AJNABHII – Episode 5


Arnav’s room..

Arnav : How dare she play with me..

Aman smile..

Arnav : stop showing your teeth

Aman : what shall I do the great ASR lost bet to a girl..

Arnav : she cheated..

Aman : you lost that’s what counts..

Arnav : I’ll show her what it costs messing with me

Aman : what are you up to..

Arnav smirk : wait & watch..


Arnav aman are dropping back kushi.. Arnav has given kushi to drive the car

Kushi : See Mr Raizada how smoothly I’m driving do you accept I’m the best.. Ah..?

Kushi’s car bump into some man & he fall in pool of blood..

Arshi & aman get down..

Aman : what have you done kushi

Kushi : Arnav.. I.. I didn’t hit him.. My car didn’t even touch him..

Some boys come their running & start scolding kushi..

Boy 1 : you hit my brother..

Boy 2 : you dont know to drive

Boy 3 : who gave you licence..

Kushi : Arnav do something..

Boy 4 : if anything happen to my brother I won’t spare you..

Boy 5 : he’s no more.. You killed him..

Kushi get shocked..

Kushi : I.. I didn’t kill anyone..

Arnav : ( roar) Now don’t you dare say you didn’t kill anyone..

Kushi jerk hearing him..

Arnav : you’re standing on lakhs of micro organisms killing them every second..

Boys : ( unison ) And you killed us with your looks

All those 5 boys & arnav, aman burst out laughing. Kushi understand its a prank..

Kushi : this.. This was a prank..!!?

Arnav : why only you know how to prank..

Kushi : You.. You’re impossible.. No need to drop me… I can take care of myself..

She start walking on road

Aman : stop her ASR

Arnav : wait.. Let’s follow her.. I don’t want to request to get into my car..

They wait till she go to end of road & turn now they slowly go behind her & shocked to see some real goons teasing her & trying to kidnap her..

A man about to drag her into the van but he’s punched on face.. A police Jeep passing by stop seeing the fight & arrest the goons..

Kushi is hell scared ,& her shirt is also teared a bit.. Arnav wrap her with his coat & she hugging him tight.. Both again feel some connection between them.. Their stance broken by Aman

Aman : I think we should leave.. It’s not safe here

Kushi’s room

She’s sitting on bed thinking what happened today..

Kushi : how dare he play such nasty prank on me.. But he saved me too like a hero.. & that connection I felt the way he comforted me.. So he’s that mask man in that party.. Hold on Kushi.. He’s your jijaji.. Payal di’s fiance stop thinking of him & sleep…

Arnav’s room

Arnav : It went overboard..

Aman : thank God we followed her..

Arnav : I think she’s that mask girl

Aman : stop thinking this & think how to hide this from di

Arnav : di shouldn’t know this.. Otherwise we’re gone..

Aman : you’re gone not me I didn’t do anything

Next day

Kushi : shall I tell this to Anjali di or not.. Let it be

While entering Raizada mansion she see the boys who pranked coming out..

Boy 1: hello madam.. Sorry for yesterday

Boy 2 : we scared you too much sorry..

Kushi : its ok..

Boy 3 : but do you really don’t know to drive..?

Kushi : who said so..

Boy 4 : Arnav Sir.. He even told he did this to save innocent pedestrians..

Boy 5 : I know best driving classes you join there madam..

Kushi : get out ( she scream )

They all run out..

Kushi : how dare he.. ? Now see what I’ll do..

She encounter arnav in lobby..

Arnav : How are you now..

Kushi frown..

Arnav : I’m talking to you…

Kushi : but I don’t want to talk..

Arnav : what the..

Kushi : (to herself – do he want to ask about that party ) ok tell Mr Raizada

Arnav : I wanted to ask were you that mask girl in that theme party in US

Kushi : ( to herself – so he’s the one wow.. No Kushi control.. ) No I’m monster girl.. ( she leave )

Arnav : what the..

An hour later..

Anjali : I’m sorry Kushi.. I’ll take his class.. I’m really sorry..

Kushi : its ok di why are you asking sorry for him..

Anjali : I’m going to some village for NGO work today will you accompany me you can see their lifestyle it will be nice..

Kushi : sure di.. I’ll just inform buaji.. ( to herself – now see Mr Arnav kaise aapki band bajti hai )

Arnav’s room

Anj- shy enter..

Arnav : Good morning di jijaji..

They stare him angrily..

Arnav : ( to himself ) why do they look angry did Kushi.. No no.. Think positive..

Shyam : didn’t expect this from you..

Arnav : what did I do..?

Anjali : Kushi informed everything..

Arnav : ( to himself – damn this girl.. ) Di.. Woh..

Anjali : no need for any explaination.. Nothing can justify your act..

Shyam : really disappointed us.. is it a way to behave chote..

Anjali : what will her buaji think if she gets to know.. Her safety was your responsibility & you..

Shyam : from today I’ll drop her.. No need to strain yourself..

Arnav : I didn’t mean it..

Anj : apologise to kushi..

Arnav : but..

Both leave..

Arnav: di.. Jijaji at least listen to me.. Sorry.. Damn..


Arnav’s cabin..

Arnav : damn.. ( he throw his phone which breaks into 2 )

Aman enter..

Aman : ASR.. Di went to some village for NGO work so her phone is not reachable.. & jijaji is in court his phone’s on silent..

Arnav : so they’re not picking my phone then

Aman : yes.. Now have something you haven’t had anything from morning

Arnav : at least they could have dropped a message.. Subah subah itna daata aur ab shaam hone aayi ek message tak nahi.. ( scolded me soo much in morning & haven’t dropped any message till now)

Aman : don’t worry ASR while coming back they’ll bring chocolate to pacify you ok.. ( he tease )

Arnav : Aman…

Aman : what..? You’re acting like kid.. Not eating anything..

Arnav : shut up..

Aman : soch lo raat ko phir daat khaani padhegi agar khaana nahi kaya tho ( think.. You’ll get scolded again at night if you don’t have food )

Court – 6 pm

Shyam checks his phone & find some 20 missed calls from arnav & message asking Sorry.. He call back but his phone is switched off as he broke it.

Shyam : ( to himself ) broke one more phone.. Chote bhi na..

Precap :

Kushi : there’s still time la change your decision

La : I’ve decided I’ll marry him only

Kushi : I can’t see my friend turning into lesbian

Aman la, akash, payal arnav : what.. !!!!!!!????

Credit to: Anaya

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  3. In next episode it will be great fun ti read that
    Todays was awesome

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    guys.. i have posted majbooriyaan season 2. its a sequel of first one.. check it out..
    here is the link : http://www.tellyupdates.com/majbooriyaan-season-2-episode-1/

  6. Funny precap….

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    Hey anaya. I am bck. Really sorry fr commenting late. I am either late r irregular.

    Coming to the epi it was wonderful. Really liked it a lot. Arshi fights r so cute. Jst lyk in ipkknd.
    And thank u so much fr restarting majboriyan. I wll comment there also

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