AK : Phirse Jeena Woh Lamhein (Episode 1)


Episode 1

15 years later
The camera zooms showing the beauty of Lucknow known for its tradition(tehzeeb) and the camera zooms on showing the small villa where there is a wedding going on.Khushi is on the phone talking to her daughters, who are twins.
Khushi/Meera : “Arhi,please handle everything ohk baby and take care of Arshi and no fighting ok.Yes ok I will come by then.Don’t open the door for strangers ok.Love you Arshi Arhi.Bye”… ”
Arre Meera bitiya,who was it dear and is the jalebi and laddos done” says a voice of aunt of the bride.
Meera : Yes! Yes! Aunty, the laddos and jalebis are done, just a few more are left.Well aunty my kids were calling me home as they have some work so after finishing my work I will leave aunty.Sorry for not staying back.
Aunt : Meera bitiya,how many kids do you have ? and where is your husband and why are you not wearing magalsutra and sindhoor?
Meera : (Khushi thinks about her Arnavji and Aarav and her real identity that she left in Delhi and came back to her native place Lucknow where her Arnavji’s mansion was before and her and Arnav’s first meetings here, she wipes her tears and becomes bold) I am a widow and have 2 daughters only and this is my family.

In Meera’s Flat
Arhi and Arshi Mehra,the twins were busy watching Salman Khan’s new movie Bhajrangi Bhaijaan and wanted to finish watching it before their mom knows they are watching their mom’s fav actor’s movie. As she is crazy over Salman.
Arshi : Arhi Di,See what I found from Mom’s locker, her modeling pics,she looks so beautiful as she was before.I guess, we should bring mom on the ramp walk right and that too with her new lehenga
Arhi : But Arshi,mom will come to know about us working as a part time job as a designer as to whom we give designs to AR designs .She will not let us work anymore and that too she won’t tolerate us seeing us as a designer as she hates modeling and designing because of her past and plus she didn’t even tells us about who is our dad and where is our family.
Arshi : Arhi Di,Don’t worry .I will handle mom.(with a wink)

In Sheeshmahal(Lucknow)
A Helicopter lands on the ground and 2 men come out in heroistic entry with attitude, style and class with Raymond suiting of 3 piece suit and a classy and s*xy looking Ray Ban glasses .Girls drooling on them specially the reporters as ASR and junior ASR pass by them and click pictures and wait for them to give autographs .
They enter into Sheeshmahal and Akash and Samrat(Akash’s 15 year old son) follows the ASR and Jr.ASR and Akash says to Samrat.
Akash : Samrat learn something from your elder cousin brother Aarav who in 20 years and is working as a business tycoon and still continuing his college and listen go with him everywhere ok.(Samrat nods his head saying yes). Bhai,today’s fashion event is being held in the ground right there the arrangement is being done .Hope you like it Bhai.
Nk : Nanav mere bhai,Akash is saying right,by the way yeh dhamaal wala arrangement kiya hai by our kids specially Dhruv mera bher .
Arnav : Nk how many times do I need to tell you call me “Arnav” not “Nanav” or call me “ASR” its better and its not “Dhamaal” its “Kamaal” and its not “Bher” its “Sher”.15 years have become still there is no change in your Hindi dammit.And the arrangement even Samrat has done a good helping hand and even Pari (Akash’s daughter) and Roshini (Anjali’s daughter) who in very small age who are just 13 and 14 year old’s have helped their brother’s.Well anyways let’s get inside .
Dealer Malik: The Sheeshmahal’s owners are where,I guess they have come back for the Fashion Event !!
Aarav : Its me Aarav Singh Raizada.Well why is the deal being done.
Dealer : I guess you are Arnav’s son right .Thats why he has made the mansion on your name .
“Yes,Chacha ” says with a husky voice Arnav entering and starting the convo .
Dealer : Arnav bitwa , please give me at least some share in this Mansion property .I am your uncle right .
Aarav : Dad, what share property? And how is he your uncle ?
Arnav : Its none of your business Aarav .Well Chacha like I said earlier,you are not worth of being a share holder of this mansion and as I am the company’s head of AR designes ,I have to attend my event .Sorry and security guards show him the way to the exit .I don’t have any connection with him .
Arnav leaves with attitude and pride and says “Mein oousolo ka paka hoon aur pessa hi mere liye sab kuch hai”(I am good with my rules and for me money is everything ).
Aarav smriks and says in his mind “Dad,I will bring the change in you with the storm back again(thinking about his mom) ”

In the event

Arnav : Ladies and Gentlemen I welcome to another big event in Lucknow.After 15 years yet this event is still special with its uniqueness .This is my sis Anjali Sharma(married to Rahul Sharma after the divorce with Shyam) and my son Aarav Singh Raizada .Arnav hands over the mike to Aarav.
Aarav : Welcome to this magnificent event Ladies and Gentleman.I am your host and dost and my dad and 2 uncles Akash and Nk are the judges of this event and my aunt Anjali is the chief guest .So let’s give a huge round of applause .
Reporter : Waise Jr.ASR,where is your mom ? And Mr.ASR your wife and you had met in this same event right and where is she ?
Arnav : I don’t care a damn of your stupid questions regarding my personal life ! This is a event please ask questions regarding events ! Aarav go ahead with the event .

In Meera’s Flat

Meera comes in and says “Today,was just a tiring day .Waise why you guys call me so soon ? Nicely I could have enjoyed the event and have you finished studying girls ? (Khushi removing her bangles and changing on to night dress)”

Arshi : Mom,now its just 7:00 pm .Mom please come with us to an event .Mom no excuses and wear this lehenga .I know you have not worn this for a long time i guess and its still brand new.
Meera : Please Arshi baby, I don’t want to wear this lehenga .(Khushi thinks that this same lehenga she wore on that day when she met Arnav)
Arhi : Mom,please come na . For me at least (Arshi making that puppy face and similar one Arshi does .)
Meera : Acha baba, I will wear but Arhi I feel you are following into Arshi’s traits.
Arshi : Mom,she is my sis and she should do so.(they both hug Meera cutely).

In Fashion Show

Meera feels something strange as if her heart is ready to blast .Her heart is beating “Dhak Dhak” in her chest.

Meera : Hey Devi Maiya, what’s happening to me ? I feel like as if I can feel and sense him . No he can’t be here and this area .Hey Devi Maiya,Sheeshmahal and fashion show.
Arshi and Arhi : Mom come here ,I will introduce you to my friends .
Meera : But babies , this is a fashion show not a birthday party.
Arshi & Arhi : Mom come here na
Meera : Where are you taking me girls ..ahh

Arshi and Arhi pushes her towards the stage and Meera feeling ashamed facing the audience and she gets reminded when she first ramped walked on this same place and her feet trembled and she gulped down her breathe and then calmed down .She removed her fear of ramp walking on this stage and remembered her Mrs. India Contest in Delhi where she ramped walked .The old Khushi came back into Meera and she took a first step and posed like a model putting her head straight .Attitude ,beauty, elegance glittering on her face as she walked the ramp and posed she seen her husband and her son which gave her peace smile on her face which she didn’t get from 15 years but then she got bold and didn’t stare at them and looked at the audience .
But her duppata which made her slip when she first met him again became her stoppage and she again fell on to her husband arms .
The reporters were taking the full coverage .For a moment , Arnav was shocked and angry though he got relived seeing her and that beauty of hers which makes him drool also went away when the past reminded him about Khushi leaving him and going, he pressed her tight and she was feeling the pain and suppressing it.
Aarav is shocked and stunned seeing his mom and making that Big O shape mouth moment and saying “Mom you “.
Arshi and Arhi giggled as they are happy seeing their mom in a big hottie industrialist arms.

Episode Ends.

Credit to: Sydell

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