AJNABHII – Episode 8 & 9


RJ announce.. Good evening Delhi.. Welcome to our special programme ” Do you love someone secretly ?” Firstly we will discuss about the symptoms..

1 whenever your secret love is around you start admiring them..( arshi recall admiring each other)
2 you will have some cute eyelocks..
3 you will be unaware of surroundings & blurt out anything anywhere..

Kushi : ( to herself ) God all these happen with me.. It means do I love him.. Ah.. This radio is really stupid..

4 you.. ( kushi switch off the radio )

Arnav : what the.. Didn’t I say I wanted to know about one girl..

Kushi : she love you..

Arnav : what..? I mean how you know.. ( he ask intentionally )

Kushi : who wouldn’t fall for the great ASR

Arnav : ( murmur ) who cares about the rest..

Kushi : I heard it..

Arnav : leave that tell me Do you love someone secretly ?

Kushi : Stop the car..

Arnav : what ? Why?

Kushi : my home came so..

Kushi get down & move into compound giving one last stare to arnav..

Arnav : you didn’t answer me..

Kushi turn give one shy smile..

Kushi : you’re intelligent enough I suppose..

She run inside.. While Arnav smile & drive off

Kushi get in all blushing..

Buaji : kushi come fast let’s have dinner

Nothing reaches kushi’s ears..

Buaji : arre oh titaliya sun rahi ho.. ( oh crazy girl are you listening )

Kushi is just walking unaware of their talks.. Lavanya go & pinch her.. Bringing back to senses..

Kushi : ouch la.. What are you doing.. ( she say rubbing her hand )

Buaji : yeh lo.. In which world are you.. ? Koyi raajkumar milgaya kya.. ( found someone ah.?)

Kushi : buaji.. Nothing like that..

They all start teasing her all more not letting her having dinner..

Kushi : stop it pehle woh aur ab tum log.. ( first he & now you people )

All : woh..!!! (He..!!)( they exclaim teasingly)

Buaji : Koun hai woh.. ( who is he )

Kushi : no one..

Payal : jhoot koyi tho hai.. ( lie someone is there)

Kushi : koyi AJNABHII tha.. ( some stranger )

La : I think I know that AJNABHII.. ( she give teasing smile to kushi.. While kushi threaten her with fork )

Raizada mansion

Arnav while walking towards his room hear this conversation & stop..

Nani : will you both speak up something.. You’re scaring me now ( arnav about to enter the room but stop hearing the next statement )

Anjali : Maa papa are coming for engagement.. Shashi uncle have invited them..

Nani : I know that.. Shashi took my permission before inviting them.. I couldn’t deny no matter how much I hate them..

Arnav about to strode in but again stopped by next statement..

Shy : we are worried about chote.. He will definitely won’t like them around..

Anj : what if he misbehave.. You know his anger nani..

Shy : we critised their upbringing & took arnav with us.. &..

Nani : you’ve changed chote a lot.. You both have carved him into a jem of a person.. No one will dare to point at you both.. Definitely not those two..

Anj : chote ka gussa ( chote’s anger )

Shy : he will definitely burst out on them & they just need one chance to accuse Anjali.. And chote won’t be quite hearing that.. It will be a complete mess..

Nani : those 2 dont have any right to accuse or raise question on chote’s upbringing.. They’ve lost that right.. And you two stop giving them so much importance.. They’re just guests of Shashi.. Nothing more ( nani say angrily while these two start thinking what now.. Seeing their faces nani calmly )

Nani : you both are thinking too much.. Aap ek baar chote se baat kijiye woh maan jayenge aur khudko sambhaalenge ( you two talk to arnav once.. He will agree & will stay composed in function )

Anj : par.. ( but..)

Interrupted by a sound of something breaking all 3 turn to see arnav standing at door with his hand bleeding due to broken vase.. Trio understood that he heard them..

Arnav : woh dono yaha nahi aayenge ( those two shouldn’t come here )

He scream.. Anj- shy tend to him..
Anjali try holding his hand & he shrug off & storm out.. These two go behind him pleading him to stop but he take the car & drive off.. Both stand devasted in the compound while Aman arrive.. On knowing the situation he drive behind arnav..

Aman kept following him.. It was really hard as arnav was driving too fast & rashly.. But after almost an hour of this arnav noticed a car following him all the while.. It didn’t take him long to recognise whose it was.. Arnav applied brakes which made aman too stop the car

Arnav : What the Aman..!!

He said with rage getting out of the car aman too came out with bit scared face seeing Arnav’s anger.. His hand was still bleeding..

Aman : If you are done with your fast and furious let’s go home please.. ( he plead )

Arnav : Aman.. what the hell are you doing here

Aman : after the way you strode out.. ( interrupted)

Arnav : leave me alone..

Aman : if we don’t reach home Anjali di & jijaji will send whole Delhi police in search of their chote.

Arnav : give me the keys I’ll drive..

Aman gave him but arnav walked back to his car & sat in..

Aman : Are we leaving in your car.. Ok

he try to open the door but its locked.. He look at arnav.. He understand what he’s doing

Aman : ASR No.! You can’t leave me alone here..

Arnav starts the car..

Aman : at least give me my keys.. I swear I won’t follow you.. ASR.. Damn..

Arnav drive off leaving behind aman..

Finally arnav stop near some park.. He find a bench their.. He go & sit on it all frustrated.. There he notice a wine bottle ( dont ask me how it came there.. Lets imagine Someone might have left) He pull it out & start drinking..

Aman : ( on call ) jijaji what now..

Shy : I’m coming there let’s find him together..

In car..

Kushi, payal & la..

Kushi : ice cream was so yummy..

La : I wonder why everyone is against it..

Kushi : we should start protest against ice cream haters..

La : first on list will be buaji..

Kushi & la giggle..

Payal : stop all this & drive fast before buaji gets to know that we have sneaked out of home that too this far..

Kushi apply sudden brakes seeing arnav..

Payal : what’s wrong kushi…

Kushi : Arnav..!!

La & payal : Arnav ? Where..?

Kushi notice arnav’s hand bleeding badly.. She tend to him..

Kushi : Arnav what’s this..? What are you doing here.. ( she try to hold his hand but he shrug off )

Arnav : stay away.. Leave me alone..

By his voice it was evident he was drunk..

Payal : he’s drunk.. Call Anjali di..

Kushi : we can’t tell her.. La call Aman..

Aman cut the call as he was with Anj- Shy searching arnav.. Now 4th time phone rings..

Anj : pick it aman.. Might be some emergency..

Aman : ( on call ) I’m busy will call you later..

La : arre.. Listen.. ASR is here..

Aman : what !!? Where.. ?

She give him details..

La cut the call.. Their phones get a alert message.. They had a set a censor to rooms if buaji knocks the door then they’ll get message.

La : oh what now..

Payal : we will get caught..

Kushi : No.. You two leave.. I’ll take care of him..

Payal : no kushi we can’t leave you alone here..

Kushi : buaji won’t let us step out if we get caught.. Don’t worry leave I’ll manage..

They both leave.. Kushi remove her scarf & come towards arnav..

Arnav : I said stay away..

Kushi : your hand is bleeding badly let me..

Arnav : no.. ( he again start drinking.. Bottle is almost empty now kushi snatches it & throw away.. )

Kushi : enough.. You’re already not in your senses

Arnav sit silently ignoring her but he doesn’t even let her treat him.. His hand was really getting worse.. So kushi forcefully held his hand.. He tried to withdraw but kushi yelled..

Kushi : stop it Arnav..

Arnav : leave me on my state

Kushi : enough Arnav.. Dont act like a kid..

Arnav : Haan.. For you too I look like kid now.. ASR is a kid.. So everything is hidden from him ah.. From di’s marraige truth to this.. ( interrupted)

Kushi : chup.. Apni jelebi ki baat bhi nahi maanoge.. ( quite.. Won’t you listen to your jelebi also )

Arnav : jelebi..!? Are you my jelebi..!!?

Kushi now realise what she said.. But she herself dont know how it came to her mind.. They’re having an eyelock.. Both are searching answers in each other’s eyes.. Involuntarily Arnav lean towards kushi without breaking the eyelock.. Kushi is so lost in his eyes she doesn’t realise what they’re up to.. He’s about to peck her lips.. But unfortunately a sound of car brings kushi back to senses.. Arnav is high due to wine..

Anj shy & aman get down & tend to arshi…

Aman pass umbrella to kushi while shy hold umbrella for arnav but arnav try to move away.. Anjali hold him.. He shrug her hand & move but trip as he is not stable.. Shy hold him & make him sit on bench..

Arnav : (like a kid ) Ask them to leave.. I’m not talking to them.. And I don’t want this umbrella..

He try to pull it off but shyam tighten his grip.. Then they notice the wound

Anjali : chote.. Give your hand..

Arnav is reluctant to show his hand..

Kushi : di I’m trying since soo long but he’s not ready to get it dressed..

Arnav glare her for complaining.. While kushi pass the scarf ignoring his looks.. Shyam hold his hand forcefully & anjali try to tie scarf.. Arnav try to withdraw..

Shyam : chote chup.. Hilenge nahi ab aap warna maar padhegi.. ( arnav stop.. Don’t you dare move.. Or else you will get a slap )

Arnav stare shyam like a stubborn angry kid..

Shyam : ghoor kya rahe aap.. Haath dijiye ( why are you staring.. Give your hand)

Kushi is watching all this without blinking her eyes.. She is shocked to see this version of arnav.. He’s acting like a kid.. Even though he is drunk but she couldn’t take his eyes off him his cute antics were just adorable..

They tie scarf & all 5 sit in car.. Kushi in front seat with aman & arnav is in between anj & shy.. They reach hospital and Arnav’s hand dressing is done.. They reach Gupta mansion..

Kushi : Aman.. Stop here itself.. Buaji will kill me if she gets to know I sneaked out..

Anj : sneaked out..?

Kushi : haan di.. We wanted to have ice cream..

Arnav : ( screaming ) buaji.. Buaj.. ( shyam close his mouth.. )

Kushi : Arnav what’s wrong..

Arnav : you trapped me that day informing di about ice cream now see I’ll trap you.. Bua.. ( shyam close his mouth.. )

Shy : kushi you leave before your buaji wakes up..

La & payal wave kushi from balcony.. They leave down ladder.. & kushi climbs through it& raizadas leave to Raizada mansion..

Precap : Nani : what’s wrong with him..

Shy : Kuch nahi dadi.. Neend aayi hai ine ( nothing.. He’s just sleepy )

Arnav : ( drunken voice) jhoot.. ( lie..)

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  1. Veronica

    Wow…I loved Khushi’s,reaction on Arnav’s behaviour!And the precap seems funny….The epi was so funny and emotional.waiting eagerly for next

  2. I like it. And khushi reaction was quite

  3. Soo cute asr

  4. I loved it
    But m angry with u
    Plz ek br infrm kr dia kro na if u r late
    M sorry but m mad aftr ur ffs
    I Search fr them every now n then
    Plz ping

  5. Anaya

    Thank you so much veronica, lucky, vavachi & vaishali

  6. Anaya

    I’m really sorry for being irregular guys. Have some personal issues & upon that I’m a secret writer.. Neither my family nor my friends know about this.. So it becomes really difficult to write when they’re around.. But don’t worry I’ll be regular from next week pakka.. Sorry for delay

  7. Fanficoholic

    awwwwwww the arnav khushi bickeringgg was so cute. so they hav indirectly confessed to each other. amazinggg epi. and arnav in any ff doesn’t leave his angry young man avatar. bt he looks cute in that avatar nly. after all asr without gussa looks so dulllll. amazing epi. keep on writing and I wll keep on supporting u

    1. Anaya

      Thank u so much fanficoholic..

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