).
Arnav and Khushi share a eye lock for 5 minutes .They soon break the eye lock.
Arnav : Wow,my prey is here in front of me and that too in this same place again its our second meeting.
Khushi : Its just coincidence and let me tell you Mr.Raizada I am not weak and helpless(bechari) but I am strong able to fight against you.
Arnav : Ooh so just wearing mordern clothes and you think so you have become bold enough .Khushi I know you in and out and I don’t think so you can be able to win over me .
Khushi : I challenge you .Its a deal.I will show you I am that strong enough to not become that person whom you think so I am.
Arnav : Ooh really,then challenge accepted .Let’s see what will you do as I think you will definetly come back to my den.

Khushi leaves and goes to her kids and Arnav phones up the security of Sheeshmahal to put their intimate pics which were taken by the CCTV footage of the room in the media and make Meera’s name spoil.

Arnav : Khushi you think being Meera you will be able to hide your Khushi identity but its not so possible as I have defamed you by using your Meera identity.
Wait what was your full identity.He sees her indentity through his phone mails that were sent by his P.A to know more details of Khushi being Meera.

Name : Meera Mehra
Age : 32
Date of Birth : July 18 1983.
State residing in : Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh,India.
Marital Status : Widow
Spouse : Not Specified
Children : 2
Occupation : A Confectioner in Meera Ka Dhabba and a teacher in St.Claire Convent School.
Qualification : Graduate in St.Teresa College For Girls .

Arnav : Quite impressive Khushi loved your new identity. Its really nice to spoil it .

Khushi was walking on the streets through the market and she seen men staring at her and Aarav was behind her being her bodyguard suddenly they seen a TV shop where all TV’s in that shop showing a news .

Reporter : Dekheiye iss ladki ko kaise ek ameer industrailist ASR ke saath maazee loota rahi hai .ASR ko blackmail karke uss ke saath raas leela raache ke ,apni boli bhali shakal se Arnav ko nagin ki thara dass rahi hai.
(Look at this girl who taking nice fun of having s*x with a big rich industrailist ASR.She blackmailed ASR and asked him to have s*x with her and this poisonous snake see how she is making him dance with him on his tune .)She thinks that doing all this she will be able to be a model and ASR will give her the name and fame .
Be aware of such snakes my dear friends.

Khushi couldn’t control her self she didn’t knew what she had just heard right now gave her so much pain that Arnav could fall so low .

Episode Ends.

Next Episode : Villains entry.Angry

Credit to: Sydell

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  1. Really sad to see this turn of events. Yes, the scenes of earlier episode were a lil too intense but if its necessary for tge story then it has to be. But you too Sydell dont be so rude to your readers. After all they read your story. They were shocked to see Arnav can stoop so low hence they commemted such. Anyways krep writing. I am really eager to see Khushi aka Meera to come out of this phase strongly. And also eager to know the past

    1. Thanks Bisha for standing by actually this story is like that in India Forums never did people react like this and kept supporting me through out now I reached episode 25 in India Forums and it’s really going well and still many episodes to go.And wanted to spread this story around that’s why I came here.
      In India Forums my id is -Dellz- or you can just simply type the full story title on Google search you will get an India Forums link click on it ,if you dont have the link to it then i will send you by email or FB

  2. Another simple way to get the link is just click on my name “Sydell” which is displayed in the comment section it will direct you the link

  3. Sydell you are awesome..
    The episode was great

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