AJNABHII – Episode 26 & 27

Raj : how dare he talk to me in that tone

Gayatri : we shouldn’t have invited him here.. Itna gussa pata nahi Anjali kaise handle karti hai usse ( this much anger.. God knows how Anjali handle him )

Raj : she does nothing but pampering & covering up all his mistakes.. Didn’t you see how she apologised for his mistake & left

Gayatri : she’ll make him understand I suppose


Kushi & Anjali were preparing dinner & shyam was helping them.. Arnav was trying hard to talk to them..

Arnav : I didn’t do it purposely jijaji please at least you try to understand.. Di I was angry..

Anjali : kushi go & call ishitha

Kushi go to ishra room & Arnav hold Anjali’s hand but she shrug off & start arranging food on table..

Ishra room

Raman was asleep due to alcohol effect & ishu was crying.. She immediately wipe tears hearing a knock.. Kushi get in

Kushi : di come let’s have dinner..

Ishu about to refuse..

Kushi : di please at least for baby..

Dining table..

Everyone settle Anjali kushi serve food.. Shyam hasn’t spoke a word to Arnav he just confronted ishu for marrying a drunkard betraying whole family.. Anjali too was very angry on both arnav & Ishu.. Kushi was just a silent spectator.. Dinner ended in silence & Anjali passed Arnav’s tablets through kushi to him

Delhi – Raizada mansion

Kavya was laying her head on NK’s shoulder & he had wrapped his hands across her..

Kavya : I’m very scared.. Doctor isn’t giving any assurance..

Nk : everything will be fine don’t take stress

Kavya : don’t give false hopes nandu.. There’s only 5% chances that both me & baby will survive..

Nk : sshh.. Nothing will happen to both of you I’m here..

Kavya : will you promise me something..

Nk : whatever you want I promise.. ( he keep his hand on her)

Kavya : if you have to choose anyone among me & baby.. You should choose our baby..

Nk immediately withdraw his hand..

Nk : Kavya.. ( horrified)..

He hug her..

Nk : you’re my life I’ll die if anything happens to you..

He pull back & wipe her tears & cup her face..

Nk : if we loose this baby.. God will bless us again .. He will forgive us one day..

Kavya : but maa.. ( mami) she accepted us only for baby.. If anything happens to.. ( she start crying)

Nk too was worried for this.. Doctor had given least hope of baby’s survival.. What will mami do after that.. But he still hugged Kavya & tried to comfort her assuring he will handle everything


Arnav : di.. Are you sending me back to ashram now..

Anjali : No.. You’re free to go to wherever you want.. You can return to shantivan ( Raizada mansion ) or US or any five star hotel..

She finish packing his bags & drag it to main door.. Shyam who was on call in living room see this but doesn’t speak..

Arnav : di please..

Anjali : was that all necessary arnav.. We’ve no right to tarnish their reputation who asked you to step there..

Arnav : di.. He ( Raj) said you’ve.. ( interrupt)

Anjali : he asked me & I couldn’t deny but I very well knew you won’t do that too so I had planned to refuse later but that’s not the point when you were not ready to participate then why the hell you went there.. Just to insult him..

Arnav : di I.. ( interrupt)

Anjali : I don’t want to hear any explanation.. Nothing justifies your act.. Do you have any idea what those people must be thinking who witnessed you holding papa’s collar.. I’m not bothered for his (Raj) reputation but I’m bothered of your behaviour your anger. Itna gussa chote.. Aapki naadaaniyaan kab badtameeziyon mein badal gayi pata hi nahi chala.. You really crossed limits today

Arnav : di sorry

Anjali : nani sahi kehati hai.. Hum ( anj shyam) dono ne bigaad diya aap dono ko ( ishu Arnav)
( nani says right we both have spoiled you two)

Arnav : di I can.. ( interrupt)

Anjali : Don’t say anything Chote.. I know you’ll tell one more lie now but don’t worry I’m no longer imposing anything on you… Shyam is right you’re not gonna tell the truth why you did that marriage drama.. I’m not gonna force for anything from now do whatever you wish

Anjali open the door & put the bag out..

Anjali : leave..

Arnav : di don’t do this.. At least listen to me..

Anjali : I don’t want you to stay here & create another scene in their function.. We will come back tomorrow taking those 2 ( ishra) you will leave now.. Anywhere you want to but not here..

She drag arnav out & close the door..

Arnav : Di.. Damn..

Driver come to him & take his luggage

Driver : sir shall we leave..

Arnav : get lost..


Ishu was crying & kushi enter

Kushi : its not good for your health get in di.. Its cold here..

Ishu immediately wipe her tears..

Kushi : you can’t hide your tears from me..

Kushi place hand on her shoulder & ishu immediately hug her.. Crying more..

Kushi : di please calm down..

Ishu : bhaiyya is so disappointed.. Here we came to seek forgiveness but ended up making him more angry..

Kushi : di don’t worry.. Everything will be just fine

Ishu : no kushi.. He hate drunkards that’s why he was even against my marriage with raman.. He’ll never forgive now.. Anju too got angry

Kushi : why do he ( Raman) drink so much

Ishu : he lost his family , his friend & everything he had.. He was left all alone & ended up becoming drunkard.. But I had bought him out of it God knows what happened to him today.. He was disturbed since yesterday so he might have.. But anju think I’m lying.. Bhaiyya got all more angry now..

Kushi : We will talk to him tomorrow.. He will understand…

Ishu : I know him kushi.. He hasn’t talked him in these 3years why will he now

Kushi ; because of this little member.. ( she say putting hand on her belly ) have you told him you’re pregnant no naa..

Shyam who was passing by had stopped hearing ishu cry & had heard their whole conversation.. He was overwhelmed hearing his little sister was pregnant

Kushi bent down to Ishu’s belly & started talking to baby

Kushi ; you will convince your mama right baby.. See he is angry on your parents but don’t worry he won’t be on you..


Arnav was sitting on a bench just outside the house thinking what just happened

His parents had let Anjali & shyam know what scene he had created in sheesh mahal infront of guests.. Damn.. It was ought to happen, why the hell he didn’t think it before.. he disappointed them badly this time but this isn’t the way to punish him they could’ve yelled at him & he could’ve even bared a couple of slaps from his di he deserved it but no they chose to do this & damn jijaji didn’t even utter a word.. Probably he was more angry because of raman.. Why the hell he drank so much..

Arnav : I’ve to do something I can’t bear their silence all over again & my sorry stands no value & upon that their marriage truth damn why don’t they forget it..

Arnav drive off planning something


Shyam return to room only to find Anjali crying

Shyam : you shouldn’t have sent him out

Anjali : he deserved it

Shyam : then why are you crying now..

Anjali don’t answer

Shyam : because you know he went no where but is sitting outside in cold..

Anjali : why do Chote act like this.. & upon that ishu..

He tell her what he heard on terrace..

Anjali : she’s pregnant.. And here we are yelling at her instead of taking care of her.. ( she pour some more tears)

Shyam : aap rona band karengi ( will you stop crying)

Anjali : I’m not crying

Shyam : dikh raha hai ( I can see)

Anjali ; I want to talk to Ishu..

Shyam : let’s go to her room then..

Anjali : you will talk to her..

Shyam nod..


Arnav made some calls & sat silently in a car which is parked just outside the gates of sheesh mahal

Driver : sir why are we here..

Arnav : will you shut up

Driver : Shyam sir will get more angry if you create another scene here..

Arnav give him deathly glare & driver shut his mouth..


While going to Ishra room Anjali ask servant to call Arnav in but servant come & inform that Arnav isn’t there..


Security had already informed Arnav was here so both raj & gaaytri were waiting in living room..

raj : what was so urgent that you couldn’t wait till morning.. it’s 12 already.

Arnav stare him once & look back

Arnav ; mohan ( driver) get them in.

The guests who were present when Arnav had misbehaved walked in with mohan..

raj : aap log iss waqt ( you people here at this time)

Guest ; how could we deny Chote maalik ( Arnav)

Gaaytri ; what’s all this Arnav

Arnav take a deep breath & go stand in front of his parents.. Those 2 were hoping he doesn’t create another scene now.. but what he did next surprised them..

Arnav ; huh.. I shouldn’t have behaved that way.. it won’t repeat again.. So.. Ah.. Huh.. I.. I’m sorry ( he say with much difficulty)

Mohan’s jaw touched ground he couldn’t believe what he heard.. ASR was asking sorry that too to them..

Guests leave…

Gayatri : there was need of apologising infront of them..

Arnav ; you wanted me to sign some papers..

Raj pass the paper & Arnav start reading them.. These 2 stare him.. They couldn’t believe he came & apologised that too infront of whom he misbehaved.. Finally Arnav finished reading they were some royal family related papers.. He signed them but some keys dropped from his pant while he took off his pen but he failed notice it & went off

Ishra room

Ishitha was asleep shyam Anjali enter..

Anjali : she’s asleep..

Shyam : we shall talk tomorrow..

He caress her face & peck on her forehead..

Shyam : I troubled her lot..

Anjali : don’t worry we will make it up now

Shyam : God knows what she saw on this idiot ( Raman)

Anjali notice a file beside raman..

Anjali : what’s this.. Rithika Singh Rathore


In car

Mohan : which hotel shall I drive to sir

Arnav : ghar chalo.. ( go home)

Sheesh Mahal

Raj : I can’t believe he apologised

Gayatri : am happy

Raj : at least someone could mend him.. I’m sure Anjali must have yelled & sent him here

Gayatri notice keys..

Gayatri : oh he dropped his keys..

Raj : I’ll ask servant to return them tomorrow

Gayatri : seems like their house keys how will he enter without them & you know he’s not gonna come back here asking for them..

Raj : he will ask someone to open the door..


Anjali : kushi is Rithu.. Our jelebi..

Shyam : Today is day of news.. I’m getting jhatkas..

Anjali : does Chote know this..

Shyam : we shall ask him tomorrow now you better go to sleep.. Its not good for baby..


Arnav reached home & mohan was about move to door but Arnav interrupt

Arnav : where are you going keep the luggage here & leave

He settle on a bench outside..

Mohan : but sir won’t you go in..

Arnav : I’ll kill you if you ask one more question

Arnav take out a small beer can & mohan was about to speak but stop seeing Arnav’s glares.. After he gulp it down arnav mellow down a bit ( he is completely in his senses)

Arnav : your working with jijaji since many years right..

Mohan : yes sir..

Arnav : do you know why he is so angry today.. Only because I misbehaved I don’t think so

Mohan : he got a fine slip you paid for drink & driving

Arnav immediately place can aside

Arnav : what..!!? You’re telling me this now.. Dammit.. Nothing worst can happen anymore

Arnav stop talking as he receive a call.. It was kushi smile creep on his lips..

Kushi : where are you..

Arnav : you didn’t sleep..

Kushi : I was worried.. You’re ok na.. Where are you

Arnav : ghar ke bahar ( outside house)

Kushi : In this cold you’re sitting out.. ( she come to balcony & wave at him.. He too wave back seeing her)

Arnav : if they throw out where you expect me to go..

Kushi : ok I’ll open the door get in..

Arnav : no kushi. di will get more angry

Kushi : but you can’t stay there..

Arnav : leave all this I want to tell to you..

Kushi : what?

Arnav : I found jelebi..

Kushi’s face fall hearing it.. Arnav enjoy the expression on her face

Kushi : oh finally you found her

Arnav : And I’ll propose her too tmrw.. You know she’s still single waiting for me..

Kushi : hmm ( she say sadly)

Arnav : kushi I want you to open your mail box now..

Kushi : do as I say..

Arnav send her a mail which contain complete details of rithika ( actually arnav too had assigned a detective & he had mailed him a details just 2 hours back)

Kushi : who’s this rithika Singh Rathore now..

Arnav : My jelebi.. Scroll down you’ll find her recent photo.. See how beautiful she is.. In fact she is the most beautiful girl

Kushi : I don’t want to see her. ( she frown)

Arnav : oh come on kushi at least take a look

He was enjoying her jealousy & cute frown on her face.. Kushi scroll down to get the shock of her life..

Kushi : Ar.. Arnav it.. Its me..

Arnav : yes its you.. My jelebi..

Kushi : Now i get it why i used to get flashes of nannav & jelebi.. But I don’t remember anything

Arnav : read the complete mail you’ll get everything

Precap :

Arnav : now we can get married

Kushi : no.. I’m not ready

Arnav : huh why… Pehle toh peeche padi thi ( first your were behind me for marriage)

Kushi : now its time for me to show some attitude Mr. Nannav

Arnav : what the..

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