AJNABHII – Episode 4


Its kushi’s first day in Raizada mansion..
She’s busy instructing Anjali about what to do what not to & timetable food etc.. Anjali not paying much attention but Arnav & shyam are paying their utmost attention to her..

Anjali : kushi hold on.. I’ll do whatever you say happy..

Shyam : better you keep your words..

Arnav : or else I’ll get one good chance to scold you..

Anjali : its rainy season going on.. Means season for you to get scoldings..

Arnav : di.. ( he gesture kushi is here )

Anjali : And already you’ve got 2 warnings chote & you too shyam dont try to act smart..

Kushi is bit surprised to see a different arnav when he’s with Anj- shy..


Kushi : ( to herself ) who’s payal di’s fiance & who’s Lavanya’s.. I can’t even ask directly..

She think for a while..

Kushi : big brother ( arnav ) to payal di I think & Akash is Lavanya’s .. Oh poor payal di..

After a while..

Arnav come home screaming on someone on phone.. & Aman trying to handle the situation..

Arnav : what the hell how can you make a spelling mistake

Employee : sir its just a daily report

Arnav : you’re fired.. ( he cut call in anger & climb upstairs aman follow him )

Akash come home & his secretary Amaya following him

Akash : you should have taken care of it

Amaya : sorry sir..

Akash : its ok.. Next time be careful.. Send the correct file to their company..

Amaya : ok sir..

Kushi see this & think..

Kushi : how different they are..

5 days pass..

In these 5 days kushi has know Raizadas to some extent. Arnav is dropping her home everyday.. They keep on fighting everyday on who has got better driving skills…

6th day..

Kushi on call

Kushi : what..! You are in love with his secretary?
( she look at Akash’s secretary Amaya.. )

La : look I know kushi.. Its complicated but we’re in love..

Kushi : what the hell la..? Are you out of your mind.. You love his secretary.. Give the phone to payal di..

Payal : hello.. Kushi..

Kushi : di what’s she’s saying..

Payal : I tried.. But she’s madly in love..

La : I didn’t expect this from you kushi.. I thought you will support me.. You are my best friend..
( she start crying )

Kushi : oh stop Crying la… Atleast give me some time to digest this fact.. You’re in love with his secretary..

Kushi look at Amaya who give one big smile to her..

La : you’ll convince papa na..

Kushi : I’ll try.. ( to herself ) damn sure he’ll refuse & lock both of us in room for thinking so yuck I can’t imagine la & Amaya ‘ lesbians’ urrgh

La : if he won’t agree we will marry & fly to US

Kushi : ( murmur )that’s where you belong in India people will kill you.. I’ll call later bye..

Payal : wait kushi one more thing..

Kushi : what’s there to hear still..

Payal : how do you find him.. Do you like him.?

Kushi : who jijaji..

Payal : hmm.. ( she blush )

Kushi : he’s Akdoo.. Laad governor.. I wonder how you fell in love with him.. I just can’t stand him for a minute.. I’ll steal his shoes & won’t give him even after giving nek.. ( money) in your marriage.

Payal : hold on Kushi.. He’s not bad.. Akdoo..? No chance..

Kushi : love is blind..

Payal : whatever listen now.. I feel his secretary have crush on him & always roam around him.. So I want you to keep eye on that..

Kushi : what..!!??? How many shocks for today.. ( she recollect how aman always roam around arnav..)

Payal : are you listening..

Kushi : hann. Yes. What about your akdoo.. He too..

Payal : no no.. He’s just being professional.. He only love me..

Kushi : ok I’ll see.. You please try to put some brains in la bye..

She cut the call..

Amaya come to kushi..

Amaya : Mam Anjali mam is calling you..

Kushi jerk & her phone falls down.. Amaya pick it up & while giving accidentally she touch kushi’s hand.. Kushi feel weired she move back & run from there

Kushi : kya kya din dikha rahi hai aap devi maiyya.. ( oh God what days are you showing me.. )

Evening – its heavily raining outside..

Anjali : chote you remember what I said right

Arnav : yes di.. Shall we leave

Arshi in car..

Kushi enjoying the rain..

Arnav : I suppose you love it very much..

Kushi : yes & you..

Arnav : I just love to have ice creams while raining.. ( to himself ) oh wy am I telling her my secrets.. I have maintain my ASR image..

Kushi : Me too.. ( she exclaim ) let’s have then..

Arnav : No..

Kushi : oh why ? Are you afraid of di..

Arnav : what the.. I’m not

Kushi ; ok then. Have ice cream in home & send me its selfie.. Ok..

Arnav : ok.

Raizada mansion..

Arnav secretly serve ice cream into big bowl & go to his room near poolside he sit comfortably & is about to insert a spoonful of it into his mouth but he find a hand twisting his ear & other hand snatching that bowl from him..

Anjali : sudhroge nahi na tum.. ( you won’t learn right )

Arnav : di. Please..

Anjali : Hari Prakash this should directly go to dustbin..

Arnav : jijaji.. Tell her..

Shy : your di is right.. You’ll catch cold

Arnav : only one spoon.. I’ll loose the bet..

Anj : no means no..

Shy : what bet?

Anj : thank kushi.. Correct time she called me & told about you buying ice cream

Arnav get angry & leave..

1 hour later..

Kushi send her selfie eating big ice cream.. With a message yours ? Didn’t eat.. Poor chote..! 😉
It enrages arnav more & he throw phone but shyam catches it..

Shy : itna gussa.. ( very angry ah?)

Arnav frown.. Shyam forward a candy ice cream.. Arnav take it & start having.

Shy : this is the last time chote.. Else you know your di will make us both ice cream..

They laugh but they hear Anjali nearing the room..

Shy : oh she’s coming here..

Arnav : hide this jijaji..

Shy : but where..

Door opens & arnav gives ice cream to shyam & he hides it behind him..

Anj : what happened why are you both standing like this..

Shy : huh nothing..

Shyam keeps Anjali busy in talking while arnav eat ice cream sitting behind shyam..

Anj : I think there’s something fishy.. Chote what are you doing behind him

By this time he had finished eating.. So he come forward .

Arnav : nothing di…

Anjali look at shyam angrily & shyam gesture arnav to wipe his mouth.. Anjali wipes it.. & even notice Arnav’s tongue is all orange..

Anj : cheaters.. Both of you..

Arnav : oh come on di only one ice cream..

Anj : chote didn’t you promise in childhood that you won’t have ice cream without permission..

Arnav : whats the need to keep it now.. Neither Mr Malik ( his father )is here to punish you for my mistake & nor Ms Raizada ( their mother ) is here to yell at you..

Anj & shy become pale hearing it.. Arnav notice it.. So he try to cheer up

Arnav : oh stop making those faces.. Di I didn’t break promise. Jijaji only forced me to have it

Shy : chote.. Jhoote.. ( liar )

Anj : ok stop this now.. You’ll never change na chote.. Now sleep..

Anj – shy room..

Anj : aaj gelebi ki bahut yaad aa rahi hai.. ( I’m missing gelebi very much today )

Shy : she might also be eating ice cream in this rain..

Rathore mansion

Kushi sitting on her bed & having ice cream..

Precap :

Kushi’s car bump into some man & he fall in pool of blood..

Kushi : Arnav.. I.. I didn’t hit him.. My car didn’t even touch him…

Arnav : ( roar) Now don’t you dare say you didn’t kill anyone..

I’m posting prologue of one more ff “RAAJMAHAL YAA RAAZMAHAL ” check that out too

Credit to: Anaya

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  1. Having ice cream in rainy season n take selfie…. that’s my hobby… now I remind those day which I spend my rainy day with friends n having ice cream… we share it, hug, fight wow….thanx anaya for remind those days…

  2. Its nice
    Interesting confusion
    Liked it

  3. Arshi

    omg its awesome…. the reaction of kushi.. when amaya touches her.. haha.. i could view tat by ur writing itself…. superb yaar.. and one more ff… u r tooo awesome yaar… raazmahal also based n arshi right?

  4. Veronica

    Awesome yaar

  5. Hi anaya very nice update yaar……I have a question are u the same anaya who is updating manzil…..if it is so plz update the next episode of it…..

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