AJNABHII – Episode 22

Recap : All truths out & everyone highly annoyed with arshi, aman & Lavanya

Raizada mansion – Arnav’s room

Arnav : are you two even listening

Shyam : Hari Prakash load these in car & tell driver he will be leaving in 10 mins

HP take the luggage

Arnav : leave them HP

HP look at shyam

Shyam : le jayiye. ( take them)

HP take them & go..

Arnav ; I’m not going.. ( he sit making angry face)

Shyam : either you’re going or its me & your di.. You decide now..

Next day

Arshi in aashram.. Kushi bump into arnav unknowingly

Arshi : Tum..!!? Yahan..!? ( you..!? Here..!?)

Kushi : kehate humari parwa nahi karte lekin mera peecha karte yahan tak aagaye ( you say you won’t care for me but reached till here following me)

Arnav : excuse me stop dreaming.. You came here following me chipku..

Kushi : chipku.. You called me chipku.. You..

Arnav : CuT it kushi. What are you doing here

Kushi : buaji sent me here.. She’s very angry.. This is my punishment.. Why you came here..

Arnav : I had work.. ( liar)

Kushi : jhoot mat boliye ( don’t lie)

Arnav : why would I..

Kushi : what work you had.. ah..?

Arnav : jelebi stayed here so I’m here to search her.. Even I’ve to get married na.. ( he tease)

She frown..

Kushi : even if she comes infront of you how will you identify her..

Arnav : I’ll just know

Kushi : how.. Do her face look like jelebi or her eyes are like jelebi.. God.. I’ve started hating jelebis

Arnav : my jelebi can never hate jelebis

Kushi : you know what even I too can never hate jelebis par jab baat aapki aati hai na toh.. Kair chodiye I just hate them.. ( but when it’s about you na.. Leave it)

Arnav remember flashback hearing her words..

Arnav : why did you throw all those jelebis uncle brought it for you with so much love..

Jelebi : I hate them..

Arnav : how can my jelebi hate her jelebis..

Jelebi ; you fell ill eating them na.. So I hate them.. jab baat tumhari aati hai na toh.. Kair chodo I just hate them.. ( but when it’s about you na.. Leave it)

He comes out flashback hearing a sweet familiar voice..

Lady ( bride from dhabha) : arre uncleji sambhalke aapko lagi tho nahi ( arre uncle carefull are you hurt anywhere)

She make an old man sit who just trembled.. Arnav turned towards her.. Kushi noticed a big smile on his face..

Kushi : ( to herself ) oh God.. Yeh jelebi toh nahi ( is she jelebi)

That girl see Arnav but doesn’t acknowledge him & start going..

Arnav : what the..!!

He hold her hand.. & pull her

Arnav : what’s this now..?

Lady : who are you.. Chodo mujhe mein ajnabhiyo se baat nahi karti ( leave me.. I don’t talk to strangers.. )

She shrug his hand & turn to go but arnav hold her hairs..

Arnav : accha.. Mein ajnabhii hoon.. How mean? Shaadi ke baad aap badal gayi ( oh.. Now I’m stranger.. How mean ? You’ve changed after marriage)

Girl ; mein badal gayi..! Tumne baat karna choda tha.. Tumne contact choda tha.. Ek baar bhi mere baare mein jaanane ki koshish ki

Man come there.. About to hug Arnav but stop seeing his wife’s glares

Arnav : what are you doing here. ?

Ishitha : tumse Matlab.. ( none of your business)

Arnav : what the..

Man : Arnav..

Ishitha : Raman ajnabhiyo se baat nahi karte ( raman we should not talk to strangers)

Arnav : What’s wrong with her..?

Raman : ignore her come on give me a hug man its been so long..

They hug ishu notice kushi

Ishu : is she jelebi.. ?

Kushi : kaash hoti ( I would love to)

Ishu : Matlab ( what.?)

Arnav : why so much interested in ajnabhii ( stranger) anyway she’s kushi.. Family friend.. (to kushi) she’s jijaji’s sister ishitha.. my ishu di

Ishu : was your ishu di not now after what you’ve done.. We’re strangers..

Arnav : what did I do now.. Everyone blaming me only ..

Ishu & Arnav continue their fight.. Irritated by them kushi & Raman scream.. Stop it..

Kushi : Arnav she’s your elder sister stop screaming on her otherwise you will take birth as lizard in next birth..

Arnav : what the hell.. Kushi !

Ishra laugh.. But control seeing arnav’s glares

Raman : she’s angry because you didn’t see our messages.. You ignored us for whole 15 days how mean.. We were trapped such big trouble

Kushi : may be due to the wedding he couldn’t reply

Ishu : iski shaadi todi na thi.. Itni bhi kya busy ( it was not his wedding what so busy)

Kushi : oh you don’t know.. Wedding got preponed.. His wedding was also on 26th

Ishra : what..!??

Ishu : God you got married..!!!? How could you. You cheated jelebi.. You’re already mar.. ( interrupt)

Arnav : stop it di.. I didn’t get married.. Its long story..

Arnav explain her everything..

Ishu : ( angrily) how can you play with wedding rituals.. You..

Arnav : please di now stop acting like Anjali di.. She have scolded me enough.. Spare me & jijaji he threw me here in this aashram can you imagine ASR in aashram.. Uggh

Raman : but what are you hiding.. What was the need of all this

Arnav : Spare me Raman.. I can’t take that question anymore.. Now tell me what trouble you two got into..

Raman : long story.. We were planning visit shantivan..

Arnav : seriously..

Raman : due to bad weather instead of Delhi flight landed in Jaipur.. And we got struck with some freaky tribal people man.. They got us remarried & have left us today..

Arnav : you got married in jijaji’s absence again.. Bechare..

Raman : he doesn’t have that luck of seeing his sister getting married.. Hope he can see our children’s wedding..

Arnav : good news anjali di is pregnant

Ishu : she too..

Arnav : what does that mean now

Raman : your ishu di too

Ishu : so we are here to ask forgiveness.. Dadi will forgive hearing this news na..

Kushi : Hey devi maiyya.. Still how many love stories remaining..

Ishra : what..!?

Arnav tell NK’S story..

Raman : oh then they will forgive us too we should hurry up then

Kushi : bad idea everyone is very angry now

Arnav : especially jijaji & nani..

Raman : tell me when he’s not angry

Arnav : he’s always cool but don’t know why his blood boil seeing you

Ishu : I want to talk to anjali

Arnav dial but she doesn’t pick..

Arnav : they wont pick mine.. You only call..

Ishu call from her mobile & shyam picks it..

Shyam : Hello..

Hearing his voice ishu give phone to Arnav

Arnav : di..

Shyam : so you decided to tell truth ah..?

Arnav : jijaji stop asking the same question..

Shyam : stop calling too then ..

He cut the call

Arnav : Damn..

Precap : Search for jelebi. Kushi getting more flashes.. Raman’s secret identity.. Who is he..?

Guys I had planned for some other couple but seeing all your high expectations from them.. I thought its better be ishra..

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