AJNABHII – Episode 12

Aman & Arnav standing in middle of hall everyone surrounding them staring angrily at both..

Nani : shaadi koyi mazaak lagat hai aapko ( is marriage a joke for you guys)

Mamaji : jhoot kabse bolna seekh gaye aap ( when did you learn to lie ah..)

Shashi : I’ll kill you.. How dare you cast your evil eye upon my daughter ( he move forward mamaji hold him back )

Aman : we love each other..

Aman gets a hard slap from shashi Gupta..

Arnav : uncle. How.. ( interruptted)

Anjali : enough chote after playing with rituals & relations you dont have a right to talk

Shyam : you both are expelled from family no one will talk to you both..

Buaji : woh sazaa kaafi nahi hai.. Isne Lavanya par apni kudrusti daali hai.. Isse aise hi nahi chod sakte nanda kishore ( this punishment is not enough for him he dared to cast his evil eye on Lavanya. We can’t leave him this way)

Mamiji : hello hi bye bye.. Toh kaa fhaasi pe latka de ( shall we hang him )

Aman : Mamiji..

Buaji : nahi iske sazaa yeh hai ki.. Isse mujhse shaadi karni hogi.. ( No.. His punishment is that he should marry me)

Aman : what !! No…. ( he scream…)

La : ( shaking him) aman.. Aman.. What’s wrong why are you screaming..

Aman open his eyes.. He scan the surrounding. They were in Arnav’s room.. Engagement was yet to happen..

Aman : woh sab sapna tha..? ( was all that a dream..?)

Arnav : God dammit what’s wrong with you

Aman : mujhe bahut dar lag raha hai yaar ( I’m very scared buddy)

La : arre dont worry ASR will manage everything

All 3 look at him..

Kushi : you will handle everything na..?

Arnav : yes of course..

Aman : par sapne mein toh tum chup kade the jab meri shaadi buaji se ho rahi thi.. ( but you were quite in my dream when i was forced to marry buaji )

All3 : what….!!!!!!!

He tell his dream & all burst out laughing..


Arnav akash & aman get down.. Aman scan everyone. They were wearing the same clothes he had seen in his dream & also decorations were same..

Aman : ( whisper) ASR same clothes.. Same decoration.. Only expressions on their face is different.. Think once more..

Arnav : shut up..

Anjali & buaji bring payal & Lavanya ( kushi ) down.. Both are covering their face so no one could know it was kushi in place of Lavanya

Akash : look your bride is coming

Aman : where.. Lavanya is in ASR’s room

Arnav : ( smirk) we are talking about your bride buaji.. Look she’s giving you a beautiful smile..

Aman : OMG She’s staring me now

After a while..

Couples are made to stand together..

Kushi’s heart start beating fast.. Again flashes come into her mind..


Nannav & jelebi are in a temple..

Jelebi : arre nannav our wedding is tomorrow why are we here today..

Nannav : buddhu you know nothing.. Shaadi se pehle engagement karni padti hai iss liye ( before marriage we should get engaged so we are here)

Jelebi : wow.. You’ve bought a ring for me then..

He nod yes..

Jelebi : but I don’t have..

Nannav : I knew it.. So bought for me too.

He open a box & there they find 2 beautiful royal rings..

Jelebi : ah.. These are traditional rings who gave you.. Everyone will get angry..

Nannav : Naa.. Anyway they were ours.. Maa told when I grow up I’ve to make my wife wear this..

Jelebi : even my Maa told that..

Nannav : then what’s the problem.. You’re going to be wife so I’m sliding it to you..

Jelebi : but they’re big..

Nannav : they will get fit once we grow up.. Now stop your question session..

They exchange rings..

Flashback ends as buaji poke..

Buaji : arre itna kya sharmaa rahi ho haath toh do.. ( why are you shying so much give your hand)

Buaji lift kushi’s hand & Arnav slide the ring.. Kushi look at her ring.. This was not the one she saw in her dream.. But she had seen it somewhere

Buaji : Lavanya.. Make Arnav bitwa wear the ring..

She come out of thoughts & slide the ring that too is not the one from her dreams..

Akash payal too exchange the rings.

Later their aarti is done & shagun is given..

Kushi make excuse & go up.. But lavanya come down.. Kushi quickly change her dress & get down..

All the while she was thinking about that ring.. Where she has seen it..

Function is over now they’re on their way back to home..

Kushi : God.. Where have I seen it.. Hmm..

She remember something.. As soon as they reach home.. She rush upstairs.. & open her mother’s jewel box.. Yes she has seen it here.. But was it her mom’s.. She scan it properly.. It was exactly the same one she had seen in her dreams.. She go to buaji’s room..

Buaji : why haven’t you slept yet.. Its late already

Kushi : buaji. Is it maa’s ring.. ( she show her)

Buaji scan it & think for a while..

Buaji : yeh.. Hmm.. Haan yaad aaya.. Arre sanka devi.. Yeh tumhare haath mein tha.. Pata nahi itni badi angooti kyun pehana tha tumne.. Shaayad tumhari Maa ka hi hoga ( this. Hmm.. Oh yes I remember.. This was in your hand.. Dont know how you wore this big ring.. Maybe it was your mom’s only)

Kushi knew it wasn’t her mom’s.. She had seen a dream.. This can’t be a coincidence..

Kushi : how old I was then

Buaji ; 7.. Kyun ,? ( why?)

Kushi : toh mujhe Kuch yaad kyun nahi.. Maa aur papa bhi yaad nahi hai.. Aisa kyun ( then why don’t I remember anything.. I can’t even recall mom dad)

Buaji is face become pale..

Buaji : you’ve their photo na.. Why are you thinking all this now

Kushi : kya him pehle India mein the.. ( were we in India before)

Buaji : no.. Kushi this is your first visit to India.. Why are you asking all this.. Kuch bhi soch rahi ho kya hua hai..

Kushi : kyun ki mujhe ajeeb ajeeb sapne aate hai buaji.. Din mein bhi.. Humesha do bacche dikhte hai.. Aisa lag raha hai.. Mujhe Kuch yaad nahi hai.. Kuch.. ( because.. I get weird dreams. Even during daytime.. Always I see 2 children.. I feel I’ve forgot something.. Like I.. )

Buaji interrupt.. Kushi’s eyes were moist.. She was hell confused..

Buaji : come here.. Mein bhi dekhti hoon kounse bacche meri titaliya ko parishaan karte hai.. ( I’ll see which children will trouble my kushi )

She make her sleep on her lap & pat her.. Kushi fall asleep.. Buaji pull quilt.. & caress her face

Buaji : I’m sorry I lied.. Par ek sach bataya tho.. Saari sacchaayi batani padegi Jo tumse bardaash nahi hogi bitiya.. Ateet ko wahi chod dena chahiye ( if I tell one truth then I’ve to tell it all which you won’t be able to tolerate.. Past is best left in past)

Precap :

Arnav : don’t you remember anything about Lucknow kushi..

Kushi : I’ve never been to India.. How will I remember Lucknow..

Arnav : what..? Then you’re not jelebi

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  1. Veronica

    Oh oh…Suspense mein chod di….It was such a marvelous episode.Loved it very much…Waiting for other ffs

    1. Anaya

      Thank u Veronica.. I’ll post majbooriyaan & manzil tmrw

      1. Veronica

        Call me vero…You are my friend so call me Vero

  2. Update soon
    It was good

    1. Anaya

      Thank u vaishali

  3. I love it

  4. nice..waiting for next..

  5. Fanficoholic

    Ahahaaaaaaaa i am cryinggggggggg. Y did buaji hide the secret. I want bth of arshi to knw abt their childhood. And i want it to happen asap di. I am like dying fr them and i am unable to bear the suspense. Wat secret? And wat past? Ahhhhhhhhhh i want to knw everything. Is it possible that u wll tell me in personal chat???????????
    Hehehehe i am very curious tats y.

    Eagely waiting fr the nxt one di.

    Love u❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. Anaya

      Buaji hid it for a reason.. You will know further.. If everything happens so easily & fastly then what’s the meaning of title ‘AJNABHII’.. And trust me you will love the story this way only.. If I tell everything you will loose interest..

  6. Anaya

    Thanks a lot lucky, TJ27, fanficoholic

  7. nice one yaar…
    waiting for another amazing episode

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