AJNABHII – Episode 20 & 21


Shashi & buaji were highly annoyed with their daughters. Buaji shouted till all her energy was drained out.. Shashi Gupta didn’t speak a word to Lavanya & kushi.. Just questioned payal & asked her how could she act so naive.. Anyway he blessed payal & left.. Buaji warned kushi & Lavanya not to step into the house & left.

Raizadas got to know about NK & kavya’s marriage & that’s it mami was not ready to hear a word more she stormed out without letting them explain anything.. Everyone left to shantivan & arshi went to aman’s home along with aman Lavanya..

At shantivan.. Akash & payal’s griha pravesh was done & behind them stood nk & payal..

Mami : don’t step in.. You’ve lost that right..

Nk : maa please let me explain.. Please.. Dadi..

Mathur mansion

Kushi does griha pravesh of aman & la.. All settle on couch.. All 4 were tensed Arnav break the silence

Arnav : it was expected guys.. So relax..

La : papa didn’t talk to me..

Aman ; he will forgive don’t worry..

La : but buaji told not to step into the house. Kushi where will she go

Kushi : la.. Don’t you know buaji’s anger she will melt down.. I know how to convince her..

La : she’s very angry kushi.. & papa is not with us for rescue..

Kushi : I’ll manage lavanya.. Don’t worry

Aman : what about you ASR

Arnav : I’m allowed inside shantivan & if they throw me out.. You’ve one more bedroom right

Kushi : its not joke here.. Nani & mami were furious

Arnav : they’ll be busy with NK.. don’t worry no one will concentrate on me

Aman : di & jijaji surely will..

Raizada mansion

On Anjali’s request nani let them in

Nk explained that they married in a hurry because kavya’s mom was on death bed & she wanted see her marriage. So they married in hospital.. To some extent it melt their hearts but not fully convinced

Shyam : its been 2 years of marriage.. You could’ve informed us earlier.. Why this secret

Nk : I was scared.. Scared maa would.. Sorry

Nani : sorry now have no value nk.. You broke our trust

Mami : as you lived without us since 2years. You two continue that no need to show your faces again.. Pack the bag & leave with your wife

Arnav come home & hear this..

Arnav : Mami.. She’s 2 months pregnant

Payal : there are some complications in her pregnancy she’s suffering a lot.. She need our care..

Kavya : it all happened because we cheated

By now everyone were already on verge of forgiving them one drop from NK’s eyes & anjali took both of them in embrace.. mami too melted down but didn’t show..

Mami : nothing will happen to my grandchild.. It will be strong like me..

Nani : you two go to your room & rest.. Manorama help her..

Mami : don’t think I’ve forgiven you two.. I only care for the baby.. So beware you two..

Both nod & move..

Now it was only nani, Anjali shyam, Arnav. Finally all concentration was on him..

All 3 stared at him looking at their glares he hung his head low & stood.

Nani : I understand others but what was the need for you to do all this drama.. Agreeing to marry Lavanya & then swapping the groom it was ought to come out you knew how angry everyone will be still you did it chote..

Arnav ; ( not looking up) shashi uncle wouldn’t allow Lavanya to marry aman so for their happiness I did this..

Shyam : Whom are you fooling. You could’ve convinced him.. There’s something else running in your mind

Arnav doesn’t speak.. He knew if he speak more he will be caught but will they be convinced

Anjali : chote speak up.. What’s wrong..

Arnav : nothing di.. That’s the reason..

Shyam : look up first.. Chote look up ( he say bit loudly )

Arnav does that..

Shyam : Tell us the truth ..

Arnav doesn’t speak..

Anjali : teek hai phir chaliye shyam ( fine then come shyam )

They both move upstairs..

Nani : was it necessary to create scene infront of those two ( Arnav’s parents)

Arnav : how dare they step here..

Nani : Anjali bitiya invited them.. That’s not point here.. How dare you play with rituals.. Shaadi ka Kuch lihaas raha hai aapke drusti mein ( do you have any respect for marriage)

Arnav : Nani I’m sorry..

Nani : not this time..

She leave.. & he move to his room & he is shocked to see his di & jijaji doing the packing of his clothes..

Arnav : what are you two doing..

They don’t answer..

Arnav : di.. Jijaji..

They don’t speak so he snatch the bag..

Shyam : we are throwing you out of the house

Anjali : no need to talk to us from today..

Arnav : what are you two saying.. You know I can’t stay without you two..

Anjali : then tell the truth.. Why you did it

Shyam : we promise chote hum bilkul nahi daatenge aapko boliye aap kya hua ( we are not gonna scold you tell me what happened)

Arnav : there’s nothing

Shyam take the bag back & start packing.. Arnav

Arnav : I’m not going anywhere..

Anjali : we are not asking you.. You always used to say that I’ll go to US na.. Now go there only..

Arnav : di sorry.. Sorry I will never lie again I promise.. You two want to punish me right ok fine you do whatever you want to with me but I’m not going anywhere..

Shyam : its just this simple chote.. Answer us why you did this..

Arnav : ( to himself) I can’t tell them the truth they’ll be hurt.. But they will not leave me until I tell something..

Anjali : Speak up chote

Arnav : I.. I don’t wanna marry anyone other than jelebi.. I’m searching her..

Shyam : you could have told us that na why this marriage drama..

Arnav : you were asking for marriage so I thought if I’m engaged to la you will spare me for 6 months & in meantime I’ll search jelebi

Anjali : we never forced you chote then why all this..

Arnav : ( to himself) Damn they’re not leaving the topic only.. ( to them) leave it now I’m sorry

Shyam : I’m leaving nothing I need answers. This is definitely not the reason..

Anjali : chote this is the limit you’re lying even now..

Arnav : No.. There’s nothing else why don’t you believe..

Shyam angrily pack the bag & zip it.. He call his secretary..

Shyam : Are arrangements done ok fine he will leave tomorrow morning.

He cut the call..

Arnav : I’m not going anywhere.. Jijaji I’m sorry

Shyam : I don’t want sorry I need reason

Arnav : there’s nothing to tell

Shyam : fine.. ( he barge out.. Followed by Anjali)

Gupta mansion

Kushi prepared dinner & arranged everything on table.. She went to shashi’s room. Buaji was sitting with him.. Kushi step in..

Buaji : Go to your room kushi.. Don’t test my patience

Kushi : ( holding her ears ) galati hogayi sorry..

Buaji slap her..

Shashi immediately hold buaji stopping her..

Shashi : what are you doing jiji.

Buaji : ab maafi maang rahi ho pehle nahi pata tha ki galati hai.. ( now you’re asking sorry didn’t you know earlier it was a mistake)

Kushi start crying.. Shashi couldn’t see it..

Shashi : jiji please.

Buaji : they’ve dared do all this because of your lenience ( she clutch kushi) what mistake we did ah..?

Shashi : its not her mistake alone aap chodiye isse..

Buaji : I’m sending her to Lucknow tomorrow & you will not say anything.. Do din aashram mein rahegi tab akal aayegi ( if she stay in aashram for some days then she’ll get some brain..)

Shashi : but aashram..

Buaji : I’ve talked to panditji they know how to handle spoilt kids.. She will leave tomorrow & that’s final

Raizada mansion

Dining table

Everyone present except Anjali & shyam.. Arnav walk down there..

Arnav : where are they..

HP : they refused to eat

Anjshy bedroom

Arbav enter with plates

Arnav : why are you two taking out my anger on food.. & di how can you skip dinner its not good for your health

Anjali : if you cared chote then you wouldn’t have done all this

Arnav : jijaji you only explain her.. Come let’s have food..

Shyam : chote bahar jayiye hume koyi baat nahi karni aapse ( arnav go out I don’t want to talk anything with you)

Anjali : kal aap Lucknow jayenge panditji ke aashram ( you’ll go to Lucknow to aashram)

Arnav : I’m really sorry.. I will kneel down & hold my ears till you both forgive me.. but have food now.. Jijaji..

Anjali : Kuch bhi karoge lekin sach nahi bologe.. ( you will do everything except telling truth)

Arnav : itni choti si baat ( its a small matter)

Shyam : enough chote.. Har baar aapki man maani nahi chalegi kal aap jaa rahe hai Lucknow that’s final. ( enough arnav every time you can’t impose your decisions.. You’re going to Lucknow tomorrow & that’s final)

Precap :

Arshi in aashram.. Kushi bump into arnav unknowingly

Arshi : Tum..!!? Yahan..!? ( you..!? Here..!?)

New couple entry & how are they related to arshi…?

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  1. Veronica

    Arre yaar new couple ki muh dikha hi do na Itna bhi kya suspense???…. And awesome epi loved it a lot…. Waiting for Lucknow mein pyaar ka tashan

    1. Anaya

      Thanks vero, sorry for keeping the suspence.. I had planned to introduce them in this episode but it got longer so shifted it to next part.. they are not any famous couple yaar.. looking at all your excitement I’m getting nervous now.. hope no one gets disappointed

    2. Anaya

      they were on-screen for small period but I loved them & they suit the situation so I took them instead of other popular couples. But I promise their bond with arshi will be cute & adorable

      1. Veronica

        Dont say me its Payal and Aakash or somebody from another serial?

    3. Anaya

      Dont scare me like this vero.. Tell me who are you expecting.. It’s not Akash & payal.. They’re are already in ff how can they be new couple.. Its someone from other serial.. But looking at some of your reactions I’m getting scared to introduce them

  2. IshaJain3006

    awesome 🙂

    1. Anaya

      Thanks ishajain3006

  3. Fanficoholic

    Amazinggggggg di. And poor khushinshe had to be slappd by buaji. I am waiting fr the newwwwwwww couple. I am very curious to knw whi they r.

    1. Anaya

      Thanks fanficoholic.. New couple not that popular. Don’t keep I hopes dear.. but I will try make their chemistry cute & their equation with arshi adorable & funny.. they were on-screen for small period but I loved them & they suit the situation so I took them instead of other popular couples

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