AJNABHII – Episode 2


Recap : Arshi’s accidental meets.. Arnav agree to marry Lavanya..

Lavanya : what was the need of all this aman

Aman : dont worry it just a licence for us to stay around..

La : what if they force us to marry we can do nothing then..

Arnav : No one can force anything on me.. I’ll handle everything . I’ll get you two married..

Aman : thank u ASR ( they hug)


Hotel room..

Arnav gets call from Anjali..

Arnav : so you got the news then.. How was my surprise di..

Anjali : It was shock not a surprise

Arnav : it was gift for your anniversary.. I need my return gift now..

Shyam : you have become very naughty.. Leave it. first you refused & now suddenly you agreed. There’s something fishy..

Arnav : stop using your lawyer brain jijaji.. I agreed because la is nice girl & she is of my type

Anjali : you realised it now..?

Arnav : are you both happy or not..

Anj- shy: yes but..

Arnav : but what? Stop enquiring me like small kid

Anj : you will always be kid for us.. samjhe..

Shy : And kids can’t out play their parents..

Arnav : yes boss.. Now sleep its already late.. Gud night both of you..

Anjali : chote but.. You didn’t tell why you took this decision so suddenly..

Arnav : Good night di.. & think of my return gift

He cut the call

Kushi’s room..

Kushi is thinking of flashes she got when she was dancing.. Buaji enter with milk..

Buaji : where are you lost.

Kushi : buaji.. Those dreams I get.. I saw something more than that

Buaji : what you saw..?

Kushi : 2 children were playing infront of the palace I saw in my dream.. One of them was me.. & boy was calling me jelebi..

Buaji realise what she saw.. She remember who used to call her jelebi.. It means kushi is slowly regaining her memory..

Buaji : when you got this dream..

Kushi : not dream buaji.. I got these flashes while dancing with him..

Buaji : whom?

Kushi : pata nahi koyi AJNABHII tha.. ( don’t know he was some stranger )

Hotel room

Arnav lie down on bed… he close his eyes..


Akash payal marriage was fixed as they loved each other.. Shashi Gupta came up with another proposal of marrying la to arnav.. But neither Arnav was interested nor Lavanya as she loved aman. So Arnav refused the proposal..

A week before..

Arnav gets call from Anjali accidentally.. And he hears..

Anj- shy have went to some house to invite for their anniversary party..

Mrs Chopra : Anjali when are you giving good news.. Its already 5 years of marriage

Anjali feel uneasy..

Shyam : leave it aunty.. You attend the party & enjoy..

Mrs Chopra : its only celebration left in your life.. But why are you celebrating shyam.. You gained nothing from this marriage.. Firstly she have a limp & now she’s not even able to give you a baby..

Hearing this Arnav was boiling in anger

Shyam : enough.. Cheap woman like you won’t understand love so just stay away..

He snatch the invitation & leave with anjali..

Arnav was highly disturbed to hear this..

Anjali’s room

Arnav enter.. Anjali hide her tears..

Shy : Gud evening chote..

Arnav : are you both fine..

Shy : yes.. Why are.. ( interrupted)

Arnav : dont lie I heard everything on phone.. I’ve arranged best gynaecologist & she’ll be..

Anjali : ( interruptting) No chote.. No need of all this.. Cancel that appointment..

Arnav : but why di..?

Shy : there’s no problem for doctor to treat..

Arnav : then..?

Anjali : we just dont need a baby now..

Arnav : what..!? You both..

Shy : enough now.. no more arguments..

Anj : Go to your bed.. ( both say bit strictly)

Arnav give both of them one angry glare & leave

2 days later..

Shy : what’s this now…

Anj : talk to us chote..

Arnav just keep having breakfast..

Shy : ok we are sorry for shouting..

Arnav : I’m not angry for that & you two know it

Anj ; what you need

Arnav : baby..

Shy : for that you’ll have to get married first chote ( he say controlling his laugh)

Arnav : very funny.. I’m not talking to you both unless you both agree for baby..

Shy : ok..happy now..

Arnav hug them both & leave .. But when he return for a file what he hears shocks him to hell

Nani : what are you both gonna do now..

Mami : its high time you decide..

Shy : I’ve decided maa we will settle him first then think of baby..

Anj : he’s our first priority

Nani : but will he..

Shy : I’ll handle him..

Flashback ends..


A week later.. Kushi has arrived to India.. Gupta’s are still in London will return in week..
Now kushi is going to Raizada mansion to meet them..

On the way..

Kushi see a nice scooty parked & she wanted to try it hence buy it from that girl & start riding on the other hand arnav is rushing to office in hurry.. In this process Kushi’s scooty bump into Arnav’s car..

Kushi fall down.. Arnav get down & help her stand.. That touch tickles some butterflies in both their stomach.. Kushi’s hairs are blocking his view he involuntarily slowly romantically move her hair strands & tuck them beind her ears.. She too doesn’t resist.. But as soon as their view is clear their romantic stance breaks & scream

Both : tum..!? ( you ..!?)

Kushi shrugg him off..

Arnav : London mein kya kam damage kiya tha Jo yaha bhi aagayi ( have you damaged any less in London that you arrived here too )

Kushi : what the hell.. You bumped into me..

Arnav : lagta hai waha ke logo ne tume bhaga diya.. Tumhari driving se tang aakar ( I think people threw you out of there fed up by your driving )

Kushi : what..? Tumhari galati hai.. ( your mistake)

Arnav : ASR ki kabhi koyi galati nahi hoti.. Anyways I’m not arguing with strangers like you so get lost..

Kushi : haan haan jaav agar dubara dikhe toh.. ( ok ok go.. If we ever meet then..)

Arnav leave making a loud sound indicating her to shut up..

Raizada mansion..

Kushi meet everyone.. She like the family a lot.. They too like her sweet nature..

Kushi : ok I’ll take the leave now..

Anjali : ok.. We shall meet in temple in evening

Kushi : sure..

Evening – Temple

Arnav is waiting outside a temple for Anjali.. While Anjali & kushi are busy talking unaware of the time.. Anjali invite for the party tomorrow & leave in hurry..

Arnav : how long di..

Anjali : sorry chote.. Oh no I forgot my purse..

Arnav : I’ll bring wait..

Kushi is playing with some kids & she throw a paper rocket in air which hits Arnav’s face..

Arnav : what the..

Precap :

Arnav : she..?

Doctor : yes ASR.. She’s Dr. Kushi whom I was recommending

Arnav : usse khud teek se chalna nahi aata yeh meri di ki pair teek karegi ( she herself don’t know to walk properly she’ll treat my di’s leg)

Kushi : what do you mean Mr ?

I was in my grandparents home guys.. Returned today.. So couldn’t uploade earlier.. I promise I’ll be regular from today..

Credit to: Anaya

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