AJNABHII – Episode 3

Kushi is playing with some kids & she throw a paper rocket in air which hits Arnav’s face..

Arnav : what the..

Kushi : ( to herself ) oh devi maiyya fir se wahi shaitaan… ( oh God. Again this demon )

Arnav : you..? Again.. I’ll..

Kushi : ( interrupt ) do I know you..? But I dont remember..,? Excuse me Mr.. Actually my buaji say we should not talk to strangers..

Arnav : after bumping into my car thrice. I’m stranger to you.. I’ll show… ( he move forward angrily but Anjali call him so he leave )

Raizada mansion

Arnav talking on phone..

Arnav : I want my di’s leg perfectly fine at any cost doctor..

Doctor : we’re trying Mr Raizada

Arnav : I don’t want a damn try..

Doctor : Dr Shashi Gupta is shifting to India next week we shall talk to him..

Arnav : But he is a cardiologist

Doctor : His student Dr. Kushi.. She is Physiotherapists trust me Mr Raizada she have magic in her hands..

Arnav : cut it.. I’ll see further..

He cut the call..

Rathore mansion

Kushi is all busy in setting the house.. Instructing everyone where everything should be.. & buaji is feeding her..

Buaji : arre sanka devi tanik shanti se baitke khaana toh khaalo ( oh kushi at least have food peacefully for a while )

Kushi : there’s still lot to do & I’ve to attend a party too today..

Buaji : waha party mein koyi accha sa ladka bhi dekh lo payal ke saath tumra bhi haath peela kar hi devat hai ( look at some boys aso in party.. We shall get married you too with payal )

Kushi : buaji dekhenge.. Lekin sirf humare takkar ke ladko ko.. ( I’ll see but the only who match me ) she remember her meet with arnav..


Anjali & Shyam are all ready in black sherwani & netted pink saree.. Arnav hug them..

Arnav : Happy anniversary..

Anj-shy : thank you..

Both kiss on each of his cheeks..

Arnav : di today your physiotherapist will come & I’ll introduce her..

Anj : what was the need chote..

Shy : he’s right rani sahiba.. If it can be cured then why not?

Anj : but today..

Arnav : no more arguments..


Kushi enter checking her phone & bump into Arnav..

Both together : tum..!!? ( you..!!?)

Kushi : mera peecha karte karte yaha tak aagaye ( you came till here following me )

Arnav : what..?

Kushi : don’t act innocent.. Khoobsoorat ladki dikhi nahi aur bas.. ( saw beautiful girl &.. )

Arnav : enough… Tum mere liye sirf ek ajnabhii ho.. Jo meri party mein guss aayi Aur rahi baat khoobsoorat ladki ki toh mujhe koyi yaha dikhayi nahi de rahi.. ( you are only a stranger to me who sneaked into my party & I’m not finding any beautiful girl here.. )

Kushi : mein guss aayi.. Hello. Mr Akadu mere paas invitation hai.. ( she show him a card ) aur ek aur baat shaayad aapki aakhe teek nahi.. Yeh raha humara hospital.. ( she give him card ). ( I sneaked into party Hello. Mr Arrogant I have a invitation ( she show him a card ) & I think you have a eye problem.. Take this our hospital card

Arnav : how dare yo.. ( kushi interrupt )

Kushi : excuse me now.. Mujhe Ajnabhiyo se baat karne ki aadat nahi aapki tarah ( I don’t have a habit of talking to strangers )

Kushi go leaving behind fuming arnav..

Anjali : Koun hai yeh.. ( who’s she.. )

Aman : Jo bhi ho.. Lekin hai badi pataka..

Anjali : at least chehara toh dekh paye.. ( at least let’s see her face )

Aman : I’ll show you wait di.. Let me search her..

Cake cutting & all formalities are done now guests are enjoying dinner with light music..

Doctor : ASR she’s the physiotherapist.. Ms Kushi & kushi he’s Mr Arnav Singh Raizada.. You’ve to treat his di

Arnav : she..?

Doctor : yes ASR.. She’s Dr. Kushi whom I was recommending.. I’ve given her complete details & reports of Mrs Anjali..

Arnav : usse khud teek se chalna nahi aata yeh meri di ki pair teek karegi ( she herself don’t know to walk properly she’ll treat my di’s leg)

Kushi : what do you mean Mr ?

Arnav : I mean.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : haan haan explain what do you mean..

Arnav : uggh leave it… Doctor find someone else she can’t do this..

Kushi : how rude..? I can do anything.. First go through my track record.. I’ve attended total 49 cases in my 1 year career all successful.. Super successful..

Arnav start searching in google about her

Kushi : Maine toh mushkil mushkil case solve kiya hai aur aapki di toh normal hi hai.. Itni chote si problem toh mein chutki mein teek kar doongi.. ( I’ve cured very tough cases & your di is normal.. Just a small problem I’ll solve it in a second )

Arnav is impressed by her past records..

Arnav : ok.. I’ll allow you to treat my di..

Kushi : attitude.. Ah. Now I’m not ready to treat your di..

Arnav : what the..

Kushi : now excuse me I’m here to enjoy my friend’s party..

She leave making arnav fume..

½ an hour later..

Arnav searching kushi.. Kushi searching Anjali.. Arnav approach kushi & kushi approach Anjali.. All 3 meet at a time..

Arnav : suno.. ( listen )

Kushi hug Anjali…

Kushi : I’ll leave now its late..

Arnav : you know her?

Kushi : yes.. She’s my friend .. Anjay di.. & why are you following me

Kushi pull Anjali towards her.. Arnav pull her towards him..

Arnav : excuse me.. She’s my di..

Kushi again pull her towards her..

Kushi : no.. Dont lie.. She can’t be your di..

He pull anjali & say..

Arnav : and what makes you think so..

Kushi pull her & say..

Kushi : because you are kadoos angry laad governor type & she is sweet innocent angel type

Arnav : ( pulling anj ) what the.. She can’t even be your friend.. You are idiot duffer & insensible who dont know to drive..

They continue pulling Anjali but she shout..

Anjali : stop it.. ( both leave her ) chote she’s my friend & kushi he is my brother..

Both : what..!? Impossible..

Anjali : how do you know each other..?

Aman : ( whisper ) she is that pataka girl di..

Kushi : I’m your new physiotherapist di..

Arnav : but you refused..

Kushi : i thought your sister will also be like you.. Now that she’s so sweet why should I refuse.. After all she’s my di..

Arnav : she’s my di..

Anjali : dont start again.. Chote go drop her..

Arshi : No..

Kushi : I mean I’ve a car..

Arnav ; ( murmurs ) which you dont know to drive..

Anjali : its late he’ll accompany its not safe in Delhi..

Arshi in car..

Arnav : observe me carefully..

Kushi : why? Are you salman khan ?

Arnav : No.. Observe how to drive.. Spare poor pedestrians..

Kushi frown..

Precap :

Kushi : ( to herself ) who’s payal di’s fiance & who’s Lavanya’s.. I can’t even ask directly..

She think for a while..

Kushi : big brother ( arnav ) to payal di I think & Akash is Lavanya’s .. Oh poor payal di..

After a while..

Kushi on call

Kushi : what..! You are in love with his secretary?
( she look at Akash’s secretary Amaya.. )

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