AJNABHII – Episode 23 and 24


Guys my exams are going on so I’m not able to post any of my stories.. I’ll be regular from Jan 10.. Till then I’ll post whenever I’m free…

Ishra & Arshi are trying to find jelebi since a week.. But they won’t get any clue from anywhere

Kushi : I think we should visit their old house may be we can get any info there

Ishu : ok done then.. We will go there( excited)

Arnav : di hold on.. You’re pregnant don’t hop like kids.. You should not speak that loudly.. & why are ..

Ishu insert jelebi inside his mouth..

Ishu : I think anju sent you here because of your torture..

Arnav glare.. While others laugh..


Anjali is sitting sadly near a window.. Shyam come & sit beside her..

Shyam : Missing chote..?

Anjali : haan.. ( yes..)

Shyam : shall I call him back..

Anjali : No.. Not this time..

Shyam : its already a week.. Woh sach nahi bolenge iska koyi fayada nahi ( he won’t say truth this is of no use)

Anjali : then let him be there only..

Shyam : We have not even picked his calls.. He.. ( interrupt)

Anjali : even then he’s not telling truth.. I’m sure there’s some big reason behind it..

Shyam : he will upset his health rani sahiba.. Phir dono ko daudna padega Lucknow ( then we have to run to Lucknow )


Arnav was calling shyam.. As usual no answer so he throw the phone but Raman catches it..

Raman : you’ve not changed ah..?

Ishu : sun can rise in west but he won’t change..

Arnav glare her

Raman : btw why so angry..

Kushi : as usual di & jijaji are not picking the phone.. Sab Kuch un dono ke liye kiya par phase hum woh dono toh maze mein hai Paris mein ( did all this for those two but we got trapped those 2 are enjoying in Paris)

Raman : who?

Kushi ; Lavanya aman.. Busy with their honeymoon..

Raman : how mean..

Ishu : I won’t believe chote did all this only to get those 2 married.. & he can never stay without talking to anju & bhaiyya for so many days..

Arnav look at her..

Ishu ; kya chupa rahe ho.. ( what are you hiding)

Arnav : we are getting late let’s leave.. ( he get up to go but ishu hold his hand..)

Ishu : you’re spoiling your health chote.. Itni zid kyun..? sach bolke maafi maanglo chahe Jo bhi ho ( why are you being so stubborn..? Tell them the truth & apologise whatever it may be )

Arnav : batane ke liye Kuch hai nahi.. Mein Kuch nahi chupa raha hoon( there’s nothing to tell.. I’m not hiding anything )

Ishu ; toh aakhe kyun chura rahe ho mujhse (then why are you not meeting my eyes..)


Nk Kavya’s room..

Kavya : I want have laddo ( sweet) nando

Nk : I’ll get them while coming back from office

Kavya : par mujhe abhi chahiye.. ( but I want them now..)

Nk : abhi kahan se laav princess.. Zara samjho Don’t be a kid ( from where shall I bring now princess.. Understand na.. Don’t be a kid )

Kavya : ( pout) mein toh samjhi par yeh nahi sun raha ( she say gesturing towards her tummy ( I understood but he/she’s not listening)

Nk smile & bend down to her tummy & say..

Nk : so my baby wants laddo.. Papa will bring them now itself..

Kavya : how mean nk.. You didn’t listen to me but now.. ( she frown)

Nk : I just remembered.. I saw laddos in kitchen yesterday..

Nk gets a call.. Kavya go down to get them herself..


Arshi & ishra reach a Magnificent palace.. Named “Rathore Mahal”

Kushi get flashes..

Jelebi : papa.. This board is very nice.. ( “Rathore Mahal” board)

Man : my ritu’s choice is always nice ( he kiss her)

Jelebi : but why our house is named Rathore Mahal

Another boy : buddhu.. Because Rathore is our surname..

Jelebi : but bhaiyya then why nannav’s house named “Sheesh Mahal” instead of Malik mahal

Boy : what a logic.. You ask your nannav only..

She come out of flashes as ishu talk..

Ishu : we had so much fun here.. Remember chote how once we climbed this wall to escape from your dad..

Raman : and you fell only to break your leg..

Arnav ; how do you know..?

Ishra look at each other..

Ishu : I told him.. Come let’s go..

Kushi : ( to herself) Ritu..!? But that girl was jelebi.. Oh wait.. Jelebi.. !!!! Was that girl jelebi. Arnav’s jelebi..!!?

They drag kushi in.. A Splendid palace stood majestically in between a beautiful garden.. There was a beautiful swing in between a garden.. Arnav ishu remember playing on it..

Ishu : ritu loved that swing.. Remember chote

Arnav smile seeing it..

Raman : remember she fell down once & you were about to break a swing & how she hugged it & apologised on swing’s behalf.. Pagal thi bilkul ( crazy girl)

Kushi’s flashes..

Jelebi is playing on that swing & she accidentally fall hurting her knee..

Jelebi : Nannav..

4 kids along with nannav come running to her.. ( anjali shyam ishu & jelebi’s bhaiyya).. She was crying & everyone start consoling her but nannav goes to break the swing that’s when jelebi stops him..

Kushi hold her head…

Arnav : but how do you know all this Raman..

Raman : huh.. Uh..

Ishu : I told him.. He know all our stories..

Raman : yes.. She told me.. You know na how much your di talk..

Arnav just nod.. He find something weird

Raizada mansion

Anjali : So you want to forget all the lies he said for 3- 4 months..

Shyam : I’m just saying let him come back here.. We will find out what he’s up to

Anjali ; He’s finding ritu there.. Even if we talk he’s not coming back.. He’ll stay there only & start troubling me by telling to eat properly sleep properly don’t do this don’t do that.. Calling 1000 times a day

Shyam : So..? What’s wrong in it..? I can’t stay anymore like this I’m calling him.. ( he dial arnav)

Anjali : ( snatching the phone) aapi ne bigaada hai usse.. ( you’ve only spoilt him)

Shyam : kab..? ( when..)

Anjali : don’t act innocent.. I know you used to get him those ice creams & taught him to lie

Shyam : I taught him to lie..? Me..? Seriously anju

Anjali : yes you.. Can’t you be bit strict on him..

Shyam : strict ? I did scold him what else you want me to do ? I can’t slap him like you.. Bechare.. You too don’t do that again.. He’s grown up now..

Anjali : so what you want me to do then get him ice creams ah.?

Shyam : will you drop that ice cream topic..


Kavya start searching for laddos in kitchen.. Finally she find them on shelf.. To get them she climb on Stool meantime mami enter the kitchen & stool Start’s stumbling.. &…

Mami : Kavya… ( she gasp)


Arshi & ishra are standing at the door of that palace..

Nannav jelebi ritu this palace garden everything starts echoing in Kushi’s mind & she couldn’t take it any more.. Her head starts spinning & she fall on Arnav.. Arnav try to hold her but he too was feeling dizzy & he too loose balance & both fall on ground.. A small stone bruise arnav’s forehead..

Ishra : Chote..!


Everyone rush to kitchen

Akash had held kavya at nick time before falling..

Mami : ( concerned) are you fine.. ( scanning her from toe to head)

Nani : kaa hua ( what happened)

Akash explain..

Anjali : kavya why you climbed up.. You should be careful.

Mami : ( back to scolding mood) how irresponsible you are..

Kavya : ( pouting) I wanted laddo so..

Mami : you should have asked someone.. You.. ( interrupt)

Nk : Maa actually its my mistake..

After hearing him mami scold him a lot..

Mami : tum.. ( pointing at kavya) next time ask me for anything & btw why are you roaming like this up & down.. Sit at one place.. And without my permission you’re not even supposed to move samjhi..

Kavya nod yes..

Mami : ab chalo apne kamre mein ( now go to your room)

Kavya : par laddo ( but laddo)

Mami : I’ll get them to your room

Kavya nod & leave & all others stare mami with teasing smile..

Mami : what.?

Anjali : kisiko bada pyaar aaraha hai bahu pe ( someone is showering so much love on daughter in law)


Raman dressing arnav’s wound..

Ishu : this is the limit chote.. You can’t skip your meds like this.. Are you even listening chote look at me when I’m talking..

Arnav : di please.. Its not a big issue

Ishu : it is a big issue.. Raman check his sugar level.. ( she give him the device)

Arnav : no way.. You’re overreactin.. ( interrupt)

Ishu : shut up.. ( she herself take the device & pierce a needle & arnav yelp.. )

Raman : careful ishu.. Chote you fine

Arnav look at Raman.. This is 2nd time he’s calling him chote.. Raman understands it.. He move back & look at kushi who slowly gain conscious..

Raman : are you fine.. ? ( he give her water she gulp it down.. )

Kushi : who is Ritu..? We went to find jelebi na.?

Raman : we used to call her jelebi her name is rithu.. Rithi.. ( interrupt)

Ishu : damn this isn’t working..

Arnav : leave it di.. I’m fine.. Let’s go inside..

Ishu : No.. First your check up we are going to hospital..

Arnav : di.. ( interrupt)

Kushi : battery is missing in this ( she show sugar checking machine)

Arnav ; ( whisper ) damn..

Raman : I heard it.. Give us the battery .

Ishu : chote I’m calling anju if you don’t..

Arnav : ok fine I’ll give but first we will go inside & check out ok..

Inside a palace..

Arnav noticed Raman was very silent & was keenly observing the palace.. Kushi was in her own trance.. They climbed up the stairs..

Kushi’s flashes..

Ritu : bhaiyya stop running.. This is cheating..

Little ritu is running behind her brother & they climb up running finally she catch him on stairs

Ritu ; you’re caught..

Brother : Never.. ( he shrug her hand & she loose balance.. Before he could hold her she roll down the stairs lying on floor blood oozing out of her forehead..)

Brother : Ritu……

Kushi stumble on stairs.. Raman see it

Raman : Ritu… ( he hold her & make her stand..)

Arnav look at Raman & he notice his eyes were moist..

Ishu : Raman are you fine..

Raman : I’ll be waiting outside


Arnav doesn’t speak anything about it all the way.. Ishu check his diabetes & it was very low..

Raman : ( handing him a ice cream) your favourite flavour..

Arnav : how do you know..

Ishu about to speak..

Arnav : definitely di don’t know this.. She hate it when I eat ice cream..

Raman : I guessed..

Arnav : oh Guess.! right.. Btw only 3 people know this jijaji, jelebi &.. Rajveer

Kushi : Rajveer..!?

Raman : Ra.. Rajveer..? Who.. who’s that ?

Arnav : ( sarcastically) you didn’t tell him this di.. He’s ritu’s brother.. My buddy who just disappeared one day.. ( Arnav walk off angrily )

Ishu : chote wait.. Have something.. Chote..

Raman : did he get to know I..

Kushi : I think we should call anjali di & jijaji.. He’s spoiling his health..


Anjali’s phone start ringing..

Anjali : Ishu..! ( picking the call) bolo.. ( tell)

Ishu : why are you talking so low.. Bhaiyya hai wahan ( is shyam there)

Anjali : hmm.. Beside me

Raman : he knows you’re in touch with us then what’s the deal..

Anjali come bit away..

Anjali : we fought today.. I accused him that he’s spoiling chote.. Now I don’t want him to say I spoilt you..

Raman : that duffer will never grow up.. He fights even with sweetest person on earth..

Ishu : shut up Raman.. Anju.. We are in Lucknow.. With chote..

Anjali : Lucknow..? ( she say bit loudly & shyam see her)

Ishu : chote sugar is low.. He’s not listening to me.. You two come here..

Precap :

Arnav holding a photo..

Arnav : where you got this..

Kushi : its my photo.. I just have it..

Arnav : your photo..!!?

He recall her full name.. Kushi Singh Rathore

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