AJNABHII – Episode 14 & 15


Raizada mansion

Shyam : his phone is switched off now..

Anjali : call aman..

Aman’s home

Aman : jijaji calling..

Arnav : pick up & do as I said..

Aman : hello..

Shyam : Arnav kaha hai.. When is he coming home ah..?

Aman : actually jijaji.. He’s not here.. He went to Mumbai for a meeting

Shyam : what..?

Aman : he will return after 2 days..

Anjali : don’t lie aman.. I very well know you both..

Aman : ( gulping down the fear) no di why would I lie.. I’ll ask him to call once he reach Mumbai

Everyone get relieved

Aman : you’re saved only for a night what will happen tomorrow

Arnav : tomorrow my idiot cousin NK is coming.. I don’t think they’ll have time to think of me

Gupta mansion

La : what’s all this Kushi.. You will see another boy now..

Kushi : buaji wants me to settle so..

Payal : what about Arnav..

Kushi : what arnav.. He’s no one to me

Kushi is trying hard controlling her tears & she’s not facing la & payal directly.. Payal make her sit & cup her face

Payal : kya hua Kushi.. Kyun itni parishaan ho tum.. Jagada hua tum dono ke beech ( what happened Kushi.. Why are you so disturbed.. Did you both fight)

Kushi : no di.. What are you talking

Payal ; you can’t lie to him.. Won’t you tell your di..ah.?

Kushi couldn’t hold on any more she burst into tears & hug payal..

Kushi : I hate him di.. I hate him..

Payal caress her & wipe her tears..

Payal : what happened..

Kushi : he said he doesn’t love me.. There’s nothing between us.. He did everything only aman & Lavanya.. Everything was fake.. How can he say so di.. Why he played with me..

La : I won’t leave him how dare he.. Fake..!? Ah..? He can’t play this way.. I’ll ask him..

She take her phone to dial but kushi stop..

Kushi : no.. Don’t call him.. I’m not desperate.. I can live without him.. I hate him..

Payal : kushi.. Don’t take decisions in haste.. I see that love in his eyed too..

Kushi : then let him realise himself di.. & if he do realise.. I’ll reject him this time..

Payal & la look on.. They could see that pain in her eyes

Next day evening..

Groom’s family may arrive anytime to Gupta mansion.. Kushi is ready in a simple saree with minimum jewels & light make up but there’s no charm in her face

Door bell rings. Shashi Gupta open the door & surprised to find Raizadas..

Shashi : aap.. Come in..

Anjali : who are you we dont know..

Shashi buaji payal la look on confused..

Mami : hello hi bye bye.. We are here to see a girl for our boy Nandakishore..

There comes a man with cute smile on his face

NK : samaste..

Gupta’s : what. ?

Anjali : oh ho.. Samaste nahi namaste nk bhai

Nk : oh sorry.. Namaste namaste..

After 2 hours

Kushi : I’ve no problem if buaji & papa agree for this marriage

Everyone get happy…

Kushi’s room..

Payal : what are you doing Kushi

La : are you in your senses.. What about Arnav..

Kushi : this have nothing to do with him.. Its my life my choice.. When he doesn’t care for me.. I’m not running behind him..

Anjali calling arnav but he doesn’t pick the phone.. Do she call aman..

Aman : di is calling see.. You said she won’t have time to think of you..

Arnav : now answer it & say something..

Aman : I’m not picking.. She’ll be angry..

Shyam : stop it rani sahiba.. He should come home only na.. At any cost by tomorrow evening he should be here..

Anjali : such a idiot he is ah..? Definitely he has done something so he’s doing this.. If he’s playing with marriage & all then unki kair nahi..

Shyam call on AR OFFICE..

shyam : can I speak to ASR

Receptionist : Sir.. He’s in Mumbai for a important meeting

Shyam : will you provide with Mumbai’s ( interrupted by Arnav’s voice in office)

Arnav : ( to employee) I asked for the designs not this crap.. If you fail to submit them by tomorrow then you’re fired.. ( she shout which is heard by shyam.. Receptionist gets worried )

Receptionist : Sir. Woh..

Shyam : tell him if he doesn’t get home within ½an hour then he too will be fired

He cut the call

Arnav’s cabin After 2 hours

Arnav & aman : what..?

Arnav : you’re telling me now…

Tina (receptionist ) : sir you went into meeting.. & you were not in good mood too so not..

Arnav : shut up & get out..

Aman : what now..?

Arnav : I’ll handle

NK on call

NK : I’ll do something.. ( pause) Hmm ( pause) no I didn’t accept the proposal

Caller : why did you even go to see a girl

NK : I didn’t know anything.. It was surprise they gave..

Caller : surprise..? Ah.. ( angrily)

Nk : I mean shock.. Shock..

Caller : when are you telling them

Nk ; I’m scared you know how mumma ( mami) is.. But I’ll tell you don’t worry

Caller : ok bye love you

Nk : love you too..

Lavanya’s room

Kushi : what di got to know everything..?

La : No kushi.. Only that priest thing..

Kushi : what’s the difference.. If they confront arnav.. He will blurt out everything..

Payal : that’s why he’s escaping since yesterday

Kushi : let’s go to RM.. Only I can cover up his lies.. God he always get in trouble.. How many times I’ve taught him to lie.. But he’s a dumbo

La : you taught him to lie!!?? Dumbo & ASR…!!!!!!?

kushi : we don’t have time come let’s rush..

Buaji : where are you going..?

Kushi : Shantivan

Buaji : oh ho.. My naughty daughters cannot wait ah..? Missing your better halves…? ( she tease)

NK’s room

NK is wandering in his room thinking what to do

NK : Maa won’t agree.. Never.. Nani..? Will she accept my truth.. I can’t take chance.. Haan.. Di.. Only she can help him.. She’ll understand & convince everyone..


Arnav stealthily enter & rush to his room.. Hoping no one sees him.. After changing he go to Anjali’s room.. He knock & step in.. They look at him furiously

Arnav : huh.. It was important meeting in Mumbai..

Aman is assisting Arnav through Bluetooth..

Aman : man.. Not Mumbai.. They got to know you went no where

Arnav : uh.. It was in Mumbai.. But got cancelled..

Anj shyam look on..

Arnav : that priest in Lucknow.. I had invited him but..

Aman : did they ask about priest.. ASR you will get trapped for sure

Shyam : so the panditji lied..

Arnav : yes..

Aman : are you out of your mind.. You’re accusing him for a lie.. Cover up

Arnav : I mean.. No no. I had given invitation card to his disciple may be he didn’t give..

Shyam : which disciple ? The one who came her as a priest..

Arnav : yes..

Aman : No.. ASR say no..

Arnav : No.. Na I me.. ( pat..!!)

He jerked a bit & looked at his di.. Who just slapped him you can say a pat but with bit more force..

( Now don’t think she’s very angry so slapped him.. Its not like the slap they show in serials.. Like people are slapped only for serious situation & that slap will be very loud & paining. Nothing like that happens in real life.. Mom & sisters will be like all the time ready to slap or pat for silly things we do which doesn’t hurt at all.. & we don’t even mind it & are used to it)

NK who came to tell Anjali his secret jerk seeing it..

Nk : ( to himself) God.. Di is furious.. If great Arnav is not spared how will she spare me.. Its not good idea to tell her
(he hide behind pillar what’s happening)

Anjali was still looking angrily at him.. He knew she was not done yet..

Aman : why did you stop.. Tell her you didn’t mean it & have no idea why priest gave that date & you don’t even know that priest..

Arnav : di.. I don’t know that priest..& have no idea why priest gav.. ( pat..!!)

She slapped again..

Arnav zip his lips.. He got to know all this is not working & she knows he’s lying

Anjali rise her hand Arnav close his eyes.. She take his Bluetooth off & take his phone

Aman : arre why are you stopping in middle she will get doubt that..

Anjali : shut upaman.. Come to our room now..

Aman : di.. Woh.. Huh.. I’ve meeting now..

Anjali : I know you’re in chote’s room better you come fast..

Shyam : now will you tell truth chote.. Or you want your di to continue her session..

Arnav : I lied about priest & I didn’t invite him..

Shyam : so you don’t want this marriage

Arnav : I didn’t mean that..

Anjali : then what do you mean chote I’m getting nothing except your lies

Arnav : huh..

Anjali : don’t you dare lie again.. Warna khoob pitayi hogi

Aman too hide behind another pillar..

Arnav : di.. I needed time to know lavanya better.. I mean I knew she’s nice girl & you all like her but I wanted to ( he see at aman who gestures love.. & provokes to tell ) I wanted to love.. ( pat..!!)

He got another one..

Arnav : I’m not lying di…

Anjali : you wanted to fall in love.. & you want me to believe it.. Tum na aise nahi bologe.. ( you want tell like this..)

She search for something to hit him but he stop her..

Arnav : ok ok sorry di lmarriageI just wanted her to understand my schedule & nature & you know I can’t give much time to her.. If she adjust & know me better then there would be no problems in future so I postponed wedding for 6 months & if I tell you both directly.. Definitely you wouldn’t have believed me & you would’ve thought its my another reason to escape so..

Shyam : so you lied..

Anjali : I won’t believe you even now..

Arnav : why di.. If you want I’ll marry her along with Akash payal ok..

Aman : what are you telling yaar.. Only 15 days left for marriage.. He’ll trap us.. ( murmur)

Shyam : ok done.. That’s the deal..

Anjali is still looking at him suspiciously…

Arnav : di.. Now drop that look.. I mean it..

She again slap him..

Arnav : what now.. ( rubbing his cheek)

Anjali : for lying since so many days..

Arnav : di didn’t you promise me that you won’t beat me on last raksha bandhan

Anjali : you too promised you won’t lie on last raksha bandhan

Arnav : what if anyone see you doing that..

Shyam : already someone saw it..

NK run from there thinking its him.

Shyam : Aman.. You can come in…

He give one innocent smile to Anjali.. She twist his ear..

Anjali : what were you saying ah. ? Teaching him to lie ah..?

Aman : no di.. I.. ( she twist more)

Aman : ouch.. Yes.. Sorry..

Precap :

Arnav : how can you say yes for a marriage

Kushi : aapko kya faraq padta hai..

Arnav : mujhe faraq padta hai dammit

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    aww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!mujhe pharak padtha hey dammit……………kyunki……..wow waiting eagerly for next chapter

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