AJNABHII – Episode 6


Sorry for making you all for very long.. There were some personal issues & I was very disturbed couldn’t concentrate on writing anything.. Even I tried writing a epi which turned disastrously bad so thought of sorting out everything & then continue my stories… sorry again..

Shyam : ( on call) Chote se baat huyi aapki ( did you talk to arnav)

Anjali : no.. His phone is switched off

Shyam : ek aur phone tod di unhone ( he broke one more phone )

Anjali : hume lag hi raha tha..

After an hour

Anjali shyam in arnav’s room..

Arnav ignore them.

Anjali : chote where is your phone.. Broke this one too

Arnav : what’s its use when none are picking my call..

Shyam : ok fine here is your new one.. Come let’s have food..

Arnav : I’m not hungry..

Anjali : God chote you’re behaving like 5year old now..

Shyam : Look at that pout on your face.. Who would believe angry Arnav Singh Raizada is kid at home.. Let me click a pic..

He immediately takes one pic..

Shyam : see now if you won’t come for dinner this pic will go viral..

Anjali : what will be the caption hmm..

Arnav : stop it you both.. I’m hungry let’s go..

Gupta’s arrive to India..

Kushi : you both are finally here… ( she hug them.. & they drag her to room)

Payal : you spied on your jijus perfectly na..

Kushi : OMG di.. You’re so curious to know..

Payal : tell na kushi.. Isn’t he perfect for me..

La : and my fiancee is not at all perfect for me right..

Kushi : big no for both of you..

Both : what..!!?

Kushi : di how can you think that laad governor is perfect for you.. Angry kadoos kahika.. You’re so sweet how will you manage with him di & you Lavanya your fiancee is just perfect silent soft spoken & you’re rejecting him..!!?

Payal : ( to herself ) akash is laad governor.. Angry kadoos.. No never..

La : ( to herself ) silent soft spoken.. That too ASR.. impossible.. Not even in dreams..

Kushi : and di you were right his Secretary always eave drop over him.. Be careful..

Payal : I knew it.. I’ll kill h..( interuppted )

La : what about my .. ( interrupts )

Kushi : look la.. I accept your lover is nice decent good looking person & perfect but just not for you la try to understand..

La : no never.. If I marry then its only that person no one else..

Kushi : hey devi maiyya isse sadbudhhi dijiye ( oh God give her some brain)

Raizada mansion

Akash & Aman are desperately waiting for their respective love..

Arnav : stop staring the door as if you both gonna eat it up..

Kushi enters from that door wearing a beautiful anarkali red salwar.. Arnav is awestruck looking at her.. She too notice his gaze on her.. Both have a cute eyelock… rabba ve plays in background..
Akash & aman notice this… They clear their throat breaking arshi’s eyelock…

Akash : now why are you staring door bhai

Aman : correction akash.. not door its physiotherapists whom our ASR what to eat..

Arnav glare them.. While kushi feel embarrassed & hurriedly move in…

Kushi : ( to herself ) what’s wrong with me devi maiyya.. I’m falling for him.. No no..

In midst of this thoughts she slip but as usual arnav hold her… The flashes start coming into her mind again…

A small boy is sitting writing something while another little girl sitting infront of him is staring him continuously..

Boy : Is the assignment written on my face why are you staring me..

Girl : you look so cute when angry..

That boy gives her angry glare..

Girl : look look you’re getting cuter now..

Boy : stop watching those daily soaps like saajan ka sasuraal before you get completely mad..

Girl : Nannav…

Boy : teek se mera naam tho bolna aatha nahi.. Aur serial dekhigi.. ( don’t know to pronounce my name properly but wanna watch serial )

Girl : one day I’ll get your name right that day you should not call me jelebi..

Boy : let’s see.. I think I’ve to wait for ages for that ….

Their stance broken by HP..

HP : woh guptaji aaye hai.. ( Gupta’s gave come )

After a while.. Kushi going to call akash..

Kushi : ( to herself ) Hey devi maiyya who are these jelebi & nannav.. These kids have taken my sleep away.. But that boy was cute..

She reach study.. There she hear..

Amaya ( Akash’s secretary ) & Akash talking

Amaya : sir you look desperate..

Akash smile..

Amaya : I’m eager to meet ASR’s fiancee..

Akash : not fine.. You’re my secretary & eager to meet bhai’s fiancée..

Amaya : of course sir.. That girl must have something special that ASR have agreed to marry her..

Kushi : ( murmur ) shameless.. This girl is in full plan to spoil my friend’s life.. How shall I save la from her..


Arshi, akash payal, aman, Lavanya are sitting in garden..

Arnav : So Lavanya you sure about it na.. ?

Akash : you shouldn’t regret later.. We know your choice is good but your papa will surely be hurt.. Are you getting me..

Kushi : ( murmur ) choice is good.. God..

La : I’ve full faith my love & I’m sure..

Kushi : there’s still time la change your decision

La : I’ve decided I’ll marry him only

Aman : why are you not happy with her decision kushi…

Kushi : I can’t see my friend turning into lesbian

Aman la, akash, payal arnav : what.. !!!!!!!????

Kushi : why are you people getting shocked that’s what such people are called..

Aman : ( teasingly ) Lavanya you hid such a big truth from me.. Meri zindagi toh barbaad hogayi.. ( my life is spoilt now )

Kushi : dont act too much I’ve seen you envying on Arnav I know your intentions..

Aman la, akash, payal arnav : what.. !!!!!!!????

Arnav : (teasingly ) aman you broke my trust today..

Aman la : enough.. Kushi… ( they glare her )

La : what the hell are you talking..

Kushi : why are you all getting angry.. La you love your fiancée’s secretary right.. That is akash’s secretary amaya & payal di you said your fiancée’s secretary eave drop on him.. That is arnav’s secretary aman na.. ?

Everyone look at her angrily & burst out laughing..

Payal : kushi buaji has given you a correct name you are shankadevi..

La : idiot my fiancee is arnav & I love aman.. & di’s fiancee is akash jiju.. Samjhi.. Pagal

Kushi then realise what mishap she had done.. But something comes to her mind immediately which gives her immense pleasure..

Kushi : ( excited) then arnav is single..

All stare her surprisingly while arnav smirk..

Precap : Arnav has pinned kushi to wallonly

Kushi : leave me.. ( she say feebly without meeting his eyes )

Arnav : but you didn’t answer me..

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