AJNABHII – Episode 13


These are 2 separate conversations between aman Arnav & buaji kushi

Buaji : So when can I meet your Ajnabhii

Arnav : there’s nothing between us aman

Kushi : buaji please.. Not this topic again

Aman : when are you getting married then.. You know the seriousness of situation I hope

Kushi : Not anytime soon

Buaji : I’m getting old.. Don’t know how many days left..

Arnav : find my jelebi first

Kushi : Stop this emotional blackmail please

Aman : what’s wrong between you two I’m observing since 2 weeks

Buaji : you broke up with him

Arshi : No…

Arnav : There’s nothing between us to break up

Kushi : there is no one in my life to break up

Aman : God dammit what went wrong..

Flashback.. 2 weeks back

Arnav : so now what next we are engaged now

Kushi : Hmm.. Huh..

Arnav : this time we will have grand wedding unlike last time

Kushi : what..!!??

Arnav : what what?

Kushi : unlike last time means..? ( she was completely clueless now Arnav got worried)

Arnav : don’t you remember anything about Lucknow kushi..

Kushi : I’ve never been to India.. How will I remember Lucknow..

Arnav : what..? Then you’re not jelebi

Kushi : Who jelebi.. ?

Flashback ends..

Aman : Man.. You’re still struck with that jelebi

Arnav : she’s my life aman.. I won’t marry anyone else..

Aman : she’s lost 15 years back.. She must be 23 by now.. If she cared she would’ve come back.. Now its not difficult to find ASR & she was 8 year old back then its obvious she remember everything.. She just doesn’t care man.. Ab tum sirf ek ajnabhii ho uske liye (You’re just an stranger to her now)

Arnav : mein uske liye kabhi ajnabhii nahi ho sakta ( I can never be a stranger to her)

Buaji : you’ve gone crazy.. Kushi its high time we search groom for you.. You’re 23 already

Kushi : buaji please.. ( she look at sad face of buaji & feel bad )


Kushi : why are you behaving so weird all of sudden

Arnav : kushi I’ve lot of important work now

Kushi : am I not important then

Arnav doesn’t answer this enrages kushi.. She go & close his laptop..

Kushi : yeh achanak se mujhe ajnabhii ki tarah kyun treat kar rahe ho ( why are you treating me like a stranger all of sudden)

Arnav : kyun ki tum ajnabhii ho mere liye ( because you’re stranger to me)

Kushi : then.. Then all those things which happened between us that engagement your talks that smile

Arnav : everything was fake. Its only for aman & Lavanya

Flashback ends

Kushi : ok I’m ready for marriage..

Buaji : really..

Kushi : you start searching for groom

Buaji : I already have one in my mind.. You can meet him soon

Raizada mansion

Arnav had sent Anjali & shyam to a trip to Mauritius.. It was decided they would take a break if he get married.. As he got engaged he sent them.. Actually it was honeymoon planned by him.. They took their marriage to next level as their chote was finally settled now..

Nani : finally all our children are settling

Mami : Anjali bitiya & shyam bitwa too.. I can’t wait to have a grand child.. Finally.. Finally ( she exclaim)

Nani : dheere boliye chote sun lenge.. ( talk lower Arnav might hear)

He had already heard it.. Finally the 2 most important people in his life had moved on.. He was successful in convincing them he had agreed for a marriage he was happy..

Mami : their return was planned 2 days back right

Nani : I think they’re in no mood of coming back

Mami : who wants to come back from honeymoon.. Hahaha.. Hope they won’t return with child.. Hahaha..

Mama : manorama please.. They just had their honeymoon & you want child..

Arnav was all the while smiling & enjoying their talks & then he see Anj shyam coming in.. He was about to go down to them but stop hearing them

Anj shyam: chote kaha hai ( where is chote) they looked angry..

Nani : une chodiye aapka safar kaise tha.. ( leave him.. How was your trip)

Shyam : its important nani.. He’s up to something..

Nani : what he did now..

Anjali : he lied.. We went to Lucknow from Mauritius we thought of going to devi maiyya temple before we return to Delhi and..

Flashback 2days back

Lucknow – Temple

Priest : I’m happy your marriage is complete now.. Soon you two will be blessed with a child..

Anjali blush.. They talk for a while..

Shyam : it would have been nice if you could bless chote & Akash on their engagement..

Anjali : he was busy shyam.. He’ll surely attend wedding right panditji..

He smiled..

Priest : I was not busy.. But how could I come without invitation

Both : what..??

Flashback ends..

Everyone : what..!!??

Anjali : he never got any invitayy & that priest who fixed marriage dates was also fake one

Shyam : chote’s wedding can be done along with akash.. But that priest lied..

Nani : but why..

Anjali : chote will answer it now

Arnav was nervous now.. He stealthily escaped from back door..

Mami : ek minute.. Did chote get to know about your marriage truth.. So he..

Shyam now understood everything but was still confused how can chote know that..

Shyam : Hari Prakash.. ( he scream.. )

HP : ji bhaiyya

Shyam : call chote down..

HP : he’s not home..

Aman’s home..

Aman : what..??

Arnav : we don’t have time aman.. We’ve to act fast.. & damn.. This kushi is not picking the phone…

La ; we are caught.. Papa will be furious

Arnav ; where is kushi..?

La ; she went to temple she will return tomorrow with buaji..

Arnav is getting continuous calls from Anjali & shyam..

Payal : you can’t ignore them more.. They’ll get doubt

La : pick up & speak something

Arnav : ( on call) hello..

Shyam : where are you.. We are calling since an hour.. Come home now.. Right now..

Arnav : ok.. ( cut the call)

Aman : what will you tell them..

La : make up any story

Aman : he’s very bad liar..

Arnav : I’ll get caught.. Oh God what will I tell them.. They just hate it when I lie..

Akash : that too fake engagement & all will..

La : stop it.. We’ve to do something.. Ok let me think..

After a while..

La : Tell them as I say..

Precap : Entry of kushi’s prospective groom..

Kushi : I’ve no problem if buaji & papa agree for this marriage

Whose marriage? With whom do Kushi don’t have a problem? Arnav or the other guy?

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  1. Sravs

    ah!!!!!!!!!!what should i say now i was so hurt as i was feeling like khushi and thinking that he told me tat i’m a stranger to him and after that i was in position of arnav and thinking that how can khushi say yes to some groom when she has me………….oh god anaya please update the next part soon and i was thinking that arnav is that groom because the truth of lavanya is reviled but cant wait post as soon as possible………….

    by the way can i call you as di if your’s age is bigger than me ???if you have no problem then only……..

    1. Anaya

      Thank you sravs.. I’m 20.. You can call me di if you’re younger

  2. Veronica

    Oh oh suspense ah??? It was a good epi…Waiting for your next ffs

  3. Fanficoholic

    Whoaaaa meri suspense queen. Y did u do this. Y did u stp the episode at such a crucial point. Ohhhhh di i am bowled by ur skills. Amazing plot i say. I am like verrrryyyyy eagerlyyyy waiting fr the nxt episode.

    Love u loads❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Anaya

    Thank you so much vero & fanficoholic

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