AJNABHII – Episode 29

Recap : Arnav suspicious about raman’s behaviour, Shyam forgive ishra , everyone gets to know kushi is Rithu..

Arnav, Ishra Anjali shyam : ” RITHU… ”

Everyone immediately rush to her make her getup & start checking & asking whether she’s hurt anywhere..

Kushi : Stop it … ( she scream)

Everyone stop & look at her

Kushi : I just slipped from one step that too because of your screams.. Stop scaring me more now..


Kavya was sitting on couch having fruits watching a movie weeping at the sad scene

Mami who was passing by see her & switches off the TV

Mami : why are you watching such sad movies

Kavya : I was getting bored

Nani : watch something nice bitiya you should be always happy

Mami : watch tom & jerry you like it na

Everyone look at mami astonished as when she got to know about kavya’s likes

Kavya : ( sadly) now I don’t want to..

She get up & start moving towards her room but fell unconscious


Kushi : so everyone know I’m Rithu..

Anjali : yes. And you should take care of yourself where was your mind be careful on stairs..

Kushi : sorry

Anjali : ok now sit here.. I’ll make your favourite jelebis..

Arnav : No.. Di what have I said you’re not supposed to do any work.. Sit here.. I’ll ask the cook to prepare

Anjali : arre but..

Arnav glare her..

Anjali : laad governor

Kushi start getting some broken flashes hearing it & she hold her head

Raman : what happened ? Are you fine..

Kushi : I can see something.. Argh when will I get my memory back..

Raizada mansion

Doctor check Kavya

Doctor : probably she is not following the diet properly.. Thou must take care of it Mr Raizada. Even little things can been dangerous.. There are already many complications

Everyone nod.. & go to Kavya

Kavya : what did doctor say

Before NK could talk mami scold her for not eating properly & warns her not to repeat it & go out.. Kavya start crying

Nk : Kavya please don’t cry she was concerned

Kavya: I’m sorry.. But I can’t eat more nandu. I get vomit..


Arnav telling kushi their childhood stories

Arnav : then you came & sat on my lap

Kushi : then..?

Arnav : I tried so much to make you understand but you were not ready to listen & then…

Kushi : then… ( curious & nervous)

Arnav : you kissed me..

Kushi : what..!!!!!??????

Arnav : yes..!

Kushi : jhoot.. Stop lying Arnav.. You want my memory back or not.. Stop playing and tell me the truth..

Arnav : what the.. This is the truth.. Ask anyone

Kushi : di..!?

Anjali : unfortunately this is truth

Ishu : tum humesha usse chipkti thi ( you used to always stick around him)

Shyam : at least 1 kiss a day.. Bechare Chote

Anjali : kya bechara he used enjoy sirf uparse drama ( & doing drama as if he’s irritated)

Arnav : di..!

Kushi : itni besharam thi mein ( such a shameless girl I was)

Ishu : oh.. Not shameless cute chutki

Shyam : adorable

Anjali : innocent

Kushi : I want my memory back…

Arnav: me too.. ( he wink)

Raman : I’ve talked to doctor he said if we remind her past incidents she’ll soon get memory back

Something come to Anjali’s mind but she hesitat thinking of Arnav Shyam understands what she’s thinking

Shyam : that’s good idea

Anjali : Chote won’t agree

Shyam : he will.. ( to Arshi ) remember how much you two enjoyed during royal ceremony in childhood

Kushi get excited but Arnav frown

Arnav : I don’t want to go there..

Ishu : of come on Chote it’s for Rithu

Anjali : please…

Arnav : fine.. !

Delhi – Raizada mansion

Nk : Kavya I know it’s difficult but you’ve to follow this right.. For our baby

Kavya ; I’m sorry.. I just.. I’ll eat.. ( she pour some more tears)

Nk : Kavya please stop crying.. I can’t see you like this.. Maa was just concerned don’t feel bad for that

Kavya : it’s all my fault.. Her anger is justified but what shall I do nandu I feel like vomiting after I eat anything

Nk : I’ll do something for that vomiting sensation ok please don’t cry..

Mami who was back with some drink feel bad seeing both of them but compose

Mami : why are you two crying & making my grand child sad ah..?

She keep the tray on table & wipe Kavya’s tears

Mami : instead of consoling her you are crying with her ah nanhe

Nk : maa.. Actually..

Mami : leave it now.. ( to Kavya) of you were feeling vomiting sensation you should’ve told me

Kavya : sorry

Mami : don’t get sad now have it ( she give a drink she brought it was made of milk, dry fruits, saffron & many more) you will fell better & all this bad sensation goes

As soon Kavya take a first sip & wide smile play on her lips..

Kavya: yumm.. It’s so nice..

Mami : I will make it everyday different flavour different taste you will love it

Kavya : thank you..

Mami : finish it & no crying from today for silky reasons everything has solution nothing should bring tears in your eyes . I’m here to solve every problem samjhi..? ( understood.?)

Kavya nod happily & mami leave

Next day – Lucknow

Royal ceremony going on though Arnav was least interested in it he was standing there only for kushi & his efforts did pay.. She started getting some flashes

Kushi held Arnav’s wrist & dragged him. At first he was confused then he understood & both escaped from the ceremony finally they reached a huge compound wall

She started putting her hand inside his shirt

Arnav : beshram chodo mujhe ( shameless leave me)

Kushi immediately take off her hand but he hold it

Arnav : you’re supposed to say locket do ( give locket)

Kushi : Locket..? Which locket?

Arnav : ( taking out a locket) this one..

He open the door using it & they reach garden..

Arnav: Kuch yaad aaya ( remember something)

Kushi : yes.. Many things.. This is the garden we used play right.. Here there must be a cave where we used to hide & that swing.. And.. Ah.. ( she hold her head)

Arnav : don’t take much stress.. You will remember everything..

Later in guest house

Ishu : so this worked

Anjali : ( side hug kushi) slowly you’ll remember everything.. I’m so happy to have you back

Raman was happy seeing this..

2 months later..

In these 2 months kushi had remembered most of the things she was very near in getting her memory back but all the while what Arnav found weird was raman.. He found raman too familiar his concern for kushi, sometimes his talks all resembled rajveer but how can it be.. Do they know each other or its just coincidence that he’s like him.. Did ishu di fell for him for this reason

On other hand Kavya’s rapport with mami was beautiful. Mami took care of her like a daughter after that incident she never let Kavya shed a tear but when after all the care & pampering complications never lessened in pregnancy there was a high risk rate. Kavya was 7 month pregnant now & Anjali ishu were in 4th month. It was Kavya’s baby shower next day so arshi ishra, anj Shyam were returning to Delhi today..

Before going back they planned to visit a famous devi maiyya temple which held some strong very important memories of arshi..

Precap : kushi get back her memory in temple & an accident in Delhi

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    Woah! I am a bit shocked with the precap. But as they say all happens for good, i am fine! And coming to the episode, it was indeed a splendid one. I find something commom in all your writings, ie., i could actually imagine the scenes… And i love that ?. I loved how Arnav tries to bring Khushi’s memory back and the story and she says mein itni besharam thi…i loved the part ???.Waiting for next epi…. Ajnabhi ke intezaar mein Vero ???

  2. I love it pls ya weekly ones update ur ff

  3. Great episode

  4. Anaya

    Thank you so much vero, lucky, vaishali

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