AK : Phirse Jeena Woh Lamhein (Episode 2)


Episode 2

Meera : Please leave me Mr.Raizada.
Aarav : Mom! you were in Lucknow.Why didn’t you contact us ? Mom, I had really missed you a lot.
Meera : Excuse me I am not your mom. I am Meera Mehra and you Mr.Raizada, please put me down, you are hurting me .
Arnav : Aarav she doesn’t have the right to be called your mom and nor my wife .Khushi this pain is minor, but I will give you so much pain that you will regret being my wife .And waise if your name is Meera then how do you know me.
Meera : Everyone knows you ,that you are rich business tycoon.
Arnav : 15 years back when we first met you didn’t knew my name even though I was famous then, Now why Khushi ?

(Arnav drops her down)

Meera : Ahh.How dare you drop me down?
Arnav : It’s my wish as you were in my arms (gives a evily smirk).Security show her the way to the room.
Meera : Please leave me. I have not done any crime and in fact I am not a model, please leave me (None of the security guards listened to her plead and nor do they noticed her innocent tears.)
Arshi & Arhi : Mom..Mom, Aarav where is my mom going and why is your dad talking to my mom like that ?
Aarav : What she is your mom ? But how could she be your mom? She is my mom.Angry(with a angry face).
Arhi : She is Meera Mehra,my mom. And I hope my mom is fine .
Aarav : I don’t know about that as I don’t have any ideaOuch .*Beep Beep*(Aarav’s phone rings,
Aarav picks up the phone)
Ruhi : Hey Aarav,where are you yaar.I am in the backstage of the event.Come soon yaar.I love you Aarav.Aarav replies “I love you too Ruhi”(he hangs up the call)
Arshi : Mom is in a big problem. I guess we did a big blunder,as we shouldn’t have sent mom on the stage.
Arhi nods her head saying yes.

In the Backstage

Ruhi : Where the hell, you were Aarav,you know this freaking crap lehenga is stuck on my body. I can’t open my dori to change on to my jeans and top and I was alone in this room, can you help me yaar.
Aarav : Woah!! It’s entangled babe,let me do it ,but I am feeling kind of uncomfortable as I have not done this before.
Arhi : Aarav bhai,let me do it .(Aarav felt touchy on his heart when Arhi called him “Aarav Bhai”).Waise just go and see if my mom is fine. I just hope she is fine and Arshi is there but the security guards are not letting her go .Just see na if you can (crying and saying)
Ruhi : Ooh my god Arhi baby you are crying, poor thing .I am sure my buddy Aarav will do something as he is the great Jr.ASR,Am I right (wink)
Arhi : But Ruhi Di yeh kadoos Jr.ASR bhai mujse gussa kiya.(making that cute puppy crying face)
Ruhi : Acha baba, Mein iski kabar lethi hoon baad Mein(laughing and saying) but first my sweetie do this for me as you know I love my jeans and top but only for this show I had to wear this crap lehenga as I am the model for this event .(Arhi nodds her head saying “Yes”).

Meera is hesitating to go anywhere and the security drags her and throws her into a room and waits for ASR’s order. Arnav comes with his bodyguards and Arshi goes and pleads in front of Arnav.

Arshi : Please release my mom .Please I beg you sir .
Arhi comes with Ruhi and Aarav.
Arhi : Sir, please release my mom sir we beg you .
(a tear drop rolled down from her cheeks.Arnav felt a pinch on his heart but he laughed and smirked and pressed that tear of her).
I hate just hate tears and pleads and regarding your bl**d* mom.I will do whatever I want I do and Aarav not a word on behalf of them I know you are on their side right .But you have to follow my rules .
Aarav : But dad listen .You not doing right.Mom is not a toy for you.
Arnav : She is a toy for me since the time we got married. And listen no one dares to enter the room.

Arnav locks the door.He sees Khushi lying on the floor sobbing. He goes next to her and slowly makes her stand and brings her close to her and with his tight grip fixing his hand on her waist and he says “I guess you should end your drama of being a abla naari.I know you are not Meera,if you were Meera you would not have being wearing this lehenga and plus as I remember this lehenga’s dori was broken by me right , in this same place and in this same room right and now its fixed .I guess I should break it again right.”

Arnav : Your bechari daughters whom I don’t care whose father’s kids they are, but they were pleading in front of me but I didn’t listen to them.(Khushi felt heartbroken when she heard that Arnav didnt even care about his own daughters) You know Khushi(going more closer to her ).How much also you try to hide your identity, I will surely know that it’s you.Because I sense your heartbeats and fragrance that makes know its you.But like that time ,this time also I will defame you but 15 years back I didn’t touch you but still I defamed you by the clip that shows which you fell on me from the stage.But this time its different .

Arnav breaks her dori again and Khushi is stunned .

Khushi : I didn’t knew you could fall so much .I hate you Mr. Arnav Singh Raizada and listen I am Meera Mehra not your Khushi and don’t ever try your stupid tricks on me otherwise .
Arnav : Otherwise , I feel you will do nothing as I rule Lucknow and Delhi and the whole world. And no one can try to mess with me. Well let me get into my ASR style as I am tired of being that Arnav which you think I am .

Arnav extending his lips and Khushi is refusing and she is trying to avoid it but due to force Arnav gets over her and kisses her brutally ,her lips were bleeding.Arnav sucked her lips he smooched her,and his smooch was so intense that he pinned her to wall and started having s*x with her and still continuing smooching .He broke the smooch and she tried to escape but he held her tight and said “Not so fast.” I will make sure you suffer hell with me” .He ties her with a rope on the bed and covers her eyes with a black cloth and then he goes over her .

Khushi : How could you Mr.Raizada (she cries her heart out)
Arnav : Ooh please stop your nonsense of your crocodile tears and I know its fake and listen I am Arnav Singh Raizada.I make rules and I break rules .I am the judge and the lawyer and I am the evil and a evil for you .Welcome to hell Mrs.Raizada .
He removes his coat ,slowly untieing his tie and then removing his shirt .Khushi feels uncomfortable.He unzips his pant and removes it and
removes her blouse and he removed her lehenga skirt and he drools seeing her in pink bra and pink panty and he was in his boxers .He extended himself and then buried hiss hands on her waist and his bares hands pressed her belly , his nails bruised her ,she felt pain and fear ran down her spine .She didn’t knew what’s going to happen next with her .She remembered that Arnav who asked her permission when they were going have s*x before their second marriage and now seeing him turn like this demon she was shocked .Her hands were bruised due to the tight rope .While they were having their intercourse Khushi felt pain in her abdomen and but Arnav who was in deep revenge didn’t even cared that she was in deep pain , he still continued to shower his lust on her .Her body couldn’t take the pain and she was breathing breathlessly as he kissed his on her neck ,shoulder and then moved on and kissed on her silky belly and then he again smooched her which she was loosing her breathe.

Aarav who couldn’t take it and seeing that they were taking time to comeout Aarav slammed on the door and broke the door and seeing them on the bed having s*x .He felt ashamed and turned and Arnav and Khushi felt ashamed and then Arhi and Arshi slapped Arnav .

Arshi : How dare you do this to my mom.Don’t you have self respect for women and how could you raped my mom.

Arnav couldn’t tolerate and said “How dare you slap me and he raised his hand on her .”

Aarav (Aarav caught his hand) Enough Dad, just enough they are kids Dad. How could you raise hand on small kids ? and because you are my dad I tolerated but how could you do that to Meera aunty and I feel ashamed that you don’t respect women and you are my dad.

Arnav : This lady isnt your aunty.She is my bl**d* wife and your mom dammit and I have full rights on her and listen you girls, you are thrown out of the company from now onwards you are not a member who helps our company in giving ideas of our Lucknow branch .

Khushi was shocked and she was sitting shivering on the bed and getting a shock of her life that her kids are working in the Lucknow branch of AR designes .

Arhi caressed her and untied the rope and removed the cloth on her eyes and seen the bruises on her hand and she caressed it and touched and started to cry and Khushi who was seeing through her blurry vision and then her pupil vision came back to normal and she seen Arhi and removed her hand.

Khushi : How dare you worked in AR designes .I had warned you not to do so and being a minor and too just 15 years, who is yet small and a school going girl is working it’s so bad .

Ruhi : Aarav I didn’t knew that your dad was so cheap and doesn’t respects women .I think I should have not being a girlfriend of yours as I don’t feel safe being your girlfriend .As I don’t trust you after your dad .As a child learns things from their parents .

Aarav : Ruhi please don’t leave me and go .I love you babe please come back to me please .

Aarav sees Ruhi leaving him and going and he couldn’t tolerate her leaving him .Khushi covered her self with her dupatta and changed into her clothes and left to her house Arhi and Arshi were left outside the house as Khushi locked the door from inside and she wept thinking that her kids are gone into a wrong part and plus her son who she just met a few hours ago also is having a girlfriend and too she broke up with him as she doesn’t feel safe being with his family .

Episode Ends

Credit to: Sydell

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  3. Please don’t do this. This is not arnav, he can do anything in anger but he didn’t tell low like this….. sry I didn’t like ur track….

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  4. Pls don’t spoil the image of Arnav

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      1. who are you tell me whats wrong and whats bad,i havent spoiled any scenes.its my stroy.i can do anything what i want.This stroy is doing well in India Forums ,no one questioned me ever on work.They all love my work its because you are not a reader of my stories in India Forums.I am a very exprienced writer and i know my job ok

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