AJNABHII – Episode 7


Recap : Kushi’s misunderstanding cleared.. She’s happy to know Arnav is single..

Lavanya & kushi come to arnav’s study where he is discussing something with Akash..

La : aman. Arnav.. ( she’s panting )

Aman : take a breath first..

Kushi : pandit ( priest ) has arrived to fix marriage dates..

La : what now.. ( she ask worriedly )

Aman : don’t worry.. We’ve bribed him.. He will fix the marriage after some 6 months..

Kushi : but payal di & Akash..?

Arnav : they’ll get married now..

La : thank u sooo much arnav you plan everything so well..

Aman : if your done praising him.. Give some time to me too..

La : jealous ah..

Aman : whatever.. Come let’s have a walk..

He drag her..

Kushi : wait I’ll also come.. ( she just wanted to avoid arnav )

Aman – la look at her irritated..

Arnav : you carry on guys I’ll accompany her

He smirk at kushi who get nervous..

Aman – la leave.. Kushi about to go but arnav hold her hand.. She doesn’t turn..

Arnav : So Ms.Kushi you wanted know something some time ago..

Kushi : no nothing.. ( she stammer )

Arnav : I thought you would be happy knowing I’m single..

Kushi : no.. ( she just wanted to escape from him )

Arnav : so you’re not happy then..

Kushi : ( turn to him & immediately ) I didn’t say that..

Arnav smirk while kushi bite her lips for blurting all this..

Arnav : then what you meant.. Would you please explain..

Kushi try to move out but arnav pull her pinned kushi to wall

Kushi : leave me.. ( she say feebly without meeting his eyes )

Arnav : but you didn’t answer me..

She look into his eyes.. This proximity again bring some flashes into their minds..


Boy : what was that.. You literally tore her book..

Girl : its not my mistake..

Boy : dont lie.. I saw you doing that..

Girl : I tore it because… she wrote your name with hers.. Inside a heart..

Boy : what the.

Girl : you dont see anything. She start admiring you whenever you’re around.. I think she want to be your gf.. I just hate her

Boy : well you also do the same.. So do you also want to be my gf.. ( he ask curiously )

Girl : ( blushing ) yes..

Boy : ( shocked ) what. !!!?

Flashback ends.. As aman & la barge in.. & arshi break their stance Arnav move back but Aman la notice their proximity..

Aman : your friend is too fast la.. If you haven’t left ASR yourself she would have.. ( he stop seeing arshi’s glares )

Arnav : why are you back..

Aman : sorry for disturbing but it was urgent..

La : that pandit fixed our wedding after 6 months but..

Arshi : but..?

Aman : but engagement after a week along with akash & payal..

Kushi : what..!!?

La : we are trapped..

Arnav : what’s the big deal.. We will get engaged its not marriage.. We will break it later..

Kushi- la : No..

Aman : if you forgot there is even a special kangan ( bangle ) ritual done according to raizada tradition.. We can’t disrespect that..

Arnav : I don’t believe in all that..

La : but I do. I can’t do this..

Arshi : then what now

Aman : as there will be veil over bride’s face.. So. Instead of Lavanya let’s make someobe else..

Arnav : ok done I’ll hire someone..

Kushi get irritated Lavanya notices it..

La : why hire someone else.. Kushi can take my place..

All 3 look at her shocked but are happy inside..

La : I mean kushi too doesn’t believe in all this… She’ll do this for her best friend.. Right kushi.. We can’t take risk of hiring some unknown person they may blackmail us later..

Arnav : I don’t have a problem if kushi agree..

All 3 look at kushi..

Kushi : well I too dont have a problem..

Anj-shy room..

Anjali is all tensed.. Shyam walk in & hug her from behind..

Shy : what happened.. Why are you so tensed..

Anj : chote’s engagement in a week..

Shy : you must be the happiest person then.. Or you’re jealous that chote don’t have enough time for you.. Dont worry I’ll make it up for you.. ( he try to get romantic but anj push him back )

Anj : you’re not getting my point.. Papa is shashi uncle’s friend.. He will invite papa.. Mami has invited maa.. They both will come..

Shy : what..? Well this was expected.. We can’t avoid them all our life anjali..

Anjali : but chote..?

Both get worried..


Everyone busy teasing Akash payal.. Arshi aman la are in their own world.. Kushi trying hard to avoid arnav.. But she could feel his constant gaze on her..

Later anjali ask Arnav to drop kushi & Lavanya.. But la leave with aman.. Invetibly kushi had to travel alone with arnav..


Kushi turn on radio to avoid any conversation with arnav but he turns it off..

Arnav : we have lots to discuss.. Let’s not waste time in that stupid radio..

Kushi : stu.. ( Arnav interrupt )

Arnav : tell me what type if ring would you like..

Kushi : ah.. Ring why.. ( nervous )

Arnav : ( smirk ) I suppose ½ an hour ago that you would be my fiancee..

Kushi : what..!!?

Arnav ; i mean for next 6 months.. So tell me about your likes..

Kushi : ( in mind ) anything you like.. ( to arnav ) ah.. ( Arnav interrupt )

Arnav : I heard.. I mean I read it…

He stop the car. & remove a small box from his pocket & place it over kushi’s hand..

Arnav : open it.. ( she find a beautiful ring ) so this is my choice

Kushi is mesmerised seeing it..

Arnav : do you like it..

Kushi : ( lost in thoughts ) I love it..

Hearing it arnav take the ring & slide it inside kushi’s finger..

Arnav : perfect..

Now kushi come back to senses & look at arnav’ shocked..

Arnav : what.. I was just checking the size.. Our real engagement will after a week only. I mean fake real one..

Kushi just nod.. Unable utter anything.. She’s speeches by his teases..

Kushi : ( to herself ) is he flirting.. Did he just propose me or what.. God this man really do affect me a lot.. Those eyes.. I always get lost in them.. Thank God he’s single.. Wait.. Kushi what are you thinking.. Hey devi maiyya.. He will drive me crazy..

To come out of these thoughts she switch on the radio but to her fate.. They announce a programming named.. “Do you love someone secretly ?”

Kushi about to switch off but arnav hold her hand..

Arnav : wait..

Kushi : you just said stupid radio..

Arnav : well this program seems interesting.. Actually I’ve doubt on one girl. That she secretly love me.. So..

Kushi : dont lie.. ( angrily )

Arnav : why would I.. I mean I too like her.. Just that.. I want to confirm through this radio. She’s also hearing so..

Kushi : ( jealous ) and how do you know that..?

Arnav raise his eyebrow thinking how naive she is.. By his teasing smirk reality strike her mind..

Kushi : ( to herself ) us ge talking about me.. !!?

Precap : Ring ceremony..

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  1. Veronica

    Arshi are so cute ????….I loved the epi….Update the next one soon…Waiting for other ffs also dea! Wow I cant stop commenting…it was so romantic,cute and made me go awww

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    arshi…………..i loved arshi more n more by reading this………..so lovely episode yaar,,,,,,,,,,,,keep writing……………..waiting for next one

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