AJNABHII – Episode 30


Car halts infront of temple.. As soon as kushi see the temple all her memories come rushing into her mind

She see little nannav & jelebi playing here.. On steps of temple & then she see a mango tree which they planted years back..

Kushi go to that mango tree..

Raman : remember we planted it here..

Everyone look at him

Raman : I mean you people..

Kushi see some flashes of them planting plant & playing in mud & Arnav getting irritated due to that mud.

Arnav : kushi remember that swing..

He point at swing tied to an old banyan tree.. Kushi get flashes of playing on it..

Shyam : remember you two.. Mujhe aur rajveer ko kitna tang karti thi dono iss jhule ke liye ( how much you two used trouble me & rajveer for this swing)

Anjali ishitha smile recalling those days..

Arnav : ok let’s get in we are getting late now..

As Kushi step on steps.. Every memory come to her mind one by one… Arnav was busy observing her.. He knew she was getting all those flashes he could read it in her eyes..

Finally they stepped inside temple.. Priest perform Pooja & bring aarti. This brings her memory of her & nannav standing in temple & priest applying tilak to them.. She was dressed in lehenga with all jewels a veil on her head & Arnav too was in sherwani

Arnav : ( whisper) yehi se shuru huyi thi saari rasme kuch yaad aaya ( all rituals started from here only remember)

Kushi : kya hua tha yahan.. ( what happened here)

Before arnav could answer Anjali pat his shoulder & gesture him to be quite. Arnav frown

Ishu : have patience she’s not running anywhere

After Pooja they sit there & that’s when kushi see a little mantap


Little arshi were sitting infront of holy fire..

Priest : rajveer kanyadaan kijiye

Rajveer perform that… Ishitha tie the gatbandhan.. Arshi performe pheras..

Priest handover mangalsutra which arnav tie to kushi & fill her partition with vermilion..

Priest : I declare you husband & wife..

Kushi was shocked… they were married..!!!?? Kushi fell unconscious..

Arnav : kushi..

Raman : Rithu..


Doctor check her & do some tests..

Doctor : she might’ve got her memory back

Everyone get excited..

Doctor : we will know once she gains consciousness..

In ward.. Kushi slowly open her eyes & find herself in hospital bed.. She hold her head recalling what just happened

Kushi : devi maiyya.. We are married..

She recall their marriage & blush..

Kushi : he’s my husband.. ( blush more)

Everyone enter the ward & Arnav notice her blushing.. By that look on her face he got to know she has her memory back now..

Raman : rithu.. You remember anything now..?

Anjali cup kushi’s face..

Anjali : Kuch yaad aaya ( remember anything)

Kushi nod smiling.. Everyone get happy..

Anjali shyam, ishra hug her..

Kushi : oh I missed so much.. I couldn’t even seen your wedding.. ( she pout)

Raman was just admiring her.. While ishu whisper to her..

Ishu : Teri shaadi Kuch yaad aayi? ( recalled your wedding?)

Kushi immediately look at arnav who was smirking at her..

Shyam : Chote what are you doing there.. Won’t you talk to your jelebi ah?

Anjali : come on give her a hug..

As Arnav start moving towards her kushi’s heart start beating fast.. She keep hand on her chest.. Arnav hug her..& whisper in her ears

Arnav : nice to have you back Mrs.ASR

Kushi’s eyes widen.. Arnav pull back wink at kushi & kiss on her cheeks.. Everyone’s jaw drop..

Everyone : Chote!!!

Arnav : what? She’s my girlfriend remember..

Raman : yeh nahi sudhrega..

Nani call shyam..

Nani : where are you people.. ?

Shyam : actually dadi.. We will leave now.. Will reach by evening

Anjali snatch the phone

Anjali : nani call buaji & shashi uncle too in the evening

Nani : ok..

Kushi recall all these years neither her parents were with them nor her brother.. Last thing she remember about her parents was..


Kushi’s mom : don’t trouble your brother

Kushi’s dad : its your son who trouble my princess tell him first

Rajveer frown

Kushi : papa don’t go please..

Her dad pick her up..

Kushi’s dad : rithu we’ve to..

Kushi’s mom : don’t worry we will be back by evening..

Kushi make sad face..

Kushi’s dad : baccha don’t get sad now.. And don’t worry he won’t trouble you..

Kushi’s mom : take care of her

Rajveer nod & their parents leave..

Kushi : why did you let them go bhaiyya.. Don’t you remember what priest said they shouldn’t go out if house today..

Rajveer : they won’t.. I’ve made a hole in fuel tank.. Car will stop before crossing gates..

Rithu/kushi : sach..

Rajveer : yep..

Kushi : you’re very smart.. Ok come let’s play game now..

Rajveer : No..

Kushi : yes please bhaiyya..

He melt & Kushi start chasing him

Ritu/kushi : bhaiyya stop running so fast.. This is cheating..

Little ritu is running behind her brother & they climb up running finally she catch him on stairs

Ritu/kushi ; you’re caught..

Rajveer : Never.. ( he shrug her hand & she loose balance.. Before he could hold her she roll down the stairs lying on floor blood oozing out of her forehead..)

Rajveer : Ritu……

Little Rithu fall down the stairs.. Rajveer rush to her..

Rajveer : Rithu.. Rithu..

He panicked seeing blood oozing out of her forehead

Rajveer : I’ll call dad wait..

He try to get up but kushi/rithu hold him…

Ritu/kushi : don’t leave me alone..

He pick her up & rush out to stop their parents. As soon as he reach out.. They see their parents car blasting near gate.. Rajveer was shocked while Ritu/kushi fall unconscious

Flashback ends..

Tears form in Kushi’s eyes

Arnav : Kushi.. Kya hua..

Kushi : mumma papa.. Where are they..

Everyone’s eyes tear recalling that day.. They couldn’t survive it.. Raman walk out of there.. While Anjali shyam try consoling kushi ishu Arnav look helplessly

While travelling back to Delhi they stop near a dhaba to have lunch.. Kushi was all silent.. Everyone felt bad seeing her like this..

Kushi : bhaiyya kahan hai ( where is rajveer)

No one had answers for that too.. When rithu was taken to hospital he just vanished.. No one knew to where..

Anjali : Kushi you need rest don’t think all that now..

Kushi : but where is.. I want him..

Shyam : he ran away ( bit angrily)

Raman again walk out of there while Arnav look at him suspiciously.. Ishu go behind raman..

Ishu : raman if you act like this they’ll know who you you’re..

Raman : I’m responsible for all this.. She’s in this state because of me.. they died because of me.. na mein woh stupid experiment karta na yeh sab hota ( tears form in his eyes)

Ishu : raajveer ( she hug him)

Raajveer/Raman : it’s all my fault..

Ishu : ssh.. we can’t change that now.. rithu need you.. concentrate on her.. we’ve to tell them you’re raajveer

Raman : No.. that’s not happening.. i can’t face them..


Anjali : we don’t know where he went kushi.. Shyam searched him everywhere

Shyam : he’s intentionally doing this.. I’m not getting why?

Arnav : but we will found him too don’t worry

Shyam : woh bewakoof gaya hi kyun.. aisa Kya hua tha.. ( why did that idiot run away..?)

Anjali : may be rithu got hurt because of him na so..

Shyam ; he wasn’t kid Anjali he was 16.. he should’ve taken care of her.. And running for such silly thing..

Ishra come back

Arnav : jijaji I’ve put some private investigators to trace him.. we will find him..

Ishra gulp hearing it

Shyam : idiot kahika..

Kushi : i know why he ran away

Arnav Anjali shyam look at her questioning

Kushi : woh accident unki vajah se hua tha.. ( that accident occurred because of him)

Arnav shyam : what..!?

Kushi : he made hole in fuel tank so they don’t go anywhere &.. ( tears form in her eyes..)

Raman feel every bad seeing her & he was about to get up but stop hearing shyam..

Shyam : usse bada bewakoof meine aaj tak nahi dekhi.. Iss baat ke liye woh sab kuch chodkar chala gaya ( I haven’t seen a bigger idiot than him.. He went away for this thing)

Kushi ; and left me alone..

Ishu : but bhaiyya uncle aunty died because of that he was tormented

Shyam : uncle’s rivals had fixed bomb in car.. It didn’t blast because of his stupid hole in fuel tank

Ishra & kushi : what!!!??

Anjali : I can’t believe he left us for this misunderstanding..

Raman : ( recovering from shock) are you sure about this

Shyam : 100% sure..

All these days he was blaming himself for something he have never done & today he was relieved from that guilt..

Arnav : those culprits are in jail serving life sentence

Kushi : I need him now.. Mujhe bhaiyya chahiye

Arnav : I’ll find him don’t worry.. ( he say looking at Raman)

Precap : Arnav teasing kushi.. Arshi romance..

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